The Perfect Storm: Constitution Next to Fall?

By Brandon Semrow, 7/19/22

It’s unavoidable in the headlines. Everywhere you look you see the same thing. It’s impossible to miss. Inflation is on the rise and it is only going to get worse. The price of gas is at a record high and it is only going to climb higher. Chickens and cows are getting sick so they are being slaughtered by the masses. Food processing plants are mysteriously blowing up. The war in Ukraine is limiting the supply of fertilizer so farmers cannot grow enough food. There is already a shortage of baby formula and food shortages are coming. The supply chain is still bogged down and it won’t be fixed any time soon.

On top of all that the Federal Reserve is raising the interest rate and experts are saying that a recession is around the corner. We are facing a potential collapse of our currency as moves are being made to eliminate the US dollar as the world reserve currency. The Biden administration appears to be preparing for this, as he recently issued an executive order instructing the federal reserve to explore the risks and benefits of creating a digital dollar. In other words, surveillance disguised as money.

There are reports of a monkey pox outbreak that could lead to another pandemic. This could mean more shutdowns and totalitarian measures that we have seen over the last two years, which is the cause of the problems we are having now.

By some estimates Medicare is projected to be insolvent in the near future. Keep in mind that hospitals count on Medicare funds for about 70% of their revenue. To add to the chaos the Biden administration is attempting to amend the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations in an unprecedented power grab, that would on paper at least, give it authority over quarantines, “vaccines”, and basically anything related to health on a global scale.

The last few years have given us a lot to be concerned about. We saw rise of “cancel culture” which led to massive censorship of people who didn’t have the right “woke” views. We saw de-platforming of some of the brightest and most qualified and intelligent health care professionals, just because they would not follow the establishment narrative, even if it led to loss of life.

We have seen woke ideologies like critical race theory take over Hollywood and the corporate world and infiltrate our public schools and some private schools as well. We have seen the rise of sexual indoctrination in our school curriculum and in things like drag queen story hour at our local libraries. Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa have rioted, looted, and terrorized our cities. The socialist or “progressive” wing is on the rise in the democratic party, and Marxism has been gaining ground by the day. To many this situation may seem to be unique, but if you take a closer look, it is dangerously familiar!

Recently South Africa has gone through rioting and looting which caused so much unrest that their military was deployed to keep the peace. Racial tensions were elevated and there was even an attempt to amend their constitution to allow the government to take farmland from whites and give it to blacks!

In Chile they saw more of the same. Rioting by racial justice groups brought unrest to the streets. Buildings were set on fire and businesses were looted. Leftist Marxist Gabriel Boric was elected president in 2021 while the voters approved a referendum to hold a convention to draft a new constitution. The constitutional convention presented its final proposal on July 4th and the voters will either approve or reject it through a vote on September 4. If this new constitution is adopted, it will prohibit gender discrimination which will likely protect “gender identity” as well. New environmental protections will also be guaranteed, and a national health service and national education system will also be created, further enshrining Marxist goals into the Chilean constitution.

Back here in America, are we being led into a perfect storm? Food shortages and collapse of the dollar would be bad enough. Add to it an implosion of Medicare which causes hospitals to go bankrupt and shut down, all the while we are in the middle of another plandemic! If you thought the rioting was bad over the last few years, just wait!

The government response would likely be many times more tyrannical that during covid. One can only imagine the crack downs on liberty that would ensue! Even if we make it through all of that, there is something more dangerous for us to be concerned about. All of these events would be sure to accelerate calls for a constitutional convention. Many conservatives would likely fall for the trap of thinking that amending our constitution is the way to fix the problems we face, even though our problems were created through unconstitutional policies in the first place! If a convention is called as a knee jerk reaction to a societal collapse, there is no telling what kind of amendments we could end up with! All it took was minor pressure to convince thirteen senate republicans to cave and vote for “red flag laws”. After a societal collapse, spineless conservatives attending a convention would be facing exponentially more pressure than we have ever seen before!

As I have shown above, Marxist revolutions often include calls to amend a country’s constitution. If we allow this to happen in America, it will likely end in disaster by implementing the Great Reset and helping to usher in the New World Order. The globalist Marxists are operating in full force and will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. America needs to wake up fast, because it looks like we may be heading into the perfect storm!

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