The Truth about Kinsey and Sex Education

If you vomit while reading this, I won’t blame you. It’s a lot of revolting and vile stuff. Prepare for your eyes to be opened to some of the major forces that conspire against you, your family, and Christianity. Prepare to learn the truth about Kinsey and sex education. There are those in power who would recreate the world in hell’s image. These people and their predecessors are to blame for the deterioration of the nuclear family and Christianity. Their destructive impact is incalculable.

I’d like to preface by saying this is a longer article, but it is critical for Americans, especially parents and parents to be, to know the content of this article. If you don’t want to read it all in one go, that’s fine, but I’d ask that you bookmark it in your browser and come back and finish it soon. I thought initially I’d publish it as multiple articles, but I thought it would be better for you to have all the information in one spot, all within the context of the rest of the information.

Also, there was a lot of content, particularly stats and quotes, that didn’t make sense to rewrite in my own words. For clarity’s sake, I quote a lot of excerpts.

I add this disclaimer: the content of this article shouldn’t be read by children. The irony is that much of the content of this article is already in our schools and society. Buckle up.

The Truth about Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey was a monster and madman. From his youth he learned and enjoyed sadomasochist masturbation. Biographer Jones described it as a permanent pattern of increasingly barbaric sexual-self torture. Alfred was a disturbed child who continued to feed his out-of-control sexual appetite. He joined the Boy Scouts at the late age of 17 so he could molest younger boys. This is an excerpt from a letter Kinsey wrote to a scouting friend

“We did have good times together, and you must understand from that scout troop I began to learn some of the things that made it possible for me to do some of the research that we are now engaged in.”

You’ll soon see this “research” he was engaged in. Kinsey was an atheist who, much like the Nazis, had eugenics ideologies. Kinsey called for mass sterilization of “perhaps a tenth of our population” to reduce “the birth rate of the lowest classes”. (There isn’t room to go into the Nazi parallel in this article, but lest you find this a juvenile’s irrelevant comparison, there is ample evidence he supported the Nazi’s or at the very least was indifferent to the holocaust and the men who were dying to fight it).

Kinsey was an entomologist who studied and then taught at Indiana University. He studied gall wasps at school, so what’s the big deal?

In 1948, Kinsey published his first volume, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. In 1953, he published Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. These books have single handedly changed our society-radically. The first thing to notice about these books is that his “research” had a radically unrepresentative sample of people. Of his original sample (5,300 White Males)

  • 317 (at least) were sexually tortured minors
  • There were “several hundred” male prostitutes
  • Hundreds of the prisoners he interviewed were likely sex offenders
  • Additionally, all interviewees were self-selected in his sexual study. Meaning those who opted in were likely to be more sexually profligate.

What Kinsey did was take the results of his study from this group and used its results to misrepresent all of America. The Chairman of Statistics at the University of Chicago, W. Allen Wallis, scoffed at Kinsey’s “entire method of collecting and presenting the statistics.”(Shapiro, The Right Side of History) So, the guy made some bogus numbers? So what? We’ll get to that in a second. His “research” needs more light shed on it first though.

His studies included his sex cult torturing and raping boys, the youngest of these victims being only infants. Kinsey and his staff would rape and molest these boys, many times with a stopwatch, and would observe their reactions over a period of 24 hours. They would record the number of times the boys would “orgasm”. The following are Kinsey’s words, as witness or participant:

This “orgasm” often involved several minutes of recurrent spasm with rigidity, spasmodic twitching, knotted muscles, pointed toes, contracted abdominal muscles, stiff shoulders and neck, sudden heaving or jerking, violent convulsions of the whole body, grasping hands, mouth distortions, and sometimes synchronous genital throbs or violent jerking; gasping, heavy breathing, or holding of breath; eyes staring or tightly closed and, groaning, sobbing, or more violent cries, sometimes with an abundance of tears (especially among younger children) [emphasis added].

Reisman, Dr. Judith; Reisman, Dr. Judith. Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America (p. 44). WND Books. Kindle Edition.

Kinsey described the reaction of children being raped as “orgasm”. Now Kinsey can push his ideas that humans are sexual from birth. A view that as you’ll see later in this article has infected sex education. Continuing quotation from Kinsey

“Before the arrival of actual orgasm,” these boys became hysterical, evinced by their hypersensitive genitalia, they “suffer excruciating pain and may scream if” the abuse continues and “the penis even touched.” They will “fight away from the partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive definite pleasure from the situation.”

Reisman, Dr. Judith; Reisman, Dr. Judith. Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America (p. 45). WND Books. Kindle Edition.

Kinsey wasn’t just a pedophile. He was a sex addict. He and his colleagues at the university as well as his “research” team would frequently gather in his home and on campus in soundproofed rooms. They engaged in orgies and filming themselves in sex acts. Kinsey was homosexual. He selected his “team” based on their Anglo-Saxon good looks, masculinity, atheism, sexual amorality, and sexual willingness. Kinsey would woo them and convince these men to involve their wives in their activities as well. His wife was just a cover for his homosexuality. In fact he had many men engage in intercourse with her, but only after he had finished using them. What a guy. There’s also evidence to suggest Kinsey was engaged in beastiality; at the very least he openly endorsed and promoted it.

Kinsey and his wife Clara lost their toddler to a diabetic coma in 1926 (Whether they were Kinsey’s offspring is in question). He frequently left his mourning wife at home with three children so he could take his students on libidinous camping trips. Kinsey would try to get engaged with student group masturbation, would shower nude with his students, and was also a peeping tom to the others he didn’t shower with. Additionally, he would go about campgrounds nude. He would take a leak wherever without any concern for who was nearby, be it men, women, or children.

Now that you know what kind of person Alfred Kinsey was, let’s talk about one of his specific team members. Then we’ll continue on to how Kinsey started the sexual revolution. Wardell Pomeroy was one of the many people who was engaged in sexual deviance with Kinsey. He was also one of his biggest disciples. Wardell helped to launch some different evil and influential sexology organizations that will be mentioned later in this article. These include SIECUS (Sexuality Information Council of the United States), SSSS (Society for the Scientific Study of Sex), ABS (American Board of Sexology), and IASHS (Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality). What can I tell you about Wardell Pomeroy aside that from the fact that he was involved in Kinsey’s sex cult? Why don’t I let him speak for himself?

“It is time to admit that incest need not be a perversion or a symptom of mental illness…Incest between children and adults … can sometimes be beneficial.”

Wardell Pomeroy

Pomeroy also said that Kinsey’s team had found

“…many beautiful and mutually satisfying relationships between fathers and daughters. These may be transient or ongoing, but they have no harmful effect.”

Sexual Revolution

Alfred Kinsey was a threat to America. His “research” was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and Indiana University. The Rockefeller’s also had many connections in the media. Once Kinsey’s volumes were published, the Rockefellers and Indiana University helped him push his message everywhere. What was Kinsey’s message? Kinsey had taken the data from those he had interviewed and used that to misrepresent America. America, he said, was not a chaste nation. America was full of deviants. According to Kinsey:

  • 85% of men had premarital sex
  • 50% of women had premarital sex
  • 50% of men had extramarital sex
  • 40% of women had extramarital sex
  • He also reports Americans were engaged in all manner of deviance: homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, beastiality, group sex, and more
  • Kinsey claimed most men were bisexual, some were homosexual, and that NONE were heterosexual

There is a lot more “data”, but suffice it to say he used his data and used it to promote his ideas of sexual “liberation”. He wanted to justify his perverted lifestyle. Kinsey told America that everyone was already indulging themselves sexually and that they should too. He said parents should be having sex with their kids. Children should be instructed how to have sex. Total hedonism was his gospel; fornicate early and often, his mantra. Best of all, giving in to sexual urges was normal and natural, so why shouldn’t you do it? Why miss out on what everyone else is already doing? And the grand slam: Since America was blessed by the fruits of chaste living, he was able to convince people that there was no consequences to living a hedonistic lifestyle.

Kinsey’s books sold many copies. With his funding from the Rockefeller’s and Indiana University, Kinsey was able to have his books sent out for free to medical, health, and law professionals everywhere. With his media connections through the Rockefellers, his sexual “facts” were now being repeated in the news, on the radio, in magazines, academic journals. Kinsey went on speaking tours to colleges and medical groups. Kinsey’s lies were repeated so frequently by prestigious and influential peoples, that his sexual “research” was soon considered scientific fact.

Enter Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy. Hefner was still a virgin before Kinsey came on the scene. Hugh Hefner was inspired by Kinsey to start his sexually deviant lifestyle. And in December 1953, Playboy hit the shelves (Kinsey’s first Volume was published in 1948, volume 2 in 1953). Hefner actually called himself “Kinsey’s pamphleteer.”

Google says “The Model Penal Code (MPC) is a model act designed to stimulate and assist U.S. state legislatures to update and standardize the penal law of the United States of America. The MPC was a project of the American Law Institute (ALI)” The ALI-MPC based a lot, if not most, of its sex-crime relevant statements and suggestions on Kinsey’s “data”. The ALI-MPC helped to destroy laws that protected victims of sex crimes, women, children, and families. The ALI-MPC has its own section further down in the article.

So now with Kinsey’s “revelation” on Americans’ purported deviance, trust began to break down. There was horizontal trust disintegration between husbands and wives. There was vertical trust deterioration between parents and children. And now Americans began to view Christians as hypocrites who used church as a cover for their supposed guilt and shame. America was now doubting itself, the value of the nuclear family, and the value and truthfulness of Christianity.

College men began to wonder if they were virile if they were not as sexually active as the “average” American. College Women began to wonder if their chaste lifestyle was “normal”. The coinage of the “make love, not war” slogan is sometimes attributed to Marcuse, a socio-political figure who advocated “free-love” and total gratification. Marcuse’s rise is coincident with the rise of Kinseyan thought. If he was not directly inspired by Kinsey, he was at least empowered by the culture that Kinsey had created.

What caused Americans to accept such crazy ideas and statistics? One of the biggest factors was that Americans of this time period had great respect for those with education (More accurately schooling). Many had not had a high school education during the great depression, and even fewer had college. This caused Americans to have great respect for academics, and it caused widespread deference to them. So, when the elites spoke, they listened.

Trust broken in families and Christianity, a belief in consequence free promiscuity, media, academic, legal, and institutional support for Kinsey’s “data”: The Sexual Revolution had begun.

The Truth about the Sex Industrial Complex (SIC)

The Sex Industrial Complex is a term coined by Judith Reisman, author of Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America. The SIC is composed of 3 interdependent Big Categories.

  1. Big Sexology
  2. Big Pharma
  3. Big Pornography

The SIC has left a wake of destruction in its path. Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, details some of the consequences of the SIC. This includes

  • widespread abortion
  • unwed and single mothers
  • lives dependent on welfare
  • venereal diseases
  • sterility
  • death
  • unhappy emotional entanglements
  • the awakening of appetites

◦promiscuity and perversion ◦prostitution ◦loss of self-esteem ◦abusive sexual partners ◦nervous breakdowns

More of the consequences, detailed by Alex Newman, include:

Judith Reisman detailed these consequences of the SIC:

  • the CDC reports a sharp rise in illegitimate births since the 50s (This is despite the fact that abortion and contraceptives were not readily available pre-Kinsey and now both are everywhere)
  • A sharp rise in divorces
  • A massive increase in non-familial kidnapping (In 1950 there were 0. in 1999 that number rose to 58,200)
  • Adult crimes and child crimes have drastically increased
  • Child Abuse has also radically increased. According to the National Study of the Incidence and Severity of Child Abuse and Neglect, “In 1976, the first year for which data from all 50 states were all available, 416,033 reports were documented; by 1979, the number had jumped to 711,142, an apparent increase of 71% over a three-year period.”
  • Pre-Kinsey Shotgun Weddings were a cultural normality in the relatively few instances of out of wedlock pregnancies. Nowadays forget unmarried fathers marrying the now pregnant lady.
  • Pre-Kinsey, there were two types of venereal disease. Now there are 25+, some deadly such as AIDS

Who are the Sexology organizations which constitute the Sex Industrial Complex? Some of the bigger players who are directly involved in sex education are:

  • SIECUS: Sex Ed for Social Change
  • Planned Parenthood
  • GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network)
  • The Human Rights Campaign (popularized the bumper sticker of a blue square with a yellow = sign.)
  • Advocates for Youth
  • SSSS (The Society for the Study of Sexuality)
  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
  • NEA (National Education Association)
  • ASSECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists)
  • IASHS (Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality)

Others include:

  • The Kinsey Institute
  • ALI-MPC (The American Legal Institute Moral Penal Code)
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • The Carnegie Foundation
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • WAS (World Association for Sexology)
  • ABS (America Board of Sexology)
  • GAP (Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry)
  • NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) AKA a blatant pedophilia group
  • Rene Guyon Society
  • The World Association of Sexology
  • The International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health
  • ISSM (The International Society for Sexual Medicine)
  • The Woodhull Freedom Foundation (Carole Queen of The Woodhull Foundation is a self-described “daughter” of Kinsey)
  • The Finnish Association of Sexology with international outreach via UNESCO
  • The Center for Sex and Culture

Big Pornography, Big Pharma, and Big Sexology are all interdependent. Big Pornography produces impotence with repeated long-term use which benefits Big Pharma. Big Pharma Renews the sexual functioning that requires advice and support which directly fuels Big Sexology. Big Sexology justifies the use of porn, as well as porn inspired activity which directly fuels Big Pornography. Big Sexology recommends drugs for increased sexual performance, which directly fuels Big Pharma. Big Pharma treats impotence, disguising the effects of porn addiction, directly helping Big Pornography. Big Pornography causes the user to seek help in achieving porn level sexual performance, fueling Big Sexology.

The Rockefeller Foundation funds sexologists (and abortion). Sexologists, in turn, produced sold, and contributed to their own “academic” porn and advice to Playboy, Playgirl, Hustler, Penthouse, and other pornographic publications. These sexologists serve as “expert” witnesses in all major pornography trials, defending Big Porn. That’s a MAJOR conflict of interest.

Humans have “mirror neurons” which basically have the effect of causing people to mimic or desire to act out that which they see. These mirror neurons are not exempt from porn. That’s why the rise of porn directly caused a rise in sex abuse, incest, and more. Big Porn also directly fuels the sex trafficking industry. The United States is the largest consumer of child pornography. Go figure. Playboy, Hustler, and others have been pushing pedophilia, incest, and the trivialization of rape for decades, with both pornographic depictions of those acts, and “academic” articles arguing in favor of such deviance.

Big Pharma has been pushing for venereal disease vaccines for infants and kids for a while now. Some are already widespread in the US, such as the Hepatitis B vaccines. They are constantly pushing for more VD vaccines. They make a fortune off each vaccine that gets widespread use. Some of these VD Vaccines can cause neurological impairment which require pharma intervention for life. As long as there is a buck to be made, regardless of the consequences, count on Big Pharma to attempt to exploit our country.

The American Psychiatric Association

The American Psychicatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its list of disorders in 1973,

Citing Kinsey’s “findings,” in 1973 a group of violent bi/homosexual bullies stormed the American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference and demanded that “homosexuality” be removed from the list of psychological disorders in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Unaccustomed to violence, the frightened psychiatrists quickly agreed.

Reisman, Dr. Judith; Reisman, Dr. Judith. Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America (p. 214). WND Books. Kindle Edition.

In 1994, the APA dropped the “sexual age of consent” down to 12 or 13. The APA also has a troubling definition of pedophilia:

• Recurrent intense sexual urges and sexually arousing fantasies involving activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age thirteen or younger) over a period of at least six months;

• The person has acted on these urges, or is markedly distressed by them;

•The person is at least sixteen years old and at least five years older than the prepubescent child or children.

“Thus, sexual urges for young children represent pedophilia only if the adult is five years older than a prepubescent child, if the urges persist, and only if the adult acts on or feels “guilt” or anxiety about these urges. How convenient: no guilt, no disorder!” (Reisman)

The Rockefeller Foundation (RF)

During the years of 1930 to 1950, including during the war, the Carnegie Institute, with the Rockefeller Foundation, financed eugenics research and “brain studies” at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany.

The RF have also funded abortion, Big Pornography, Alfred Kinsey, The ALI-MPC, and the “field” of Sexology. Here is what one Rockefeller had to say about families and state control.

“We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax half of the population. The other was so that with women going out to work it would break up families. Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them.”

Nick Rockefeller to Aaron Russo

Suffice it to say, the Rockefellers are not your friends.

The Truth About the Kinsey Institute (KI)

Alfred Kinsey founded The Kinsey Institute of Indiana University. In 2016, the University formally “absorbed” it, technically abolishing the organization, but that is in name only. They still carry on with their work today. 90% of the Kinsey Institutes grants (most of them being tax-funded) go to discovering hotter sex via chemistry funding Big Porn and Big Pharma. In 1998, KI and Indiana University republished Kinsey’s Human Sexuality in the Human Male and Human Sexuality in the Human Female without any disclaimer, warning, or disclaimers. Previous Director June Reinisch is on record stating that children masturbate in the womb, pushing Kinsey’s lie that humans are sexual from birth.

It is estimated that Kinsey’s data controls approximately 95% of today’s college texts, essays, reports, and “expert” opinions on sexuality.

Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS)

Wardell Pomeroy was the top academic dean at IASHS’s inception. IASHS set itself up as an authority in “sexology” giving away certificates and degrees certifying people in sexology. Students of IASHS could earn credits towards graduating by watching porn. IASHS created the Fuckarama SAR program (Sexual Attitude Reassessment). This program had the students creating sex education programs and curriculums and selling them to schools: Public, Private, and Parochial.

IASHS graduates have promoted legalizing pedophilia and incest in Playboy, Hustler, and other publications. In 1977, IASHS sold child pornography to Hustler. In 1977, they also published Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality, a coffee-table styled picture book. This book had pictures of naked IASHS faculty, staff, students, and friends engaging in masturbation, sodomy, and orgies. IASHS instructs it students in how to perform sex acts as well.

IASHS members, and other pathologically disordered deviants are the people designing sex education curriculums both nationally and globally. Thank goodness it isn’t being done by crazy people like Christians. That’d be totally whack dawg!

Legal Involvement and Ramifications

Many of the laws that existed pre-Kinsey might seem draconian to us today. But who can see the culture and lives of the country pre-Kinsey and make an argument that we were worse off for our laws? Until Kinsey, there were laws against

  • fornication
  • seduction
  • breach of promise
  • access to pre/extramarital contraception
  • no fault divorce
  • etc.

Contraception was broadly legalized in 1965, causing Americans to substitute contraception for abstinence. This alone led to a large spike in promiscuity. No fault divorce was everywhere nationwide, either in part or in full, by 1984, due in part to the ALI-MPC recommending it. Many mothers were now “choosing” to keep jobs, because now their husbands could cheat and when divorced, be awarded both financial assets and custody. (The vice versa is true of men divorcing cheating wives, but as men were usually the breadwinners, this didn’t endanger them as much). The influx of employed wives led to many latchkey children.

Some of the sabotoge of sex-crime laws include:

  • The legalization of all sex by “consenting” adults
  • The judicial bias against sex offenders was condemned
  • Reduction in sex crime penalties, including rape
  • Boy prostitution was trivialized
  • The rejection of “common law” Judeo-Christian standards of virtue, honor, and chastity
  • legalization of homosexuality
  • provided “beneficent concern for pedophiles”
  • Young children could now be considered “seducers” in pedophilia cases
  • A growing movement to destigmatize and legalize pedophilia

In 1990 the American Bar Association (ABA) reported that 80% of convicted child molesters plea bargained and served no jail time. Post Kinsey, some states parole even 3-time convicted rapists and murderers. There has been an effectual legalization of rape of children within 3-5 years of the offender. Many states define the rape of a 10-year-old by a 13-year-old as a form of “peer-sex play”.

The 2003 SCOUTUS decision to legalize homosexual sodomy used the ALI-MPC for “scientific” justification, the ALI-MPC being based of course, on Kinsey’s “data.”

In order to quell the public’s concern over rises in sexual and violent crimes, lots of local level law enforcement agencies engage in “book-cooking”. There is some crime that goes unreported, some that is reclassified. Example: a fight at a school might be categorized as a “scuffle”. Assaults are reported. Scuffles not so much. This has affected both FBI and DoJ reports, which both in turn, have their own methods for book-cooking.

Lots of sex offenders have been “reunited” with their families, without long term studies to follow up, inevitably leading to more assaults and molesting.

In 2004, SCOTUS ruledthat non-obscene simulated/virtual image of rape, torture, and molestation of children are harmless to children and society.

Ernie Allen, head of the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids, made $1.3 Million in 1 year. If follow the money means anything to you, that’s just one example of how our elites and others profit off our culture’s sexual “liberation”, and why they’re not going to do anything to solve our problems.

The American Legal Institute Moral Penal Code (ALI-MPC)

100% of the 1955 ALI-MPC’s footnotes justifying the lessening of sex crime penalties cite Kinsey. Herbert Wechsler was the Director of the ALI. “Wechsler said the purpose of the ALI-MPC was to reduce crime from its “high” rate in 1952. On the evidence, then, the ALI-MPC is a total, absolute failure. Women and children are raped and battered over 100 percent more today. Since the ALI-MPC, we have seen massive increases in violent crime with rape jumping off the charts.” (Reisman)

In many states, there was no statute of limitations for rape and other sex crimes. The ALI-MPC pushed and succeeded in convincing many states to enact a statute of limitations or to shorten them. The ALI-MPC pushed the idea that sex offenders are not recidivists, though nothing could be further from the truth.

Once the ALI-MPC advised lowering the age of consent, legislatures liberalized laws against rape, child abuse, incest, and eased criminal penalties. The ALI-MPC has even pushed for child rape to be reclassified as a misdemeanor.

Few states today will even inform a rape victim if their rapist has any diseases because it would violate the rapist’s “privacy”. Maybe the ALI-MPC shouldn’t be consulted anymore. Just a thought. What do I know though? I’m not a biologist lawyer.

Once the ALI-MPC pushed for the legalization of porn and abortion, Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, ASSECT, and others were now free to exploit children.

The FBI and DOJ

“DoJ statistics confirm the presence of sexual sabotage and the absence of “justice” in rape cases: [A]mong all women who were raped since age eighteen, only 7.8% said their rapist was criminally prosecuted, 3.3% said their rapist was convicted of a crime, and a mere 2.2% said their rapist was incarcerated… . Thirteen percent of the women who were raped since age eighteen said they obtained a restraining order against their rapist… . Of these women, 65.9% said their rapist violated the order.” (Reisman)

The DoJ’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) demoted incest to “non-forcible intercourse”. In 1957 the FBI dropped 12-year-old or younger victims from rape reports. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) from 1958-2010 and onward omits statutory rape, child sexual abuse, and incest assaults. Crime was now being solved with an eraser. Additionally, most, if not all, rape crisis centers, do not require victims to report the rape, artificially shrinking numbers further.

David Finkelhor, an academic Kinseyan disciple, is the primary child abuse researcher at the DoJ’s Crimes Against Children Center (CACRC). “In 2003, Finkelhor’s team reported that crimes against children declined. To make that stick, his team ignored data that would compromise the “good news.” These highly sophisticated researchers simply bypassed child sexual abuse among:

  • Roughly 58,200 children abducted annually by non family members, at least half sexually molested
  • More than 350,000 prostituted children, runaways and “throw-aways”
  • All sex abuse victims under age twelve
  • Roughly 16,000 estimated statutory rape victims (over age seven)
  • 500,000 foster children (this doubled from 1995 to 2000)” (Reisman)

Crime, especially sexual crimes, have been increasing since the 1950s. The FBI director in 1950, J. Edgar Hoover, stated that there was a “terrifying increase in sex crimes.” This was a mere 2 years after Kinsey’s first volume, Human Sexuality in the Human Male, was published. “The FBI “United States Crime Rates 1960–2005” data listed not an 85 percent decrease but an 8.6 percent increase…This report also showed that, well, forcible rape had increased 230.2% from 1960 to 2008.”(Reisman)

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The ACLU is a nonprofit that lobbies for far-left positions such abortion and permitting gay people to purchase humans. The ACLU has defended NAMBLA, the openly pedophilic organization. Big Pornography has funded the ACLU. They are a part of the SIC and merit mentioning.

Sex Offenders

The ALI-MPC and others have pushed the idea that sex offenders are not recidivists.

“But the truth about sex offender recidivism is chilling. In 1997, DoJ research994 shows that:

  • “Sex offenders were about four times more likely than non-sex offenders to be arrested for another sex crime after their discharge from prison.”
  • In 1991, an estimated 24% of rapists and 19% of men convicted for sexual assault were on probation or paroled when rearrested for another sex offense.
  • 40% of released sex offenders who allegedly committed another sex crime were caught on a new offense within a year or less of release. “
  • About 8 in 10 inmates serving time in state prison for intimate partner violence had injured or killed their victim.”

Of 272,111 prisoners released from U.S. prisons in fifteen states in 1994:

  • 67.5% were rearrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within 3 years.
  • 46.9% were reconvicted.
  • 25.4% were re-sentenced to prison.” (Reisman)

In 1996, The Government Accounting Office (GAO) reports that out of 500 sex offender therapy programs, none produced any evidence of success in curing sex offenders-with pedophiles especially incurable.

“Validating the 1996 GAO report, a 2004 report on 724 Canadian sex offenders looked at 403 prisoners who received treatment in prison and 321 who did not. After twelve years, the rate of sex crime recidivism for each group was nearly identical:

• 21.1% who received treatment were caught for another sex crime.

•21.8% who were not treated were caught for another sex crime.” (Reisman)

From Kinsey’s 2 books of “research” we now have many sex offenders, and many of them on the streets free. Thanks Kinsey.

It has been said that politics is downstream of culture. I refute this metaphor as being inaccurate. The relationship between the two seems to be more of a waterpark. There is water pumped back to the top of slides, some of it swirling in the different sections of the pool, some drifting through the lazy river, and some of it rushing down the slides back into the pool.

The Truth about Sex Education

The CDC surveyed high school student in 2013 and found that

  • 46.8% had never had sexual intercourse
  • 34% had sexual intercourse in the last 3 months of the survey
  • of these, 40.9% did not use a condom the last time
  • 15% had had sex with a minimum of 4 different partners

In 1979 the CDC reported in “An Analysis of US Sex Education Programs and Evaluation Methods” that the goals of sex education had become “much more ambitious” than parents realized. Those goals included “the changing of…attitudes and behaviors.”

But let me guess, your kid’s school’s sex education is fine because no one on the TV has told you otherwise, right?

One of the programs being used is called the 3 R’s (Rights, Respect, Responsibility). 3R’s is a frequently used resource, being endorsed by state and local officials, and created by “Advocates for Youth” a partner of Planned Parenthood. 3R’s starts as young as Kindergarten. Some of 3R’s content includes:

  • 3 R’s teaches girls can have male genitalia, and vice versa
  • 3 R’s teaches teens about “pansexuality”
  • It’s Perfectly Normal is an illustrated children’s book depicting graphic scenes of sex and masturbation. Published by Planned Parenthood.
  • By the time children are 11, they’re taught how to seek info about sex on the internet
  • Before becoming teens, they learn about “making changes in the world” through “LGBT advocacy”
  • At around 12 years old, abortion is introduced as an option
  • By 13, the children are taught how to obtain various forms of contraception and birth control

The 3R’s program claims to be medically accurate, but:

  • On a worksheet for 7th graders purporting to outline the risks of various sex acts, children (11-12 years old) are taught that anal sex with a condom is a “low-risk” activity
  • The CDC finds condoms are only 60-70% effective in preventing HIV, even with perfect, consistent use
  • The FDA has never approved condoms for anal sex

The National Sex Education Standards (developed by Advocates for Youth and others) is aligned with curriculums which teach children they can select their gender. The children are taught how to act on this, putting them at risk for seeking out hormonal and surgical botchery.

Another frequently used resource is “Teaching Tolerance” now rebranded as “Learning for Justice“, created by the far-left organization the Southern Poverty Law Center. Learning for Justice includes

  • Utilization of the book “10,000 Dresses” for K-2. This book teaches children to ignore their parents and to impersonate the opposite sex if they feel they were born in the wrong body/
  • The support of numerous state education bureaucracies and officials
  • “Gender Transition Plans” are used by schools without parental consent or awareness


The UN is pushing the early sexualization of children all around the world via UNESCO. UNESCO Curriculums include:

  • Teaching children younger than 10 about “sexual pleasure”
  • UNESCO curriculums quote Planned Parenthood a lot
  • By 5, children are taught about how gender and biological sex are different
  • By 9, children are taught about masturbation and children are asked to “describe male and female responses to sexual stimulation”
  • By 9, children should “demonstrate respect for diverse practices related to sexuality” and “explain how someone’s gender identity may not match their biological sex”
  • By 12, children are expected to be instructed with the idea “non-penetrative sexual behaviors
    are “pleasurable” and less likely to result in infection than normal sex
  • 12-year-olds are demanded by the UN’s “learning objectives” to support the right for everyone” to “express their sexual feelings”
  • The UN even teaches educators how to handle outraged parents and religious leaders
  • The UN calls for the sexualization of children “from the beginning of formal schooling”
  • UN LGBT czar Vitit Muntarbhor said to change the mentality of the population in favor of new sexual norms, “it is so important to start working with young people, the younger the better.”

Advocates of sexualizing children frame their argument for doing so as reducing STD’s, reducing unwanted pregnancies, health, reproductive freedom, reproductive justice, and other pleasant or pleasant sounding goals. They are liars who profit off children’s promiscuity. It started with Kinsey lying about there being widespread promiscuity. This, they say, justifies the need for sexual education, which they will conveniently provide. Their indoctrination promotes child promiscuity (SURPRISE!), thereby creating the very problems they claim to solve. Once they have created and/or exacerbated issues, they can further justify their involvement, creating a cycle that gives them profit and control. If children went back to a Pre-Kinsey culture where they were not having sex outside of marriage, the problems sex-ed purports to solve would no longer exist, but that would put the SIC out of business.

Sex Abuse in Schools by Adults

“Hofstra University professor Charol Shakeshaft reviewed published research, examining previous studies on “Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature.” Shakeshaft concluded that “the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.””(Reisman)

“Shakeshaft reports that school employees targeted roughly 10% of students with unwanted sexual attention—from libidinous remarks to rape. A 2003 report by Grettje Timmerman supports Shakeshaft’s findings. Timmerman found that a stunning 20% of girls and 8% of boys had been sexually harassed by an adult in school. Additionally, in a survey of high school graduates 17.7% of males and 82.2% of females reported sexual harassment by faculty or staff during their school careers. 13.5% of those surveyed said they had engaged in sexual intercourse with a teacher. Several other studies confirm that sexual harassment in secondary schools is widespread, a “frequent public occurrence in the school culture.””(Reisman)

Survivors of Educator Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Emerge (SESAME) reported, “The best estimate is that 15% of students will be sexually abused by a member of the school staff during their school career.” “Many abusers are in positions of power or trust in relation to their victims which makes it easier to overcome a child’s resistance.”

“Shakeshaft reported that 10,667 youths reported sexual abuse by priests in more than five decades, from 1950 to 2002, while roughly 290,000 youths endured some sort of sexual abuse by a public school employee in just one decade, 1991 to 2000.” (Reisman)

I am from Gallatin, Tennessee. In 2013 while I was a student at Gallatin High School on of GHS’s assistant band directors was arrested on multiple counts of statutory rape. In 2017, Readers Digest Magazine named Gallatin “Nicest place in America“. Yet in May 2021, “A former Gallatin High School teacher and assistant baseball coach who admitted to exchanging nude photographs with a 14-year-old female student has been sentenced to 16 years in prison. Douglas Richmond, 38, pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual exploitation of a minor by electronic means in May. He was sentenced to the maximum amount of time behind bars Friday.”

Mind you, these are only the teachers who have been caught. If Gallatin is as good as America gets, then our country is in trouble.

National Sexuality Education Standards and the LGBTQ

The National Sexuality Education Standards had, GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, and the NEA (National Education Association) all involved in designing it. The National Sexuality Education Standards for PreK to 5-year-olds included lessons about anatomy and physiology, reproduction, traditional and gay families, healthy relationships, and personal safety.

The National Sexuality Education Standards for 5-12th graders included abstinence (but only to be told it’s ineffective – literally retarded!), medically recommended contraceptives, how to prevent STDs (not including abstinence, surprise!), “healthy” relationships which include decision making, sexual orientation, and personal “safety”.

Whenever you hear some lefty say that the gays just want “rights” and to be left alone, you need to know that that is a blatant lie. They keep pushing terrible ideologies and worldviews and lifestyles on other people’s kids and won’t stop until the entire world celebrates their abominations. The LGBTQ is a nasty, angry bunch full of lies and the consequence of their existence has been STDs, emotional trauma, AIDs and death, spiritual estrangement from Jesus Christ, and more. Next time someone tells you that “the gays just want to be left alone” you should laugh at them and make them feel stupid. Trust me, you’re not going to change the minds of most. The best we can do for now is make people who espouse such views afraid to express their views, under threat of scorn and mockery. Sure there are some lgbtq who don’t push their ideas or an agenda, but these individuals are exceptions that prove the rule.

The gay lobbies cite young gay deaths as justification for funding and involvement in sex education. Then after they indoctrinate children into acting promiscuously, the problems they purport to solve, including terminal disease like AIDs, get worse. This larger problem gives them further justification for funding and involvement. Pro-Homosexuality groups present their programs euphemistically as education on “AIDs”, “Diversity”, “Bullying”, and “Hate Crime”.

Even More Sex Education Crimes

Some state’s Department of Education have even acted outside legal bounds. Tennessee’s DOE has previously published pro-fornication curricula illegally. Not even Parochial schools are safe:

“The Texans for Life Coalition complained about south-Texas Catholic schools on its 2008 Web site: Specifically, kindergartners are taught about the sexual intercourse of their parents, third graders (ages 7 and 8) are given the particulars of pedophilia and individual and mutual masturbation (“often accompanied or caused by reading or watching sexually graphic materials”). Oral sex is described in detail at the fourth grade level. By the seventh grade, the topics are anal sex, impotency, sex toys, “S&M” (Sadism & Masochism), and bestiality. At every level … there is a subtle attempt to make all types of sexual activity appear normal and acceptable.” (Reisman)

There is ample evidence that pro-abstinence programs work.

“Robert Rector, Senior Research Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, confirmed the new study supports eleven of fifteen studies finding abstinence programs effective in reducing sexual activity. The Jemmott study finds that not only is real abstinence education highly effective in reducing youthful sexual activity, but that the “safe sex” and “comprehensive” sex ed programs addressed above are counterproductive.” (Reisman)

There’s also the fact that Pre-Kinsey America which taught abstinence until marriage had a chaste, healthy, and stable society. I personally think that schools shouldn’t touch the subject of sex period, but even such “radical” positions aren’t necessary to help children. To top this off, Planned Parenthood conducted a study in 1986. The Results showed:

  • More than 87% of surveyed teens opposed in-school “comprehensive sexuality services”
  • 67% said they didn’t want “such services near their schools”
  • 28% said they had had sexual intercourse
  • Almost all who had intercourse blamed “peer pressure;”
  • Nearly 80% said they were too young to have intercourse.

But what children, parents, and families want and need be damned. The Sex Industrial Complex was going to do what it wanted to do. The emphasis on “educating” children has shown a culture that does not value children. This shows that adults have been shifting their responsibility to change the culture and legal system to merely having children being instructed on how to deal with it. Not promising.

On top of all the sexual indoctrination that goes on in grade school, many go to colleges with Kinseyan ideas and teachings, both academically and in the culture amongst students. “College students, now imbibing such “science,” are our next generation of parents, professors, psychologists, marriage counselors, social workers, daycare workers, adoption workers, camp counselors, physicians, nurses, clergy, lawyers, lawmakers, law enforcement officers, judges, journalists, writers, artists, presidents—and teachers.”(Reisman)

The National Education Association (NEA)

“The National Education Association is the largest labor union and the largest white-collar representative in the United States. It represents public school teachers and other support personnel, faculty and staffers at colleges and universities, retired educators, and college students preparing to become teachers.”(Wikipedia)

Samuel Blumenfeld wrote NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education. Here is one person’s summary of the book:

“All in all, the NEA is everything the communists believe a labor union in America should be: it is creating working-class consciousness among its members; it is forming coalitions with other unions to exert maximum pressure on candidates and legislators; it backs Marxist revolution in Central Amer­ica; it never criticizes the Soviet Union; no form of anti­-communism can be found in its publications; it wages inncessant warfare against conservatives, fundamentalist Chris­tians and organizations of the New Right; it is working to bring all teachers and all private schools under government control through certification and accreditation laws; it hates capitalism and loves socialism; it is uncompromisingly atheis­tic in its adherence to evolution, behavioral psychology, and humanist moral values; it advocates sex education for chil­dren, abortion on demand, and passage of the Equal Rights Amendment; it advocates gun control in violation of the Second Amendment; it wants a nuclear freeze and disarma­ment. In short, for all practical purposes, the NEA might as well be the socialist party of America.”

It’s a great book and I definitely recommend it.

In 1932, the NEA created a policies commission to revolutionize American education. In 1944, the NEA would eliminate local school control “without seeming to do so.” The NEA would go on to train children to ask for sex education so they could justify pushing it. In 1978, Playboy funded the NEA. Go figure.

SIECUS and Planned Parenthood

Two of the biggest players in sex education today are Planned Parenthood and SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States). Both have helped create and promote CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education). Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, and CSE each merit their own section.

The Truth about SIECUS

For starters SIECUS rebranded as SIECUS: Sex Education for Social Change. That’s a big red flag. They have helped to institutionalize mutual masturbation, outercourse, oral sex, anal sex, and pornography. Ann Welbourne, previous Executive Director, stated that AIDs is a rare opportunity because to teach about aids, you have to teach about sexuality in general. So AIDs, instead of being a tragedy, was seen as a chance to exploit and indoctrinate kids. That’s a grindset if I ever heard one!

Mary Calderone, past president and co-founder (with Lester Kirkendall) of SIECUS, and past medical director of Planned Parenthood, said that the primary goal of SIECUS was teaching society “the vital importance of infant and childhood sexuality.”

“This theory, that sexualized children are prey for pedophiles, is staggering. Children’s “sexuality,” she [Mary Calderon] said, should: “be developed in the same way as the child’s inborn human capacity to talk or to walk, and that [the parents’] role should relate only to teaching the child the appropriateness of privacy, place, and person—in a word, socialization.”

To sexualize an infant before his or her ability to walk or talk, never mind before their developmental maturity and reproductive readiness, is criminal—a cruel torment that interferes grotesquely with children’s natural developmental sequence and produces unnatural behavioral, psychobiological, and psychological deviance.”(Reisman)

Just a reminder that Wardell Pomeroy, a member of Kinsey’s “research” team/ sex cult, was one of the founders of SIECUS.

In 1996, SIECUS published it’s “Position Statement on Sexually Explicit Materials” telling children, parents, and teachers that “sexually explicit visual, printed, or on-line materials can be valuable educational or personal aids.”

SIECUS claimed that stating incest to be a taboo “as mindless prejudice.” “SIECUS educator, James Ramey, said incest laws were “a peculiarly American problem—the withdrawal of all touching contact”; Ramey recommended that more home “touching” could reduce “the present rash of feverish adolescent sexual activity outside the home.”” (Reisman)

So now SIECUS has promoted infants as sexual beings and encourage parents to molest their children. Wow, so brave. Someone get these people an award.

The Truth about Planned Parenthood (PP)

PP is one of the most absolute satanic organizations to ever exist and I await the day their doors are closed or God burns them down. Planned Parenthood has published Happy, Healthy, and Hot, a booklet that tells youth they don’t have to inform their partners about their infections. The document even claims that laws requiring disclosure “violate the rights of people living with HIV”.

Alex Newman writes “Another Planned Parenthood sex-ed document recommends teaching children 10 and under that “sexual activity” can be part of “commercial sex work” and that they have a “right” to “decide when to have sex.” The same toolkit encourages teaching children under 10 about homosexuality, masturbation, gender fluidity, and more. It also teaches them that they have a “right” to abort their unborn child.”

The Rockefellers started funding Planned Parenthood in 1942, 1 year after they started funding Kinsey, and while they were funding “German” eugenics research. In 1981, PP was funded by Playboy and the ACLU. Wow, all of our favorites are all friends. How about that?

Since the 1970s, PP’s abortion profits have been skyrocketing. For context, Roe V. Wade was 1973. Their abortion profits have gone from 10 million in 1977 to 90 million in 2002. Hmmm.

“In fact:

• Births to unmarried teenagers ages 15–19 years jumped 254% from 1950 to 1992. After 1973, with contraception and abortion available, we can conservatively estimate a tripled increase in teen sexual intercourse to at least 600%, since “Planned Parenthood”—not parents—managed the sexual lives of American youth.

•The Medical Encyclopedia identifies almost 12 million new cases of VD every year, almost 65% under the age of 25 and one-fourth are teenagers.

• In 1994 alone, the total known cost for VD in the United States was more than $16 billion.

• U.S. carriers of AIDS in 2006 are estimated at 36,828, and deaths at 14,016, largely unchanged since 2002, despite massive educational efforts to stem the epidemic.

This epidemic of venereal diseases follows almost five decades of classroom sex sabotage by Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, et al. Further, Reclaiming America reported that Planned Parenthood ended the lives of 244,628 unborn American babies in 2003. This group received $350 million dollars in federal taxpayer money in 2008, and is supposed to increase their grants in 2010—roughly a million dollars a day—to encourage promiscuity and kill the results. (Reisman)

Wow! It’s almost as if Planned Parenthood exacerbates and encourages teen pregnancies and promiscuity via indoctrination because they profit off children’s deviance and pain. Its like indoctrinating kids on how to be sexually active somehow doesn’t help them and results in more suffering for them and society?!? WHAT?!?

Sex is to PP what cigarettes are to cigarette companies. The younger they can get people hooked on them, the more profits they’ll make on their new “lifelong customers”.

Well, I mean, it’s not like Planned Parenthood is being open and blatant about wanting children to fornicate, oh wait-

“[Our goal] is to be ready as educators and parents to help young people obtain sex satisfaction before marriage,” wrote Planned Parenthood staffer Lena Levine in 1953.

“Remember, Planned Parenthood News asserted in 1953 that helping everyone enjoy guilt-free sexual satisfaction before marriage was a goal to which it should aspire. In that same publication, Lena Levine added, “[W]e must be ready to provide young boys and girls with the best contraceptive measures available … to achieve sexual satisfaction without having to risk possible pregnancy.””(Reisman)

“Undermining parents at every turn, Planned Parenthood long maintained this know-it-all-attitude despite its failure to aid children in any healthy manner. “If your parents are stupid enough to deny you access to birth control, and you are under 18, you can get it on your own,” encouraged a 1986 Planned Parenthood advertisement in the Dallas Observer.”(Reisman)

“Lecturing students at Ramona High School in Riverside, California, in 1986, a Planned Parenthood employee said, “At Planned Parenthood you can also get birth control without the consent or knowledge of your parents. So, if you are 14, 15 or 16 and you come to Planned Parenthood, we won’t tell your parents you’ve been there. We swear we won’t tell your parents.” A 2003 teenwire. com posting read: “[T]ake the useful, smart stuff you’ve learned from your folks and kick the crap to the curb.” (Reisman)

“Don’t rob yourself of joy,” instructed the Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood in 1981, “by focusing on old-fashioned ideas about what’s ‘normal’ or ‘nice.’” (Reisman)

Only after the 80’s epidemic did PP promote condom use for “safe sex”. Safe sex? Doesn’t safe sex imply dangerous sex? But no one ever wants to talk about the fact that all sex outside of marriage is dangerous sex. So as long as you can call one method of sexual engagement relatively safer than another, you can label it “safe”. But that is a lie that has resulted in misery for millions.

In 1974, only 1 year after Roe V Wade, PP published “You’ve Changed the Combination”, distributed to tenth grade children nationwide beginning in 1974. Using frank language, the brochure dismisses the emotional and the disease complications of casual sex that it encourages. The brochure tells millions of teenagers to have relations with their friends and, really, anyone else—except “victims.” According to the teenage training manual:

• “There are only two basic kinds of sex: sex with victims and sex without. Sex with victims is always wrong. Sex without is always right” (p. 10).

• “Sex is best between friends. Not quickest, just best” (p. 9).

• A girl might be “too high” to remember that she stopped taking “the pill” (p. 11).

• Boys should “ask” before having (illegal) intercourse with a minor (p. 12).

• An adult, who was “married and ha[s] two children” is okay for sex (p. 11).

• Sex with blushing young girls is okay if boys “ask” first (p. 11).

• “If this is a one nighter, and you don’t intend to be around, say so … “ (p. 12).

• If this is a girl you’ve just met and she agrees, you’re in the clear, provided that she’s old enough to have some sense” (p. 12).

• Women “freely chose” prostitution so you can pay for it (p.18).

• “Do you want a virgin to marry? Buy one. There are girls in that business too. Marriage is the price you’ll pay, and you’ll get the virgin. Very temporarily” (p. 18).

Of course, these pathological directions are also criminal, riddled with lies and future pain, disease, fear, shame, tragedy, even fatalities, for the children trained to believe its callous Kinseyan message.” (Reisman)

You’ve Changed the Combination shocked “students with pornographic drawings of nude, Playboy-style, large-breasted women towering over wimpy nude males, drawn without genitalia: that is, visually castrated. You’ve Changed the Combination! warned naïve boys and girls that parents—who fear homosexuality—“force” boys to become heterosexual. “Your parents do not want you to be a homosexual,” the manual states, “so they begin to focus you on girls sexually about the time you hit puberty” (p. 5). Brutally desensitizing impressionable boys, the authors instruct them to reject girls, who expect boys to open doors for them, pay the costs of an invited date, or to proffer other gentlemanly courtesies. Such girls, the pamphlet said, are not advanced (p. 8–9).” (Reisman)

Encouraging statutory rape, prostitution, and homosexuality? Yeah, Planned Parenthood is REALLY concerned with helping children become “educated”. PP warns against pregnancy and STDs but never discourages fornication, mentions condom failure rates, etc. They never change their tune. More problems? They’ll just prescribe more sex and more Big Pharma when the time comes. And of course, abortion when the inevitable outcome of teens having sex occurs., a PP website has encouraged porn usage and sexual experimentation., another PP website, has discussed the nutritional value of semen. An odd topic for an organization who purportedly wants children safe. Teen advisor “Alice” states that “sperm is low in calories (important to youngsters these days)” She adds that “gulping gallons” a day isn’t a “substitute for real nutritious cuisine.” Wow. Thanks, Planned Parenthood. I need to gouge out my eyes after reading that.

Planned Parenthood claims to be a champion of women’s health, but they offer no help to women dying of AIDs, cervical cancer, or other promiscuity based diseases.

Planned Parenthood has likened babies to being a sexually transmitted disease.

“Unwanted pregnancy should be considered a sexually transmitted condition of epidemic proportion,” wrote David A. Grimes and Willard Cates, Jr., Association of Planned Parenthood Physicians (APPF) in a 1976 article. They added, “Legal abortion is an effective, safe, and curative treatment for that condition.” (“Abortion as a Treatment for Unwanted Pregnancy: The Number Two Sexually Transmitted ‘Disease.’”)”(Reisman)

PP isn’t shy about their hatred of babies.

“Planned Parenthood’s sabotage of the unborn started even earlier. “[B]abies are not sweet little things,” said the PPFA’s Five-Year Plan for 1975–1980. “They wet and dirty themselves, they get sick and they’re very expensive to take care of… . Emphasis shall be put on services to … teenagers and young adults.””(Reisman)

PP has stated that they are proud to fight for minor’s access to abortions. Despite the fact that abortions intentionally kill an innocent human being (murder), abortion also carries many risks and complication to the mother. If any of those risks harm the woman or girl, so be it. As long as it brings in that sweet cash, women, children, and babies and their lives and health be damned.

By the 1980s, Planned Parenthood’s sex education lectures were often pornographic.

To top it all off, Planned Parenthood has notoriously covered up sex crimes and continues to this day. These coverups include: rape and statutory rape, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Find more examples of Sex Trafficking cover ups by Planned Parenthood here.

The Truth about Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)

CSE is a UNESCO curriculum. According to them, “CSE is a curriculum based process of teaching and learning about the cognitive, emotional, physical, and social aspects of sexuality.

CSE has been designed by UNESCO, Advocates for Youth, SIECUS, The Human Rights Campaign, and others. I hope that alone is a big enough red flag for you. CSE is the number one tool of abortion and porn advocates. Advocates for Youth has stated that “CSE as a means of advancing social, racial, and reproductive justice and equity.” So on top of sexual indoctrination, CSE also indoctrinates students with intersectionality.

Who is CSE for though? CSE uses sophisticated materials for Kindergarteners all the way up to Twelfth graders.

K-2 utilizes

  • Who are You? The Kids Guide to Gender Identity
  • My Princess Boy
  • Jacob’s New Dress


  • Uncle Bobby’s Wedding
  • King and Kind
  • It’s Perfectly Normal (The graphic Planned Parenthood book from earlier)

And from Middle school onwards the material just gets more graphic and explicit.

What is the purpose of CSE?

  1. Advance SOGI ideology in all K12 public education. (Sexual Orientation Gender Identity)
  2. Sexualize Children. CSE encourages children to become sexually active as children. (Going back to Kinsey’s idea that people are sexual from birth)
  3. Destruction of the Nuclear Family. CSE instructs that all combinations of consenting adults are equally valid.
  4. Undermining of Parental Authority. Parent’s conventional understanding of sex and gender are taught as “negative stereotypes” and “spiritual abuse” Parents are discouraged from viewing CSW materials with massive bureaucratic red tape. Children are coached on how to get abortions, contraceptives, and STD treatment all without parental consent or awareness.

CSE has worksheets on negotiating sexual encounters with other students. Children as young as 9 are taught how to use a condom. CSE falsely claims that it is age appropriate, evidence based, and healthy. They claim CSE will prevent teen: pregnancy, sexual abuse, and STDs. CSE can be disguised as:

  • Comprehensive Sex
  • Sexual Education
  • Education on Human Sexuality
  • Reproductive Health Education
  • Info on Sexual/Reproductive Health
  • Family Life Education
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Rape Prevention
  • Anti-Bullying Programs
  • HIV/AIDs Prevention
  • Abstinence (or Abstinence Plus) Education

CSE is even in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Mississippi, the top 3 most conservative states. It’s simply everywhere. It’s in your state for sure. Don’t believe me? Check out this well prepared map.

My hope is that you are no longer saying, “This isn’t in my kid’s school.” I hope now that you are thinking, “Is this in my kid’s school?” How would you know? It’s time to check. Perhaps go in person. Maybe school staff and teachers are not reliable sources of information, no matter how nice or well intentioned they may be.

Sex is so personal, that it cannot be separated from a worldview. What’s the world view your child’s sex educators and sex ed curriculum designers have? I’ll bet it isn’t a Christian worldview that supports abstinence until marriage.


It wasn’t long after love replaced marriage as an adequate reason for sex that lust became a good enough reason. America’s people used to be strong and virtuous. Maybe it’s time that we outlaw fornication, abortion, seduction, and access to pre/extra-marital contraception. Maybe a draconian legal system is best. How can you tell me with a straight face that our pre-Kinsey sexual “repression” was harmful and our modern “liberation” healthy?

The truth about Kinsey and sex education is that Kinsey sparked the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution gave rise to both the sex industrial complex, and a culture that wanted it. This has directly created and spread terrible indoctrination in schools called “sex education.”

Can you really tell me that despite the rotten fruits of the sexual revolution that we are freer, safer, or more prosperous? But here we are, a cesspool of decay, with all of the following:

  • Increased poverty and welfare dependence
  • Increased parental abuse and neglect, triggering sexually active, traumatized children
  • Increased mother’s boyfriends sexually “acting out”
  • Increased state aid to


◦halfway houses

◦medicalized youths

◦mentally ill adults




◦Law Enforcement

  • Increase in taxes to support all of the increased state aid
  • Child Prostitutes
  • Increased restrained judges who trivialize


◦pornography addiction

◦drug use


◦all in favor of the more affluent parent

  • Increased Pedophilia
  • Increased Depression
  • Heartbreak
  • Parents sharing explicit photos of their own children
  • Increased incest, with victim’s experiencing symptoms including



◦wearing baggy/excessive clothes

◦eating disorders

◦substance abuse



◦suicidal ideation






  • a booming global trade in electronic pornography
  • annual international sex trafficking of up to 800,000 women and children
  • Domestic sex trafficking
  • prostitution/stripping in the millions
  • unprecedented sexual violence against women and children
  • sexual violence against men
  • rampant eroticism in pop culture
  • high rates of unwed pregnancies
  • abortion on demand, with all the risks and complications that it poses
  • Millions upon millions of babies dead
  • skyrocketing rates of addiction to




  • failed marriages and divorce
  • lost careers
  • widespread impotence
  • financial ruin
  • STDs
  • Death
  • Serial Killers
  • Repeated release of child rapists on parole
  • No Fault Divorce Laws
  • Incontinence
  • Battery of family
  • desertion
  • The increase in the welfare state also destabilizes the nuclear family further, leading to more promiscuity
  • Greater number of students

◦repeating grades

◦school suspensions




◦suicidal ideation and attempts

  • Mothers seeking for father figures for their children exposed their little ones to transient male figures, followed by unparalleled violence, neglect, and abuse
  • parental hostility
  • Child abandonment
  • Runway Children

◦75% of runaways missing for 2+ weeks are involved in theft, alcohol, drugs, and/or porn

◦1 in 3 runaways is prostituted within 48 hours of leaving home

  • Sex Crime penalties being softened or removed
  • and more

How long has the government been giving children sex “education?” It’s almost as if it isn’t working?!?

Call to Action

Now that you know the truth about Kinsey and sex education, I ask 2 things of you.

  1. If you found this article not just informative, but important to the future of our families and country, please share it with whoever you think would listen (or read?)
  2. If you want to protect your kids, consider homeschooling. You can have no greater guarantee for or control over the spiritual and physical safety of your child than by homeschooling. Is school even beneficial to your child?


Thanks goes out to the late Judith Reisman for her thorough research. Thanks to the late Samuel Blumenfeld and his dedication to exposing the corrupt education system. Thanks to international journalist and researcher Alex Newman, for both his work and the heart he gives to it. And a thanks to Ben Shapiro for his writings on the topic.

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