The World Economic Forum BRAGS About Censoring COVID-1984

12/16/2020It was March 19th, 2020 when the first “Stay at Home” order was rolled out in America. Before that, the US watched while reports came from China of brutal “containment measures” for COVID-19. Back in March, it never seemed like America would be following the playbook of the communist CCP. Human rights are not a huge deal, and we know that whistleblowers in China that tried to help the world “disappeared”.

We did not want to bring this communist, authoritarian ideology to America out of fear and desperation. Many people turned to online platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more to voice their concerns. Obviously, we want to protect the most vulnerable people in America. Of course, we do not want people getting sick; however, the science is not settled and never has been.

The CDC has updated their website numerous times as information evolves. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who we must never speak ill of, claimed that we had to wear facemasks, then he said we did not have to, then he wanted to make them mandatory. While people in unelected “authority” positions in government continued to “try” similar containment measures to the communist CCP, the mainstream media advocated for those exact same communist health policies.

The only recourse for the average person, whistleblower, or American to fight back against this communist narrative was to leak information, or voice concerns, on social media. In America, everyone should have a voice, and this does not apply simply to voting. These issues cross party lines.

YouTube has decided to ban more than 200k channels for “disinformation” related to the CCP virus. Our channel, Unraveling the Narrative, was temporarily banned under these policies while we cover The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Davos. Ironically, The World Economic Forum is happy that Americans are losing their free speech birthrights daily.

The video platform said it would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.

YouTube said in an email that this would include removing claims that the vaccine will kill people or cause infertility, or that microchips will be implanted in people who receive the vaccine.

Conspiracy theories and misinformation about the new coronavirus vaccines have proliferated on social media during the pandemic, including through anti-vaccine personalities on YouTube and through viral videos shared across multiple platforms.

In its email, YouTube said it had removed over 200,000 videos related to dangerous or misleading COVID-19 information since early February.

As the first doses of the experimental Pfizer vaccine may become mandatory soon, social media has censored any dissent. Mainstream media outlets are cheering the censorship because they believe they are the only, and ultimate, “authority during this pandemic. Tech companies are more than happy to silence dissenting voices in America if the WHO, WEF, CDC, and elected officials ask them to. The problem is, this is not how science works.

Chinese Doctors Who Tried to Warn the World Arrested, Disappeared, then Died.

The scientific method requires you to put forward a theory. Then, it allows extreme criticism of your theory to see if it holds up. If it stands up to scrutiny, then most people will accept it. The concern most Americans have is that an overreaching government is encroaching on their Constitutional, God-given rights as free human beings, While America believes in life, liberty, and the ownership of property, those dreams are quickly slipping away in the name of communist public health policies. Our first amendment and rights to privacy are also bring eroded despite being fundamental and guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

If any commentator, or news outlet, is not questioning the official narrative daily, it seems proper to be more skeptical of their intentions. It is your right as an American. The current authoritarian edicts are not working, even if you use the mainstream data. Even if these social policies to “stop the spread” were halted today, they are bound to create years of personal hardship and devastation. We must continue asking hard questions despite any consequences. If not, your child will not grow up in the same America that you knew.

*Stay informed and vigilant. Help spread information, truth, and voices that are being silenced.

*All week, due to YouTube’s censorship, we are hosting all of our banned interviews live on

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