Third Project Veritas Video: J&J Workers Say ‘Don’t Buy Our Vaccine’

Project Veritas released a third video exposing the problems with COVID vaccines and the official narratives coming out of Washington on the subject.

Two Johnson & Johnson employees were caught on tape trashing the vaccine their company makes and saying they would never get it and others should not, either.  One said he got the Moderna.  The other was worried about the blood clots reported with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  One said babies who don’t go outside don’t need to be vaccinated and the other said kids in general should not be vaccinated.

They said some people are getting the vaccine because of the pressure that is being applied, not for their health.  The unvaccinated are being turned into second-class citizens, they said, with some being threatened with the loss of their jobs and others under restrictions on what businesses they can visit and where they can travel.  It’s all about politics and money, the employees said, not public health.  They were also clear that the media is not to be trusted on this subject.

They discussed the fact there may be unknown long-term repercussions from these vaccines.  It’s too soon for longitudinal studies – no one knows what will happen to the vaccinated 30 years from now from what is more accurately called gene therapy.  As one employee put it, “There’s nobody who’s thirty years in, who said, ‘Hey, I had the vaccine and I don’t have a third eye ball.’”

Their views are reinforced by unfavorable news stories about the vaccines now appearing on a daily basis. 

A doctor warned vaccinated people have a higher level of virus and now pose a risk to the unvaccinated.  Whistleblowers at an assisted living facility said residents are being tricked into getting the vaccine by being drugged or being told it’s just a flu shot. They also said signatures on required forms are being forged. The CDC claims the vaccines are 90-95 percent effective, but published a study showing 74 percent of fully vaccinated people studied in Massachusetts tested positive for COVID. 

Joe Biden said his vaccine mandates are under the authority granted to OSHA but, it turns out, OSHA has yet to start a rule-making process on the subject.  Jen Psaki said the Biden administration is very happy employers are moving ahead with their own mandates without waiting for Washington.  Trickery and sleight-of-hand, forged signatures, breakthrough cases – the wheels are falling off the official fairy tales we ae being fed about these vaccines.  And they still won’t talk about the deaths and other adverse reactions we know are coming from the vaccines.  

If authorities knew what they were doing, maybe their tyranny and shenanigans could be justified, but they don’t what they’re doing.  Joe Biden just moved the goal posts again.  They used to talk about herd immunity being established when 60 percent of the populations is exposed or vaccinated.  Then Fauci started talking about 85 percent.  Biden just said 97-98 percent of the country needs to be vaccinated before things can get back to normal.  Where’d he get that number from?  He didn’t get it from Fauci.  So is Joe following the science or his own lust for power?   I don’t know and I don’t care. 

All I know is they can’t keep their stories straight and there’s no reason to trust them, not when – as the Johnson & Johnson employees said on video – it’s all about politics and money, not public health.  Some people are benefitting from the status quo.  We’re starting to get a clearer picture of why ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ has turned into an all-consuming preoccupation that will never end, until we put a stop to it.

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