Top 11 Reasons to Get Your Child OUT of Public School – NOW!

Top 11 Reasons to Leave Public Schools

There are countless reasons for all parents to immediately protect their children from government schools, as quickly as possible. Here are our top 11 reasons:

  1. The public schools are indoctrinating American children with dangerous propaganda and ideologies, with the goal of turning them against God, Church, Family, Country, Morality, and more. While this problem has gotten worse over the decades, this has been true since the government began taking over education under the leadership of Utopians including Robert OwenHorace Mann and John Dewey.

  2. The public schools are dumbing down American children with quack methodology and pedagogy, with the goal of leaving them handicapped when it comes to reading, writing, and reasoning. This sounds like a fantastic claim, but it is well documented in books such as Crimes of the Educators. The federal government’s data show that over 2/3 of 8th graders are not even proficient in any core subject.

  3. The public schools are sexualizing American children with radical sex education, including flagrant promotion of homosexuality, fornication, gender confusion, and more. This indoctrination of children has its roots in the pseudo-scientific quackery of Alfred Kinsey, the “sex researcher” responsible for the rape and sexual torture of thousands of children and babies. These abominations should have no place in a school classroom. Some schools have even been caught actively normalizing pedophilia. The risk of sexual abuse in schools is high and getting higher, too.

  4. Schools are now compiling more data on students than even parents have, creating detailed profiles on each child. These intrusive dossiers include information on children’s mental health, attitudes, psychological make up, bio-metric data, academic performance, home life, and much more. The data is also used to help manipulate children’s views. The government has no business knowing this information or manipulating children with it!

  5. Children in private schools and homeschooling do much better than inmates of government “schools” academically and socially, research shows. These alternative environments typically provide a much better education, a safer experience, and less extremism and indoctrination masquerading as schooling.

  6. The United Nations and in particular the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) are increasingly invading public-school classrooms with globalist propaganda. This illegitimate interference in the lives and education of American children is wrong for so many reasons. The dictators club should NOT decide what or how U.S. students learn.

  7. Government schools are increasingly infringing on parental rights. This attack on the family unit and fundamental rights has become so extreme that schools are helping underage girls get abortions without parental consent and helping children to get “sex changes” behind their parents’ back.

  8. The Bible speaks a great deal about education, and nowhere is there ever any suggestion that this is a proper responsibility of government. Instead, the Bible clearly places the primary responsibility over education on the parents. Scripture is filled with insight on these questions, and many biblical scholars and theologians have argued that it is sinful for parents to hand their children over to godless, anti-Christian government schools for indoctrination.

  9. The government schools are teaching children fake history that is calculated to make them hate their country, their heritage, America’s Founding Fathers, and the biblical principles upon which America was founded. They are also teaching pseudo-science calculated to have them reject God and His Word, and to embrace secularism, evolutionary beliefs, and the man-made global-warming hypothesis. Comprehensive reviews of the textbooks and resources being used nationwide in public schools reveal extreme bias and blatant dishonesty that are not acceptable under any circumstances.

  10. Radical labor unions seeking to crush freedom, Christianity, and Americanism such as the National Education Association have an iron grip over the schools and the teaching profession. These groups bully teachers and parents, fund extremist politicians, undermine good education, reward failure, and are radicalizing schools. Just recently, the NEA went into a partnership with extremist homosexual group “Human Rights Campaign,” which is currently leading the war to destroy religious liberty in America. The partnership calls on teachers to embrace gender confusion, ask students what pronouns they prefer, and more.

  11. There is an epidemic of violencedepression, suicide, self-harm, murder, fornication, gangs, and drug use in the schools that is killing our children at alarming rates. Some of the leading contributors to this tragedy are the false and dangerous teachings that saturate public schools today, and the anti-Christian worldview they underpin.

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