Top 38 Reasons Why America is in Peril

It’s not necessary to go into great detail regarding the tremendous problems facing America. The issues confronting our world today seem overwhelming. The following is a list of issues – all of them are significant and any one of them could lead to catastrophic results.

1. COLLECTIVISM in all its forms including communism, fascism, socialism, statism and liberalism is spreading both inside and outside America. In 1963 the Communist goals for America were published in the Congressional Record. All but one has been largely fulfilled. Russia is still essentially a Communist country as are Cuba, Venezuela, China, Mongolia, North Korea and Vietnam. Venezuela and Cuba are actively spreading Communism throughout South & Central America.

2. SOVEREIGNTY is being eroded and Globalism is on the march. The North American Union plans to bring Mexico, America and Canada into a similar confederation as the European Union.

3. TERRORISM is a threat to our stability. There are over 1 billion Muslims throughout the world and it is estimated that 100 million are fundamentalists that view Jihad as a legitimate method of spreading the faith.

4. WAR America is engaged in war not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but possibly with Iran.

5. PANDEMICS are breaking out throughout the world ranging from Avian Flu to various plagues in Asia and Africa. Some are naturally occurring while others are purposely being made more virulent and stockpiled by governments.

6. PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS are being eroded. Americans no longer own their property, but rent it from the state. If you think you own your property, stop paying the rent (tax) and you will see who controls the property. Laws regarding eminent domain no longer prevent government from seizing property.

7. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION It is estimated that there are at least 12- 20 million illegal immigrants living in America with more entering every day. They are a drain on welfare, education, social security and the health care systems. Someone said, “A nation without borders is not a nation.” It is true.

8. GANGS such as the Mexican Mafia and MS13 are an increasing threat and are spreading throughout America. They are increasingly violent and are responsible for much of the distribution of illegal drugs and other crimes.

9. DRUGS Use of methamphetamine, crack cocaine and heroin is increasing and helping to support terrorism and gangs throughout the world.

10. WELFARE rolls are enormous and growing.

11. LOSS OF MANUFACTURING CAPABILITY Large multinational corporations are shipping American factories to third world and communist countries such as China, India, and Sir Lanka. China is an avid enemy of our nation and is buying up American factories. This loss of steel plants and other manufacturing facilities cannot be turned around overnight. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis there has been a 60% loss of manufacturing since 1953. The infrastructure needed as well as the skills and technological expertise of tool & die makers, engineers, etc. is being lost and is not easily replaced.

12. JUDICIARY There is very little justice. Dangerous criminals are being released from our prisons due to overcrowding and untold numbers of people are being targeted for prosecution for what has been termed “administrative crimes.” There are so many laws on the books that practically everyone is guilty of committing a felony.

13. LOSS OF PERSONAL FREEDOMS The Patriot Act and other legislation in addition to various Executive Orders are continually infringing on our freedoms.

14. VOTE FRAUD Sworn testimony from those who design computerized voting machines testify that these machines are capable of being programmed so that the outcome of any election can be predetermined by those in charge. Read “Vote Scam”

15. SOCIAL SECURITY is in jeopardy. As baby boomers reach retirement age enormous strains will be placed on this system.

16. MEDICARE, PRESCRIPTION DRUG BENEFITS and HOSPITAL COSTS are growing and will become increasingly economically unsustainable.

17. ENERGY access is being deliberately restricted. As nations such as China and India become more industrial and their personal wealth increases their demand for fossil fuel grows daily.

18. CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES Our Constitution which has produced the freest and wealthiest nation in the world is ignored by all branches of government.

19. ECONOMIC DEFICITS The total deficit both funded and unfunded has been estimated to be 200 TRILLION dollars.

20. INFLATION Today’s dollar is worth 4 cents as compared with the dollar in the early 1900’s. The Federal Reserve stopped publishing M3 figures, which allow economists to determine the actual rate of inflation.

21. FEDERAL RESERVE since 1913 has created economic cycles that have resulted in numerous recessions as well as the depression and other monetary debacles. This is destroying the middle class.

22. TAXES local, county & state are all increasing. The Federal Income Tax is an unconstitutional tax. (See Aaron Russo’s film, “From Freedom To Fascism” which can be viewed free on the internet)

23. DERIVATIVE MARKETS have the potential for worldwide economic disaster.

24. PERSONAL DEBT is increasing and is at an all time high.

25. REAL ESTATE market is very vulnerable. Many people view their R.E. holdings as a significant part of their net worth. A.R.M. mortgages leave people vulnerable to rate increases and foreclosure.

26. MEDIA BIAS The media overwhelmingly exhibits a liberal/socialist worldview. A ray of hope lies in the internet and talk radio which have become alternative methods of obtaining news, but Congress is now considering the control of both talk radio and the internet.

27. ENTERTAINIMENT MEDIA is morally destructive to adults & children. If you doubt this I challenge you to watch MTV, VHI, South Park, or Sex in the City.

28. PORNOGRAPHY is increasingly available to children via the internet.

29. HOMOSEXUALITY is increasingly entering the mainstream. Homosexual marriages and homosexual indoctrination of children in government schools is rapidly increasing

30. PEDOPHILIA Is on the increase. Estimates say up to 10% of children in public schools are exposed to improper sexual advances by either teachers or other employees of the school system.

31. SINGLE PARENTS More and more women are having illegitimate children. In some cities 67% of births are illegitimate.

32. DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES have lost the ability to raise children who will be productive citizens.

33. ILLITERACY is rampant. Estimates say nearly 40% of high school graduates can barely read their diploma, and approximately the same number have to take remedial (high school courses) before they can begin to take college level courses.

34. SEXUAL PROMISCUITY is increasing at an alarming rate.

35. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES are rapidly increasing. There are now numerous STDs, some of which are incurable.

36. ABORTION Over 50 million children have been aborted since passage of Roe v Wade.

37. EDUCATION Public (government) schools are devastating our youth academically, spiritually and morally.

38. NUMEROUS GROUPS AND PATHOLOGICAL LEFTISTS ARE CONSTANTLY WORKING to change our form of government and culture such as: United Nations, ACLU, Move On, Planned Parenthood, NEA, public (government) schools, CAIR, Supreme Court, GLYSEN, NAMBLA, Executive, Legislative & Judicial branches of government and other left wing groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Nonprofit foundations and organizations too numerous to mention, are continually lobbying, legislating, and suing to obtain their objectives.

It is inconceivable to me that the vast majority of politicians place power and money ahead of the best interests of the nation. We no longer have a Constitutional Republic. The courts and government have long ago abandoned Constitutional restraints designed to protect our liberty.

For those who love America, the question must invariably arise, “What should I do?”

It amazes me to see the blindness of people who just carry on as if we have forever. If Americans do not begin to impact the culture as our responsibility to our forefathers and our families demand, America will become irrelevant as far as it is in the power of those working for the overthrow of America to do it. We don’t have much time.

The primary cause of most of our nation’s pathologies is the government controlled school system which is not only failing academically to prepare our youth to function in society, but is indoctrinating them in the Secular/Humanist religion as core curriculum in every subject. This destroys them spiritually, morally and academically. Government schools are responsible for laying the foundation for nearly every pathology in our nation and is the entity which many view as the greatest single evil in our nation. Butler Shaffer in his article, ‘Legalized Child Abuse’ states, “If I could push a magic button that would get rid of just one political program, that would be forever vanished into a black hole, it would be the public (government) school system.” Give a percentage of your time and finances to see that children receive a sound education. Doing this will enable them to have a sound academic foundation and become a moral and ethical individual.

Let me say to those who have been laying up treasure for their children and grandchildren: They are not going to be around to enjoy them unless you do something about the situation now! America, with all its flaws, is the nation that holds the best hope for mankind. The world got along for more than a thousand years without America, and it can get along without it again, but it will be the end of the freedoms we have enjoyed for 250 years.

Solzhenitsyn, in a work entitled From Under the Rubble, said that the shackles of tyranny and slavery could be thrown off if every single person would simply take one positive moral step.

Please join in the battle to save our nation.

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  1. This is literally the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched the zookeepers clean the elephant enclosure. Please crawl back under the rock you came from and don’t come out until an inkling of intelligence has manifested in your brain.

    1. talk about ‘living under a rock’ … this nation is a seething cesspool of nothing but degenerate low life thieves and liars … greedy filth and perverts … sodom and gomorrah ( take #2 … ) ,,, can’t come soon enough …….

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