Trump in Major Danger? Lessons From Canary in Coal Mine 

I have always maintained that

(i)                  I’m not clairvoyant,

(ii)                I’m not uniquely intelligent, and

(iii)              I don’t have access to info that others don’t.

I just have a lifetime’s worth of experience of South Africa, the canary in the coalmine of the West.

My little nation was the very first on which Internationally orchestrated genocide was attempted in 1901, when the Rothchilds financed Neville Chamberlain’s father’s personal war (Joe’s War). We knew it as the Second War of Freedom. You know it as the Second Boer War or Great Boer War. We survived it, but were put through hell. The British invented Concentration Camps for us; no less than 57% of those of my family in the Camps died there, mostly women and children. I reckon that’s why some of my American friends believe I should be more concerned about the New World Order issue. After all, Cecil Rhodes was behind that war.  I have no trouble calling out the WEF/Schwab/Trudeau/Soros cabal, though.

In 1984 the ANC (now the government) swore it would make the country ungovernable. Western Media supported them to the hilt and raised Mandela to near Sainthood. The image on the right is what it ended up looking like in 1986, with soldiers, fires, smoke, V-hulled armoured vehicles etc. My apologies: The picture is from Ferguson, Missouri in 2014, but the V-hulled vehicles were derived under license from South African anti-IED designs by a former colleague of mine. And Obama had already claimed being inspired by 1980s South Africa.

I have warned for years now that what we lived through in South Africa is headed for the USA. This is how I predicted what would happen around statues being torn down, and I was right. I also warned that eventually any statue that looks like it has a Caucasian face would be torn down. While that has not happened yet, white folks in the USA appear to be forced continually to their knees to apologise for existing. They can feel things, but don’t really understand what is being done to them.

And so it is that I am now formally warning that President Trump’s life is in danger. I believe you already know that his detractors will stop at nothing to take him down. They have pretty much already shown that. I am not sure that any human that ever lived has had as many accusations and brazen lies thrown at him and his character. Yes I know, to quote Steve Bannon, that Donald Trump is an “Imperfect Instrument”. However, I am convinced that the USA in its present state DESPERATELY needs him. And, if he DOES get back into office, he’ll have to remove the top three layers of management of every single agency of the Federal Government, not to mention the DoJ, FBI, NIH and alarmist NOAA in particular.  What is needed is a “Temple Clearing Event” of Biblical proportions, preferably complete with the whip (left).

Since I believe he understands this, and is (at least THIS TIME around, belatedly) preparing for something like that, I have to believe that the “Money Changers in the Temple” are “seeing him coming”, are terrified, and will stop at nothing. Now, back once more to South Africa for a “required lesson”:

I do not need to tell you how far that country has fallen. I hopefully do not need to tell you what a morass of corruption the national power utility, ESKOM has become. The thing is, I believe Washington, DC is anything as corrupt as ESKOM. The only difference is that “DC” is better at pretending to be holy and your media, who should be showing up all this, is a joke in the eyes of anyone with a functional brain. People like Tucker Carlson know that they are “over the target”, because they are personally experiencing the FLAK (Forgive my WWII terminology, but it is appropriate).

NOW, with ALL THIS AS BACKGROUND, please view THIS Youtube video about ESKOM. I have jiggered it to the exact moment you need to watch and the relevant section is short. So, do not move the timing. The man referred to (and then afterwards speaking for himself) is André de Ruyter, who was appointed as CEO in 2020 to clean up the act of this place. He found no fewer than 4 cartels defrauding the place to the tune of 1 Billion rand A MONTH, and was then fired in 2023 by the government who accused him of “trying to topple the government”; I kid you not. That was tantamount to an admission of guilt! He has gone on record saying the ANC governing party is “feeding at the trough” in ESKOM. Everyone knows that is true.

If you have watched the video, the moral of this African story is, if you mess with a hyena at a “kill”, IT WILL TRY TO KILL YOU. Africa is a tough place, but I’m not entirely sure it is as deeply sinister and profoundly evil as DC. Your capital/Capitol is devoid of a Conscience and thereby incapable of Morals. But it is superb at Posturing and Pretense. And that behaviour is agnostic as to Party.

Trump needs protection and he needs it before the Arizona Primary and I’m NOT convinced he can trust any instrument of a corrupt Government System for that.

Unlike what many are saying, this is NOT the American War of Independence being revisited…….it is the background of the French Revolution, and Robespierre is hearing the Blade being sharpened on the Guillotine. And Marie Antionette—errr, sorry, the Elites—are saying, “If they don’t have bread, let them eat cake”, or is it “drink lattes”(!) How awfully appropriate to our time. I should caution all sides, though, that 108 people died under that blade for siding with Robespierre back then.

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