Trump Will Win the Election, but Democrats Will Steal It

With just about every major poll showing Trump beating Biden in all the critical swing states, the MAGA movement is becoming increasingly excited about Trump’s chances of winning the White House in 2024. But they shouldn’t be. It is clear that Trump will win the critical swing states, but the same forces that manipulated the 2020 election will steal it once again.

When the Republican National Committee (RNC), swing state Republican leaders, and even the Supreme Court failed to hold ANYONE accountable for what was the most obvious election-stealing strategy in American history, it was a signal to the left that they could get away with stealing the election again.  Why wouldn’t they?  Bear in mind, the left’s illegal campaign techniques necessitate that Trump will need to win all the swing states by such a large margin that it will be difficult for the Democrats to make up the difference with mailed-in phantom voters.  But that won’t happen.  They’re called “swing” states for a reason, and, as of now, Trump is barely winning those states in the most recent polling.  

The problem is that the RNC and its support groups like the Heritage Foundation have focused on being better “ballot harvesters” than the Dems are and have refused to acknowledge that there was a systemic, organized effort in the swing states to manipulate the election in 2020.  The problem is not the small acts of election fraud that Heritage Foundation maintains a list of—like the widow who voted for her dead husband—it was a nationally organized effort to steal the election. Petty fraud is NOT what cost us the election in 2020. 

The reality was that the election steal in 2020 was done with such precision that it had to be organized on a national basis by the Biden campaign or groups aligned with him.  We have caught glimpses of this national network, such as discussed in the Time Magazine expose, but we also have been informed by whistleblowers from this network, such as those who spoke off the record to Dinesh D’Souza when he produced the film 2000 Mules in conjunction with True the Vote.

The left has become experts in their election-stealing techniques.  There are thousands of voters on the voter files in the swing states who are either dead or have moved out of state.  What the left does is use a purchase date that identifies people who are dead or have moved out of state and simply merges this data with the voter file to identify thousands of phantom voters who are on the voter file but do not vote for the reasons already mentioned.   

How the left gets ahold of these ballots is not well known, but my guess is that they have allies inside the registrar’s office and/or the post office who illegally assist them.  I’ve been told by more than one source that one way the left obtains these ballots is that corrupt registrars change the zip codes of the phantom voters by one digit so that the ballot is returned for having a bad address.  Then they simply give the returned ballots to the Dempcrat operatives, who then set up a boiler room operation with dozens of volunteers signing fake signatures on them.  

This explains why, in all the swing states, the left did everything possible to prevent election observers and GOP lawyers from observing the signature matching process. Because they don’t match.  We know, for example, that thousands of ballots in Arizona had signatures that did not match the signatures on file, but a liberal judge refused to throw them out.  Kari Lake’s lawyers were able to view some of these ballots, and the signatures all look the same, an obvious sign of a boiler room operation.  We also know there are tens of thousands of people—many of them illegal aliens—who are registered at locations that are not legally considered homes, such as gas stations, hotels, vacant lots, etc. 

This also explains why all the swing states had mysterious stoppages in the middle of the night after sending the observers home. Why?  Because the left and their allies inside these Blue State voter registration offices were figuring out how many phantom voters were needed to add to the final tally to ensure a Biden victory.  That is why, swing state after swing state, GOP observers went home election night with Trump in the lead but were stunned to find out in the morning that Biden won.  Trump clearly won in 2020, but between midnight and 6 a.m., just enough illegal ballots were added to the final count to nullify his victories. 

We do have a small number of groups, such as Jay Valentine’s organization, Omega4America, which uses property tax records and other data bases to expose these phantom voters, but shockingly, there is no effort by GOP leaders at the state or federal level to use this technology. Indeed, tiny groups of activists have successfully used Valentine’s technology to challenge phantom voters in states such as Wisconsin.  And their effort made a difference.  Conservative superstar Senator Ron Johnson was expected to lose his Senate re-election in 2022 but barely won with 50.4% of the vote.  He credits his victory to teams of activists organized by Valentine who found 40,000 illegal phantom votes on the rolls and, using existing state law, “challenged” them and had them removed from the voter file.  These were the same phantom voter ballots the left expected to add to the official tally in the middle of the night. 

This is the kind of effort that needs to happen in all the swing states, in particular the key counties in those states, but instead of using this technology, Republican officials continue to preach the line that we need to “ballot harvest more effectively.”  However, it was NOT ballot harvesting that defeated Trump in 2020; it was the depositing of thousands of illegal voters after hours that won the election for Joe Biden. If the GOP does not quickly acknowledge this, we will lose again.

The way the electoral college is set up, stealing an election is not that difficult.  To get to the magic number of 270 electoral college votes needed to win the White House, the Democrats know exactly what swing states have to be won, and they know that within those swing states, there are certain counties they have to win:   

Arizona:  Maricopa County, Pima County

Georgia:  Gwinnett County, Fulton County, Cobb County

Michigan: Kent County, Wayne County, Oakland County, Macomb County

Nevada:  Washoe County, Clark County

Pennsylvania: Earl County, Philadelphia County, Allegheny County, Bucks County

Wisconsin:  Dane County, Milwaukee County

How these counties vote will determine who wins these swing states, which in turn will determine who the next president of the United States will be. 

With the Dems controlling these states and most of these counties, there is little that can be done legislatively by Republican legislators, who are typically afraid of their own shadows to begin with, but there are things that can be done in the next eight months.  The national and state Republican parties need to fund groups such as Omega4America so they can analyze the voter file in all these key counties. And if they don’t step up to the plate, then private individuals and groups need to do so.  Once operations are created, such as the one Valentine put in place in Wisconsin, tens of thousands of phantom voters will be exposed, and every state has a process by which they can be “challenged” and thus removed from the official voter file.  If the election officials refuse to remove these phantom voters, GOP attorneys will need to litigate immediately.

Secondly, the new RNC Chairman, Michael Whatley, assisted by Lara Trump, needs to immediately develop a litigation strategy in which legal warning letters are sent to the county registrars and election officials in all the key swing states, warning them that any collaboration with the Democrats is illegal and that the law requiring GOP observers to be present EVERY time votes are counted and signatures are compared, must be enforced. 

The letters need to make it very clear that failure to observe these basic election regulations will result in a lawsuit that will demand an audit, a recount, or both.  These letters need to be copied to the Democrat Party in all the swing states, to the media, and to all the state’s legal officials.  After all, the GOP was told repeatedly by judges in 2020 that they could not challenge the vote outcome because they didn’t point out the irregularities BEFORE the election.  Of course, that makes no legal sense, but since that’s the game they’re playing, then let’s play it. 

6 thoughts on “Trump Will Win the Election, but Democrats Will Steal It”

  1. No jail time for Democrat election fraud in Ga., Pa, Mi., Az. no standing, no hearing of evidence. Now the Dems will fake election fraud by Republicans and have the election over turned in the courts making a Democrat maybe even Joe president again, even though Trump wins it.

  2. Wow, it’s as if I wrote down what I have been saying for 3 years (nice to know someone else has accumulated and aggregated what we have discovered). GOOD JOB

    I too am disappointed and amazed at the lack of effort regarding Omega proven working system. The RNC consultant class is so out of touch. I suspect because they have their friends w/ “consulting companies” saying they do the same work. BS the only fraud is being done by outsiders
    Another group is and of course Judicial Watch and True The Vote. I respectfully request Patriots donate to these groups instead of the RNC because at least you know you will get groups doing good work for money

  3. Avatar
    Philip L horner

    If Republicans try to do anything to square up the vote in those counties, they’re going to be sued for election interference.

  4. If they steal the election and we don’t immediatly go out and use the 2nd amendment for what it was intended for, then we deserve the government thrust upon us. FAFO!

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