Twitter Users Escape Political Persecution on Parler


Many Conservatives and Libertarians Have Abandoned Twitter for Parler

June 30,2020- Are you tired of your posts going nowhere? Are you tired of foreign bots controlling the national conversation on social media? Have you been persecuted for your political beliefs by an employer? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, it may be time to join Parler.

While Parler has existed since 2018, it is finally gaining national attention in America as political censorship ramps up before the November election. #Twexit is the new rally cry for people who love America, the President, or just Conservative Christian values. It is an attempt to stop giving business to technocrats who silence debate and dominate the political narrative in public life.

Parler does have the same feel as Twitter with the ability to up-vote and echo posts that you agree with. There is a comment section for posts, so you can chime in on issues that are important to you. You can also create longer posts for those ideas that take more than 280 characters.

The major difference between Twitter and Parler is FREEDOM. Twitter partners with “fact-check” organizations that may cover, or outright ban, posts that Twitter deems misleading or inappropriate. It has become increasingly clear that Twitter’s “fact-checkers” have a radical Marxist political agenda. Posts about burning churches, small businesses, and racial violence do not get flagged, but posts about supporting the President of the United States do get hidden or removed. The New York Times has been lobbying to remove President Donald Trump’s twitter for months, and it seems more likely every day. Many people understand that if they can censor the President’s thoughts, they can punish ordinary citizens for their opinions.

With the vile, race-baiting of the radical-left Marxists heating up, Twitter does not remove them. Instead, they are being rewarded with opinion columns for the New York Times. Meanwhile, anyone who pushes back against this obviously racist, anti-American narrative is punished by being put in “twitter jail” or banned permanently.
Sarah Jeong was hired as an “opinion columnist” at the NYT despite making these remarks.

The demoralization of America is almost complete because of this type of psychological warfare. The Marxists are running the narrative from cable-news to social media. The objective is clear. Divide the country by race, then bring order out of chaos to overthrow our Republic. Any threat to this tech monopoly is considered dangerous to the oligarchs. They want you to believe that your voice will not be heard unless you comply with their radical ideology. They want your job in danger for even daring to express an opposing opinion. They are logging all of your social media posts and handing them over to potential employers. This is why it is critical to move.

Parler still has freedom in its mission. You can tell because tech oligarchs are attempting to put them out of business. Apple announced that it may stop updating Parler until it “moderates” the chat in a way that complies with “Apple’s standards’. This is clear interference with Parler’s business model, but until “We The People” take a stand against this authoritarianism, we will continue to lose our tools of communication, and new freedom-based companies will be afraid to enter the market. Reddit recently purged over 2,000 accounts, including political accounts, under funding pressure. If this is not considered election meddling, then nothing is election meddling.

For now, Parler seems to be holding strong when it comes to freedom, community, and protecting its users. #Twexit is picking up steam, and users are also leaving Facebook, Google, and Youtube before they are purged for exercising their God-given, Constitution right of free speech. If these tech giants continue to align themselves with the Marxist mob, and users do not react or protest, this will become the “new normal”, and there will be no alternatives left to run to.

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***Leave your Parler in the comments, and let other people find you, so we can put an end to this digital dictatorship.

***God Bless, and stay vigilant of tyrants.

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