UN & WEF Seeking Global Slavery

By Frank De Varona, 5/10/23

The Great Reset and Transhumanism was published in 2022 by The New American (author) and Gary Benoit (editor).

Amazon describes this book the following way: “What’s at Stake? The Great Reset is supposed to benefit humankind. But unless it is stopped, it will lead to global tyranny. Included in this bookazine: The War on Farmers and Food Agenda 2030 and Grooming Children For Transhumanism. Use this special collector’s edition of The New American to inform others about the Conspiracy and its various battlefronts, with the goal of making them effective participants in the freedom movement.”

William F. Jasper wrote an article titled “Let Them Eat Bugs” that was published in 2022 in the New American special bookazine, The Great Reset and Transhumanism. He explained that the globalist and communist elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (U.N.) are advocating that people need to eat food made from bugs, weeds, algae, and bacteria. Jasper said that in January 2019, the WEF published a report called “Alternative Proteins” that said that a bug-based diet has “much to commend it.” The U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) came out with a report titled “Edible Insects.” The FAO report was done in collaboration with globalist Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

The very rich and powerful globalists of the New World Order, working with the WEF and the U.N., will continue to eat filet mignon, caviar, lobster, and other five-star cuisine foods which they believe they are entitled to. After all, the goal of these diabolical institutions is to enslave humanity. Sadly, many multinational corporations, Mega banks, and leaders from many nations, including President Joe Biden, are supporting this diabolical plan.

The WEF and its founder Klaus Schwab, the son of a Nazi who was working with Hitler to develop a nuclear weapon, want to change capitalism with its successful free-market economy into a fascist totalitarian socialist economic system like the one in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. All corporations will work with the regime. This evil elite called it the Great Reset.

Jasper wrote that Vanity Fair did a video of actress Nicole Kidman in a “pose seductively gobbling down various worms and bugs.” The perverse globalists are encouraging children to eat bugs to save the planet with their fake climate alarmism. National Public Radio did a video called “Let’s Eat Bugs” that is being shown to children in public schools. 

Jasper ended his article by stating the following: “But schools are going further. The Spectator of Australia reports on September 14, 2022, that 1,000 schools across the nation are serving kids snacks made from crickets, and universities researchers in the United Kingdom have begun serving products made from crickets and meal-worms to school children ages 5-11. Hey kid, don’t squirm, eat a worm, save the planet.!”

The WEF headquarters is in Davos, Switzerland as is the Bank for International Settlements in the Swiss city of Basel. This extremely powerful Bank is the central bank of 60 central banks in the world, including the U.S. Federal Reserve. It should not surprise us that in the land of chocolate and cheese, the Swiss government is forcing its students to eat bugs.

On May 3, 2023, Matthew Dalton wrote an article titled “Switzerland Wants Children to Eat Less Chocolate, More Insects” that was published by The Wall Street Journal. Dalton wrote the following: “In this land of cheese and chocolate, children are being schooled in the more subtle pleasures of eating mealworms, locusts, and crickets. On a recent morning, students at a middle school outside Zurich gathered around a table laden with snacks made of insects. They quickly scooped up spiced mealworms, crickets dusted with paprika, and crackers made with flour from ground-up crickets.”

Dalton reported that 13-year-old Ana Munoz said, “It doesn’t taste like a bug,” as she ate a cricket. “It just tastes like what it’s seasoned with.” Then she ate chile-pepper mealworms and made a face: “blech.” The reporter wrote that in 2017 Switzerland became the first nation in Europe to permit insects to be sold as food for people after a lobbying campaign by edible-insect companies. Timothée Olivier, who works for Swiss Insects, an association of companies that sell insects for humans, organized the tasting at a middle school. For the past four years, he has been touring Swiss schools touting the benefits of eating insects and bringing along samples.

Until recently, Western nations wanted to keep insects out of food. Food regulators viewed bugs as a threat to human health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified insects that are not an intentional ingredient as “filth.” But now following the WEF and the U.N., more government officials, academics, and companies want to make insects part of the Western diet.

The globalists want their future slaves to eat insects and not meat. These radical environmentalists say that bugs and worms are “an environmentally friendly source of protein and vitamins and generate a fraction of the greenhouse gases of raising cattle, pigs and other livestock.”

Dalton explained that in 2021 the European Union (EU) followed Switzerland and has authorized four types of bugs for human consumption: yellow mealworms, migratory locusts, crickets, and lesser mealworms. The FDA does not object to intentional bugs, so long as the product is made according to good manufacturing practices. Bastien Rabastens, founder of Paris-based Jimini’s, which sells salted-butter caramel mealworms, yellow-curry grasshoppers and a host of other insect-based fare stated that “We haven’t had problems getting people to eat insects.”

Dalton pointed out that recently right-leaning politicians across Europe were furious after the EU in January authorized cricket flour as a food ingredient. “This European Commission-which gives in to anti-meat lobbies and which undermines our agriculture and our gastronomic culture–I don’t want it anymore!” said Laurent Duplomb, a French senator and farmer. “I invite those who wish to eat crickets to come and eat them directly in my meadows: They will be natural, whole, unground and unprocessed!”

The reporter said that the movement to eat insects started a decade ago when the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization published a 200-page report saying that eating bugs was a great idea. Since then, companies invested billions of dollars in raising insects to feed animals. But other companies in America and Europe started to sell bugs directly to people. “Why do you need a cow or a pig in between when you can just eat the insect itself?” said Noelle Gmür, head of sales and marketing at Essento, a Zurich-based startup that sells insect snacks In Switzerland, Essento has managed to get the country’s two largest supermarket chains to sell its products.The company raises its own mealworms at a small facility in the hills north of Zurich.” 

Dr. Robert W. Malone wrote an article titled “More Crickets on the Menu While Vat Meat Tanks” that was published on the website Global Newswire. He explained that according to Markets and Markets, the global Insect Protein Market size is projected to be $3.3 billion by 2027.

Dr. Malone said the following: “The demand for animal protein is expanding quickly in emerging economies. The rising regulatory approvals from the developed regions for use of insect protein is propelling the growth of insect protein market. It appears that investors are being encouraged to invest more in cricket protein, with fast tracked regulatory approvals from “developed” nations and then an off load of the product onto “emerging economies.” Could it be that that the WEF and the U.N. are facing with consumer resistance in developed regions for eating Jiminy Cricket? The bait and switch of regulatory approval processes seems too contrived and too planned. Malfeasance seems a given.”

Dr. Malone said that Laboratory-grown meat could be 25 times worse for the climate than beef since it is high energy intensive. The Lab-grown meat is produced by growing animal stem cells in a nutrient-rich broth. It has been proposed as a greener alternative to traditional meat because it uses less land, feed, water, and antibiotics than animal farming and removes the need to farm and slaughter cattle. One supporter of Lab-grown meat is billionaire Bill Gates. Who will want to eat meat grown in a laboratory? Let Bill Gates and his globalists friends eat this type of meat!

The entire issue of the April 2023 Whistleblower magazine explained how communism and madness have taken over America’s government schools. 

In addition to students being indoctrinated to eat worms and bugs, the globalists of the New World Order and the Marxist Biden regime are implementing the communist 1619 Project, the Critical Race Theory, the communist Pre-K-12th grade BLM curriculum, transgenderism, genital mutilation, and pornographic sex education in government schools. David Kupelian wrote an article titled “The Greatest Betrayal: How Marxism and Madness Have taken Over America’s Public Schools Systems.” Kupelian wrote about how in many schools students are being taught to hate America and feel ashamed of their own nation. Using the communist curriculum teachers explain that all white people are racists and enjoy “white privilege” and that America is a racist and even genocidal nation. Further this perverted curriculum states that all blacks are victims, and all whites are oppressors. Kupelian explained that the 1619 Project K-12 program is in use in at least 4,500 government schools.

The reporter pointed out that in preschools and kindergarten programs in many cities very young children are taken by progressive parents to Drag Queen Reading hours events in public libraries. Once students attend the government schools, Kupelian stated the following “The wild LGBT grooming craze starts. Openly activist LGBT teachers post recruitment videos of themselves on social platform like TikTok, their greatest desire being to shepherd new young recruits into the fold…Often teachers protect the children they have seduced into gender transitioning from meddlesome parental interference…Indeed almost 6,000 public schools have adopted policies of concealing students’ gender transitions from their own parents.”

Kupelian explained that in school libraries there are many pornographic books such as Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe which depicts multiple lesbian sex acts and shows young transgender girls with their breasts removed. Another book is Flamer by Mike Curato, that shows a boy describing various homosexual acts.

The sexual education in California is completely pornographic describing all types of homosexual and lesbian acts. A study conducted by the University of California a few years ago revealed that 24% of the secondary students in the state are unhappy with their own gender. Thus, California is graduating students that are sexually confused Marxists. Sadly, this is national suicide. Both national teachers unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Associations, are run by communists.

Bob Unruh wrote an article titled “What the Devil? Satan Clubs are Meeting in America’s Elementary School!” for the issue of April 2023 Whistleblower magazine. The reporter explained that in some elementary schools “After School Satan Clubs” are allowed to meet regularly and children as young as 5 years participate. These clubs are sponsored by the Satanic Temple in Salem Massachusetts. Religion News, the New York Post, and the Daily Caller News Foundation have reported that Satan Clubs exist in schools in California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.

Parents who have their children in these schools need to take them out as soon as possible. They need to educate them at home if they can do it or enroll them in a religious school or a charter school that teaches them properly. They must monitor closely what their children are learning in schools to save them.

On May 2, 2023, Alex Newman wrote an article titled “Artificial Intelligence to Replace Teachers: Bill Gates” that was published on the website The New American.com. Newman explained that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be taking over many teaching duties. The billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke at a digital learning conference in San Diego recently and stated the following: “AI would soon become as good a tutor as any human could.” Gates funded the Khan Academy where AI becomes a “virtual teacher” and “powered by GPT-4, the program supposedly helps students learn math, science, writing, and other subjects without the need for human teachers.”

Alex Newman had been saying for a long time that teachers would be replaced by technology in the future. He stated the following: “As the social engineers push the limits of what even radical progressive teachers are willing to teach young children — transgenderism and genital mutilation, for instance — software and devices will have to be used. It is basically glorified behavioral conditioning for children rather than animals… The United Nations summoned governments around the world to a conference in Beijing on AI in education. The final UN agreement, dubbed the Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence and Education, called on governments worldwide to use AI in “education. The document also called for using AI in education to shape the values of people in a manner consistent with UN views on everything from gender and governance to the environment.”


We must reject the diabolical plans by the globalists of the New World Order led by WEF and the U.N. to establish a global tyranny. The Great Reset is also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This evil elite, in addition to forcing humanity to eat bugs, wants to merge men with machines which is called transhumanism.

We must oppose AI to replace teachers and the United Nations agreement to use AI in the world to indoctrinate students to adopt the values of the globalists on the fake climate change, gender ideology, and the 2030 agenda. These globalists want to establish central bank digital currency to take away our freedom and liberty and steal our money and properties. They say that we will own nothing but we will be very happy. We must fight these evil globalists with the Great Resistance as several Republican-controlled states are already doing.

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