Under Biden, China’s Confucius Institutes Return

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security has eliminated plans for a federal rule that would have required United States schools, colleges, and universities to disclose agreements with Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes on their campuses.

A Federal Register notice said the rule, first proposed by the Trump administration on December 31, 2020, was withdrawn on January 26, 2021 without comment. Under pressure from the Trump administration, many of these dangerous Confucius Institutes were closed across the nation. Now thanks to Beijing Joe they are back in business.

Communist China says that Confucius Institutes and Confucius Schools operate as education centers to teach Chinese culture and language. However, this is a blatant lie. The Confucius Institutes are used by Communist China to spread propaganda and brainwash students and college professors. We had one at Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida and it was abolished for those reasons.

These Communist China Confucius Institutes are a great threat to our national security. China has successfully penetrated our colleges, universities, and even schools with Chinese students and professors who spy and has bribed many America professors to steal our technology. 

I have seen some of the books that they used in the Confucius Institute in Miami before it was shut down and they present a distorted history of China. These books do not discuss how China’s mass-murdering regime has killed over 100 million of its citizens and sent tens of millions to prison. They do not discuss China’s persecution of Christians and followers of other religions and the destruction of their churches. These books do not explain how China has established the first digital dictatorship in the world to massively spy on its citizens and give them points for their behavior and punished those that do not support or criticize the Communist regime. China has also exported its digital dictatorship to other nations.

These books do not discuss how China has given money to corrupt politicians from both political parties in America and sent spies to work closely with them as lovers or helpers. These books are silent on how China interferes and steals elections of other nations, like it did in America in 2020, to place in the White House the corrupt and half-demented Joe Biden and the Communist Democratic Party in control of Congress. China used cyber-attacks and China-owned Dominion Voting Systems electronic machines that were used in 30 states and Puerto Rico to cheat in the 2020 elections. President Trump’s lawyers have denounced that the software Smartmatic in Dominion Voting Systems machines change the votes and have been used for many years in Venezuela and other nations to steal elections.

President Donald J. Trump denounced many times the stolen election, which was a coup d’état, as well as his supporters who have charged that the Dominion electronic machines were utilized to switch millions of votes from President Trump to Biden. The transaction with Dominion was made October 9, 2020 when Staple Street Capital filed SEC Form D offerings and sales amounting to $400 million, according to the SEC. The Sales Compensation Recipient was identified as UBS Securities. Another payment of $200 million went through in 2014. UBS Securities is a Swiss bank that owns nearly 25% of UBS Securities Co., a Chinese investment bank. The rest is owned by the Chinese government. The government ownership includes communist front groups Beijing Guoxiang, Guangdong Comm. Group, China Guodian, and COFCO Group.

These books used in the Confucius Institutes do not discuss the ongoing genocide of Muslims in China. They do not discuss China’s building military bases in islands in the South China Sea that belong to other nations and how China is preparing to go to war someday against America and its allies. They do not explain how China is illegally claiming 90% of the East and South China seas and harassing U.S. naval ships and aircrafts in that important area of the world. These books do not tell how China has stolen the most valuable military and industrial inventions and secrets from America and its allies and how China has built a most powerful military so that it can become the sole superpower in the world.

On February 11, 2021, the Washington Times published an article written by Bill Gertz titled “How Biden is allowing Chinese Government to quietly creep onto U.S. college campus.” Gertz wrote that Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who serves as vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said “the Confucius Institutes engage in covert influence operations designed to sway American public opinion and teach half-truths about China.” Senator Rubio criticized the decision to withdraw Trump administration rule. He tweeted that the FBI “has warned about China Communist Party using Confucius Institutes to infiltrate American schools.” “But now Biden quietly withdrawn rule proposed by Trump administration to require schools and universities to disclose their partnerships with these agents of Chinese government influence,” he stated.

Bill Gertz pointed out that Congressman Michael T. McCaul of Texas, the ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the institutes pose security threats to the education system. “By quietly backing away from the proposed rule without consulting Congress, the Biden administration is sending a concerning signal about its scrutiny of Chinese influence in academia, and telling academic institutions that they don’t need to be transparent about their ties to the Chinese regime,” Representative McCaul said. “It’s all the more disturbing because the education industry already fails to report billions of dollars of foreign gifts and contracts. I strongly urge the Biden administration to stick to its promises to prioritize the CCP as our main national security challenge, including in the American education system,” he added.

Gertz explained that FBI Director Christopher Wray said in 2018 that “the bureau was monitoring the Confucius Institutes over concerns that they were being used for propaganda and espionage.” “We do share concerns about the Confucius Institutes,” Wray told a Senate hearing. “We’ve been watching that development for a while. It’s just one of many tools that they take advantage of.”

A Chinese government official, Liu Zhongshan, was arrested in October 2019 on federal visa fraud charges related to the recruitment of American technology experts, Gertz wrote. Gertz explained the following: “The Justice Department criminal complaint in the case revealed that Mr. Liu used a Confucius Institute at a U.S. university as part of the recruitment scheme. It was the first time a federal criminal case was linked to one of the Chinese institutes. The State Department last year designated the headquarters of the Confucius Institutes in Washington as a foreign mission, a label that recognizes the institutes as entities of the Chinese government. That designation remains in place. In December 2020, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also spoke out against the institutes and urged universities to shutter the centers.”

There are more than 100 Confucius Institutes on U.S. colleges and universities that the then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “are rife with anti-Americanism and present easy targets for their anti-American messaging.” He added that State Department “has made very clear these Confucius Institutes are literally up to no good that many have been recognized as problems and closed.” The Communist China regime has funded American universities to the tune of $1.3 billion since 2013, Pompeo said.

Gertz said that in July 2020 then-Attorney General Bill Barr also criticized the activities of Confucius Institutes, noting that they “have been accused of pressuring host universities to silence discussion or cancel events on topics considered controversial by Beijing.” “Universities must stand up for each other; refuse to let the Chinese Communist Party dictate research efforts or suppress diverse voices; support colleagues and students who wish to speak their minds; and consider whether any sacrifice of academic integrity or freedom is worth the price of appeasing the CCP’s demands,” Barr said.

Gertz explained that the proposed rule was recommended in a 2019 report by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee in a staff report. The report said the institutes were paying universities and schools hundreds of thousands of dollars to serve as hosts. Why would the Biden administration repeal “a federal rule that would have required American schools and universities to disclose agreements with Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes on their campuses?”

China and Saudi Arabia are corrupting our universities with tens of millions

China is spending millions to buy influence and steal inventions from universities in the United States. On February 13, 2020, the American Military News website published an article titled “Harvard, Yale under investigation for $375 million secret funding from China and Saudi Arabia.” It explained that the Department of Education announced that it is starting an investigation into Harvard and Yale for their failure to disclose about $375 million in gifts and contracts from China and Saudi Arabia in the past four years. The Wall Street Journal reported that American universities have failed to report $6.5 billion from foreign nations since 1990.

The article in American Military News said that Harvard sponsored a 30-year-old Chinese national who had attempted to steal research. The Chinese Zaosong Zheng was recently arrested at Boston Logan International Airport allegedly with stolen 21 vials of cancer research material he was attempting to smuggle to China. Prosecutors alleged he attempted to steal the material to bring to China so he could conduct his own research in his laboratory.

Dr. Charles Lieber, the chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard, was arrested on January 28, 2020 on charges of making false statements to the Department of Defense and to Harvard investigators regarding his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Program. This program was created by the Chinese government to pay foreign scientists for access to their research.

In addition, his house was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling stated that “This is a small sample of China’s ongoing campaign to siphon off American technology and know-how for Chinese gain,” he said. “Chinese economic espionage and theft is a real and daily occurrence that we must begin to confront.”


The corrupt Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and brother James have been running a corrupt world-wide criminal syndicate as it has been described in books and articles. The Biden family has received tens of millions from China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Rumania. Even today Hunter Biden is still doing business in China even though he promised to cancel all of them. President Joe Biden is compromised by China that has bought him and the Chinese regime together with Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela, the CIA and MI6, and many domestic traitors did a coup against America and President Trump to steal the 2020 election.

The Biden administration allowing the dangerous Confucius Institutes to continue infiltrating our colleges and universities is one of the many future concessions to the Chinese Communist regime that will seriously damage the national security. After all it was mainly China that placed Biden as a puppet in the White House and the communist Democratic Party in control of both Houses in Congress.

It is extremely alarming how various communist organizations with the help of China registered tens of thousands low-information and ex-felons to vote in many states. China has funded the communists and anarchists of BLM and ANTIFA to riot in over 200 cities. These criminals, who are supported by the communist Democratic Party, have killed and injured many police officers and innocent Americans as they burned police stations and businesses as well as looting them.

Many Americans are not aware as to how communists have infiltrated Congress, now completely control Democratic Party, labor unions, colleges and universities, Hollywood, and the mainstream corrupt media to destroy our beloved nation. Conservatives and Republicans patriots have their work cut out for them.

We need to work extremely hard to resist the communist takeover of America. The Red Republican states must unite and fight back the many illegal Biden’s executive orders that are so damaging to the national security and the economy. Otherwise, we will lose our Republic forever!

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