US Navy Building Ship Named After Child Rapist

Update: Please sign the White House petition asking Trump to undo this disgrace!

The U.S. Navy recently started construction on a U.S. Naval Ship (USNS) that will be named after child rapist Harvey Milk, some of whose victims committed suicide.

Milk’s main claim to fame is that in 1977, he became the first openly homosexual elected official in U.S. history by winning a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

He was elected with strong with help from the notorious “People’s Temple” cult of mass-murderer Jim Jones, who forced his followers and their children to drink poison in Guyana as part of a mass suicide.

Harvey Milk was a child-raping homosexual politician murdered by a fellow Democrat, and the Navy is naming a ship in his honor.

Aside from being a homosexual politician, Milk was also fond of raping boys. At least two of the predator’s victims went on to kill themselves, including Jack Galen McKinley, a 16-year-old child who had run away from home.

“Harvey always had a penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems,” Milk’s biographer revealed.

Despite the rape of children and the connections to one of the 20th century’s most infamous mass murderers, Milk has become a hero of the “LGBT” movement.

Among other honors, he received a posthumous “Presidential Medal of Freedom” from Barack Hussein Obama in 2009. The process of naming the ship after the child rapist began under Obama’s administration, too, as did a 2014 postage stamp honoring the pervert.

Then-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon celebrated Milk while in San Francisco because he “helped to set in train America’s gay rights revolution — a revolution that continues to this day not just in this country but around the world.”

Ban added that the UN supports Milk’s agenda. “The measures Milk advocated here — including new laws to protect people from discrimination — are the same measures that, today, we advocate to governments everywhere,” the UN boss said.

Milk was murdered by a fellow Democrat on the Board of Supervisors a year after being elected.

Columnist Selwyn Duke summed up the absurdity of it all like this at The New American magazine: “When we’re naming Navy vessels after pederastic rapists, we have to wonder how much longer the good ship America can stay afloat.”

For now, activists are hoping President Trump may be able to step in to prevent the ship being named after a child rapist famous for nothing but sodomy.

Update: Please sign the White House petition asking Trump to undo this disgrace!

22 thoughts on “US Navy Building Ship Named After Child Rapist”

  1. This is a true disgrace! How could they even think of naming him after that man? My mouth dropped open in disgust and disbelief.

  2. The president needs to put a stop to this. We have an abundance of men and women who have served valiantly in the service of this nation without having to name a vessel after this dirtbag.

  3. Wait … what?
    I thought that the “gay movement” was just ordinary people, who wanted equal rights.
    They are ordinary, as proposed by the LGBT, and nothing is really different.
    They are normal, good citizens and deserve the same rights, as everyone else.
    Nothing wrong here. Nothing to see..

  4. the left has lionized this sodomite as a kind of hero. in truth, he was not just a homosexual, but a homosexual predator with no morals.
    I will never understand why leftists want to celebrate deviants.

    1. But in the article he was a democrat as well as his assassinator. So, what I don’t understand is does the LGBTQ community not believe he is a rapist and that he did not rape those children. Or was it that everyone thought he was in a relationship with these boys just in a couple years they would be legal – still completely disgustingly wrong!!!!! Yet it was still released that he was a rapist, eventually? UThat’s still an extreme ABUSE OF POWER. I can’t nah I cannot with this incident.

  5. This is beyond sick. Gay? Whatever. Sexual abused children? Not ever. And why exactly was he given the Medal of Freedom? The decision to name a surface warfare ship after him is like giving Hitler the Nobel Peace Prize, does not make sense in any Universe.

    1. There should be no ship, plane or shore installation, even a small sewage treatment building, named after Milk. However, a USNS vessel isn’t considered a warship. It is a non-commissioned , unarmed, auxiliary support ship, operated by MSC civilians for the Navy.

  6. What the hell has happened to my Navy? Oh well, should make for some very original unauthorized ship’s patches.
    USN Ret

  7. Dear President Trump please stop the naming of the of the naval ship after child rapist Harvey Milk, he raped little boys two of which killed themselves because they couldn’t live with it,please dont reward his behavior by naming a Naval Ship after him
    Sincerely yours
    Anne Drummond

  8. Just another example of the decay of debauchery that has infected the country’s military, general public, and elected officials!
    The US Navy has always been left of center. Such a disgrace. To even consider this is truly “a slap in the face” to our forefathers.

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