US Taxpayers Unknowingly Fund Grooming and Pedophilia

By Brenda Lebsack, 9/6/22

Taxpayer dollars are being used to fund agencies that are grooming school children. As a public-school teacher and former school board member in Orange County California, I have discovered things about government grants through the United States Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Center of Disease Control (Division of Adolescent School Health – CDC/DASH), I would never believe, unless I saw it with my own eyes

One agency HHS funds is Healthy Teen Network (HTN), which is used by many school districts as a resource for sexual health. Bob Reeg, HTN’s Program Development and Public Policy Consultant who advocates for Comprehensive Sex Education for children and youth before Congress and the executive branch, wrote an article in May 2020 titled, What  Pandemics Can Teach Us About Food, Eating, and Sexual Activity Too.  In his article, Mr Reeg, compared a person’s need for food to a person’s need for sex, saying both are vital for survival.  He said, just as EVERYONE has the right to eat, EVERYONE has the right to sexual activity.  Mr. Reeg makes it clear that age is irrelevant and according to his logic of comparison, sexual abstinence would be equal to death by starvation.

During the COVID lockdown, HTN put out a link titled:  5 Tips for Your Sexual Health During Covid-19.  This link gave kids 52 ideas on how to “sext”.  HTN also says porn consumption serves an important positive space for sexual exploration, especially for youth of diverse sexual identities, thus schools should (based on research of course) teach youth to read and unpack porn using media literacy skills.  Coincidentally, sharing sexually explicit material is a typical grooming behavior.

The California Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, who authored the new sex education requirements (AB 329) which includes teaching ever-evolving gender identities and expansive sexual orientations in grades 7-12,  was granted Healthy Teen Network’s Spirit Award in 2018

Governing agencies (CDC) also fund Advocates for Youth (AFY), which co-authored the The Sex Ed Standards many school districts use nationwide. In their 2018 Sex Ed version about sexual consent, it states that “Consent is the fundamental right for people of ALL AGES”, [p. 7, Indicator 2, (K-12)]  The 2020 Sex Ed Standards state that schools are to affirm expansive and fluid sexual identities (p. 63). YMSM – Young Men (age 13) who have sex with Men (18 and over) is one of these identities. The CDC endorses YMSM as a school centered approach to de-stigmatize the practice of boys (age 13) who have sex with adult men for the sake of addressing “health disparities.”

Advocates For Youth takes an all-inclusive approach to sexual identities, which leaves the door wide open to pedophilia.  It says, “Sexual Orientations include, but are NOT LIMITED to: asexual, bisexual, gay, heterosexual, lesbian, pan-sexual, questioning, queer. Queer is an umbrella term for nonconforming FLUID identities.  (p. 63, 65)”

The CDC says kids can make up their own genders.  The term “non-binary” which is on many school registration forms, is defined by the CDC as “gender creative” which means students can create their own gender(s).  You may wonder how this relates to pedophilia.  The founder of “gender identity” was John William Money.   

His philosophy was that nurture over-rode biology, thus gender was neutral, and could be determined by environment and guided exploration.  According to many documented patient testimonials in the book, As Nature Made Him (The Boy Who Was Raised A Girl) by John Colapinto, Money’s therapeutic practice was to facilitate children’s gender exploration by showing them pornography as young as age 6, have them examine their genitalia, and practice various sexual positions with enforced play of copulation.

Similarly, the Sex Ed Standards from Advocates for Youth also promote sexual exploration in order to know one’s gender identity.  It states, “Students decide their identities through experiential learning cycles where they learn by doing (p.58).  These “lived experiences” or collection of events become the student’s firsthand validation of their identities (p. 61).”   The difference between Money’s theory and AFY’s standards is that Money limited gender identity to male or female, where today, gender identity has unlimited possibilities. 

Money, who had a PhD in psychology from Harvard, publicly endorsed pedophilia.  In the April 1980 issue of Time Magazine, he stated, A childhood sexual experience, such as being the partner of a relative or of an older person, need not necessarily affect the child adversely.”  In an interview by a Dutch journal, he said, “If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or twelve who’s intensely attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, and the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.” 

Although John William Money’s famous Twins study was a complete failure and proved the opposite of his theory, he won a prestigious award in 2002 for Social Scientific Sexuality Research and was funded for 25 years on taxpayer money by the National Institute of Health. He also pioneered and established the John Hopkins Clinic for trans-sexual surgeries. Most importantly and alarmingly, the CDC has embraced John William Money’s ideology of gender identity and now it is being implemented in our schools, medical professions, sports, and laws.

As a society, we have trusted governing agencies and their endorsed “scientific pioneers” to provide expert health advice.  Over time, we have viewed the CDC as an objective source of information with humanity’s best interest in mind.  However, their funding of agencies that sexualize children and their promotion of extreme ideologies of made-up infinite genders is a betrayal to Americans.  Voltaire, the French Philosopher, warned, “Anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  It’s time to re-evaluate our so called “experts” before atrocities become the norm.

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    Araceli Justiniani

    Grateful that you are publishing this powerful and revealing article.
    When the ones we trusted in the educational system, and the ones who make the laws are so corrupted; the results are catastrophic.

    As a society each one of us have an obligation to participate in bringing the next generation of children to a healthy, moral, righteous, honest, AMERICA.

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