Utah’s Apology to the Country: We’re Sorry, We Did This

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” ― Thomas Paine

I’m sure many of you have heard of the United Nations Agenda 21 and, more recently, Agenda 2030. If you are like me, back in the 90s when I heard about this, I thought the likes of Glenn Beck were decent people, but a bit crazy. This increased for me when Beck would cry. I would roll my eyes and give a sigh of cringe. A decade of economic nightmares, a housing roller-coaster, a forced lockdown, near total forced vaccination, a hostile digital takeover, children being “affirmed” to cut off healthy body parts, and the emotional shock from the blunt force realization of just how far into tyranny we have fallen—if I’d been Glenn Beck back then, I would have been crying too. It is so bad that a large part of the population does not even realize most of these new laws are principally opposed to the natural human rights enshrined in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. So much so that when you correctly say, “That’s not constitutional,” people roll their eyes and call you a right-wing extremist.

Once I could slow the spinning down, I decided to start looking into my state, Utah. I honestly thought I had nothing to worry about. Overall, Utah appeared to be on the right track. What I found was anything but. Utah was not only dripping with “swamp” sludge and conservative corruption, but in some cases, it appears to have infected the rest of the country with its corruption and “big ideas.”

For this article, I’m going to focus on Utah and depopulation. I know that’s jarring for most people. I’m sure you are used to hearing about the Mormons and their many, many kids (more like 5 per family), but Utah, likely because it was a big family place, has been under a very focused and specific attack. One of which you will see is that our fertility and natural increase in population are declining, and not just by a little.


Utah used to have the highest fertility rate but has been declining since 2016 and is in the top 10 for the fastest decline in the nation with a 22% drop, as mentioned by the Kem C. Gardner Institute in 2022.

August 1, 2022 (Salt Lake City) Utah’s declining fertility rate made state headlines in 2016, when it no longer ranked highest in the country. Since then, Utah’s total fertility rate of 1.92 births per woman has declined nationally from highest to fourth highest, with rates in South Dakota (1.98), Nebraska (1.94), and North Dakota (1.93) exceeding Utah’s. The latest figures are summarized in the latest research brief from the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, which shows the Beehive State’s decline mirroring a decadal decline in fertility in every U.S. region, state, and Washington, D.C. The Intermountain West and Pacific divisions experienced the sharpest declines.https://gardner.utah.edu/utahs-fertility-rate-continues-to-drop-now-fourth-highest-in-the-nation/

It isn’t just Utah either: “The fertility rate declined in all states and divisions over the past decade. The Western region experiences the largest declines. The Intermountain West and Pacific divisions’ fertility rates declined the fastest out of all divisions.”

Utah is known for its family-centered culture. Many will attribute that to religious influence. It is no secret that Utah is the home of the Mormons. As a Utahn myself, I would agree with those sentiments. In recent years, however, the LDS Church has fallen victim to the pressures coming into the state from both inside and outside to dismantle the freedom-loving, family-focused, good ethics, and morals of Utahns.

Utahns are too nice, which also often makes them gullible. They tend to think you mean them well, and bonus points if you are a bishop. They often do not see the bad gurgling up between the cracks.

All of this has led to a perfect storm, or setup, depending on what you come away with from this article.

Utah is the perfect place to hide the most corrupt because if you are part of the church, have a family, and, in most cases, have an “R” next to your name, you are the people’s guy or gal. The trusting public often looks no further. This has not only led to closet Democrats or, in some cases, full-blown Marxists running as Republicans, but it has also led to a swamp that may rival Washington D.C.’s.

This isn’t the “uniparty” issue that is so common across the country; this is corporate fascism supported by communism.

If you were going to destroy a country from the inside out and install communism, you would remove your biggest challenges first. Utah was a challenge because the people, not our politicians, love their families. Our culture used to be pro-America, property rights, and morals.

Again, as someone who grew up in Utah and lives therein, that is all but gone. Utah is Dorian Gray and looks beautiful on the outside, although if you have visited Salt Lake City recently, the true inside of Utah is bubbling up. It is rotten, and it is polluting the entire country.


Is there a depopulation plan? If so, how is this showing up in Utah?

Well, let’s kick this off with a group open about it in Utah. Utahpopulation.org who right out of the gate, say:

They go on to dig into this a bit by referencing “childfree parents” multiple times; to which I ask, what exactly does that mean? How is one a parent without a child? Are they implying pets?

Furthermore, they wrap up with a low-key anti-human message. This message has been pushed since at least the 1940s, if not earlier. Unfortunately, in 1992, environmental extremists got ahold of policymakers and put a depopulation plan in place. Below is an example of messaging from some of those old publications. Note how they view humans in comparison with nature. Humans are a scourge of our environment. We are to be reduced via fertility control, carbon reduction, or any other item they can come with. What they seem to be forgetting is that humans, like us, are part of nature. Granted, we are an “apex” predator, and we should be good stewards of the environment. That does not mean we have to depopulate ourselves.

Source- Wild Earth

So, where did this anti-human agenda come from? As referenced earlier, the exact beginning is hard to pin down, but where it took root as a well-organized framework was the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 3-14 June 1992

When I ventured down this road, I was not looking for or even knew about the depopulation plan. I simply wanted to know why in Utah we were being told that we had to keep building high-density housing that most Utahns do not want, even when our natural increase is in decline. Hint: the “where will our kids live?” argument does not work when we do not have any, but furthermore, “our kids” want single-family homes. With that said, what I found was not only shocking but also made my heart sick. There is and has been a concerted plan to depopulate humanity. Worse, it’s been implemented over the years, and it is very evident in Utah.

Here is one of the most thorough outlines I could find on it from 1997. This is from the United Nations Environmental Program’s very own website. Seoul Declaration on Environmental Ethics, “People’s Pledge” This is an archived page.

  • Spirituality/religion becomes nature instead of God or any other higher being.
  • Environmental “equity”—”communism”—redistribution of wealth
  • “Greening of Technology”—look no further than “renewable energy,” which in Utah is having devastating effects (more on that later)
  • “Coordination” between government, businesses, NGOs, and more. So, fascism

Next is their guideline for governments.

  • “Policy Coordination,” in short, gets everyone on the same page and pushes the same policy to put the agenda into place.
  • Putting the environment above humans, in other words, instead of asking is this constitutional, is this infringing on basic natural born rights, they ask how this affects the environment.
  • They offer accessibility after the “stakeholders” meet and decide the options to provide to you, the public, so you have the illusion of representation and choice.
  • Hitting the renewable energy stance again, but also all the “smart” infrastructure—so managing resources.
  • Mentioning equity here again, so on a global scale, take from certain countries to give to others.
  • Fundamentally changing education to make environmental and communist activists.
  • International coordination opens all countries up to a global dictatorship run by the UN and fellow departments like the WEF and WHO.

Next are their demands of YOU!

  • Changing your lifestyle: no more meat, no more cars, no more single-family homes. In their words more recently, “you will own nothing and be happy about it.”
  • They want you to be an extreme activist.
  • They want to play on our general compassion and have you help them implement ESG and DEI.

After that, they become fully fascist by telling the NGOs (non-governmental organizations) what to do. This goes from getting the public worked up via coordinated public campaigns and activism to making themselves “watchdogs” and “liaisons between the government and industrial sectors, thus cutting out the public.

The businesses do not fair much better; they get the job of enforcing ESG and DEI on the workforce. They are also pulled in to create “green” products no matter what and, best of all, to be the “environment management system.”

They then move onto the “international organizations,” like the UN, WEF, WHO, WTC, WB, etc. They have the task of “monitoring” us all—full-blown surveillance—and what they do not lay out clearly is enforced.

What agenda document would be complete without “education and research” and “communications and mass media?” Not one on the United Nations’ agenda, that is for sure. They outline their roles in this as well. You can imagine what those are. Education slowly rolls this tyrannical overreach agenda in so that the “kids” will go along with it. The media is used to pump the public with so much propaganda they do not know up from down.

How do you think it has gone so far? I would say they have been effective.


As stated earlier, the LDS church in Utah has a pretty big influence. If you want the people of Utah to move in a direction, you almost certainly must have the church’s backing. This is not a dig at the church; but a simple reality. If you want Utahns to view something as almost a spiritual battle, this would be the way to do it. Something the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication knew.

The above article is from 2022; the below is from 2023. Do you think the church fell in line?

In Utah, environmentalism is being pushed in every way imaginable—even religiously.

Environmental Equity is a monster swallowing Utah whole. It is destroying our energy reliability. So much so that in a meeting on November 7, 2023, the Power Board lamented:

“We’re allowing a lot of new homes to be built that we’ve got to serve. And we’re five years down the road, and our power prices have quadrupled, and all the public is screaming because of the failed federal policies that were thrown on us. It’s just a disaster. And there’s not a whole lot that I think can be done because it’s all on a federal level—all these regulations. That’s why Scott’s not sleeping.

As you can see below, Utah is well on its way into this suicidal mission.

This is just one example in Utah; there are over fifty more. Below is one from the federal government, in case you were not sure the Utah power board was right in stressing over the federal regulations. Now you might say, “But this is a grant,” and you are correct. Many think strings do not come attached to these, but they do. Just for good measure, though, I will show the actual law the government put in place.


Now, the more I dug into this, the more concerned I grew. As some of you may or may not know, Utah has a pretty intense and influential NGO or P3 depending on what article you read, by the name of Envision Utah. They are involved in every single part of our lives. From education to water to FEMA and earthquake preparations, they wield a mighty sword. Not only do they all but write (unsure that they do not actually write) policy, but they also hold “workshops” and offer up surveys and polls. These surveys and polls are often written with what they call “word recommendations” language, which I call propaganda and manipulation. They use “scenarios,” much like the United Nations. These lead people in the direction they want them to go to push their agenda. In turn, they use these to get laws made and changed. An example of language is below:

Source: Vision Presentation by Envision Utah

Now, you might ask, where did Envision Utah come from? Well, that has been an interesting rabbit hole. First, I will share this video with you that gives a brief rundown. In this video, Alan Matheson, former Director and former Senior Environmental Advisor of Envision Utah, who is now over Utah’s first official 15-minute city, The Point,” goes over how they implemented “Smart Growth” and how they formed in 1997. While that’s true as far as the name goes, Envision Utah’s key players were involved with some organizations before that.

Robert Grow, one of the core founders of Envision Utah, for example, previously owned Geneva Steel here in Utah. They are currently building a massive smart 15-minute city called Utah City” on some of that land. This came as a shock to not only Vineyard residents but also Utahns. It appears a lot of discussion around this and a quasi-government “authority” called Utah Lake Authority” have not been quite as transparent as they should be. Robert Grow appears to be very wrapped up in the “environmental” narrative, which is interesting considering Geneva Steel’s past.

A more familiar face, or at least name, is Mike Leavitt, also on the founding floor of Envision Utah. Leavitt has quite the past. He has been extremely influential in creating digital IDs and health passports, from leading the EPA, the Health and Human Services Department to quite literally creating “SmartUtah” that turned into “Smart States” and is the “big idea” behind much of what you see today in education and, well, everything digital.

From what I could find, Leavitt seems to be behind the perfect storm that created the insanity we see today.

Prior to Envision Utah in 1997, the name of the group was Coalition for Utah’s Future. Below is a blurb from a document that is oddly listed on the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) website.

Source- Envision Utah from the EPA website.

The Coalition for Utah’s Future seems to have merged with a Democratic program called Project 2000.” They all then melted into Envision Utah, which, with efficiency few have ever seen, began to dismantle Utah. It appears the framework for the destruction of Utah’s wide-open space went by the name “QGET” (Quality Growth Efficiency Toolkit). This also appears to be where Mike Leavitt’s infamous Enlibra Toolkit” spun from. (another enlibra source you may want: Enlibra Toolkit)

As you can see from the above, this toolkit came from the Oquirrh Institute website, which appears to have started in 2003, and according to the EPA website, this program started in 2004.

Reading through the remaining archived pages of Qquirrh Institute is so maddening. We are under this totalitarian program takeover because of groups, organizations, frameworks, and policies like this.

This was not done by a Democrat but rather by a Utah “Republican” and a group of far-left Utah elites. One of the most alarming things I read when digging into Leavitt’s background was this:

Source- New Scientist

Not only did Bush get a “smooth talker,” but he also got a man who appears to have set up, at the very least, the face of the human resettlement implementation toolkit.

Then there is Leavitt’s right-hand man, Brad Barber: “He has served as the Deputy Director and State Planning Coordinator for the Utah Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget from 1991–2000. He worked in the GOPB from 1980–2000, serving three governors. Prior to his appointment as Deputy Director, he served for eight years as Director of Demographic and Economic Analysis.

Mr. Barber is currently serving as a senior fellow for the Environmental Management Program at the Oquirrh Institute. His responsibilities include managing the environmental program for the Institute and overseeing the development of the Enlibra Toolkit. The Toolkit illustrates best practices in environmental management utilizing the principles of Enlibra as adopted by the Western Governors Association and National Governors Association.” – Oquirrh Institute (now known as The Park City Center for Public Policy from what I could find)

This confirms that governors have been and are a key role in pushing this agenda out to the states.

The below screenshot from an interview StreetBlogUSA did with Robert Grow is quite shocking. Not only has Envision Utah spread like cancer in Utah, but all over the United States.


Keep in mind that this was written in 2013. What do you think their reach is now? Just nine years ago, Envision Utah did a “sustainable communities” workshop. “Sustainable Communities” is United Nations’ direct language.

Some of you may know that Utah is the only other state besides New York to have hosted the United Nations Civil Society Conference. That occurred in 2019, and Utah took a nosedive immediately after. We have had at least four new smart 15-minute cities pop up since. To be fair, it appears several of these were planned since 2014, but the gates were flung open to funding and more in 2019.

Utah has been such an obedient state that we got a shout-out from the World Economic Forum for our 15-minute city, The Point. That is not all, though; we are now being recognized publicly by the United Nations for our water conservation. This particular shout-out is from 2023, after the UN president visited Utah. Oddly enough, right around the same time, our state flag was changed against a large portion of the publics’ wishes.

To wrap this up, Utah appears to have led—or at the very least—has been instrumental in the demise of our sovereignty. The framework seems to be Envision Utah. If your state finds itself bringing in representation from Utah or implementing any Utah policies, you should not only investigate it, but it is likely not good for your state.

There is a very genuine, concerted effort to depopulate the human species by our fellow man. This video and the ease with which she says we need to bring our population down to 2 billion people should send a chill up every single person’s spine. They are not hiding their agenda; they have papers upon papers about their plans and views about humanity. We are seen as parasites, less than, and worse.

If we do not wake up to the “pretty” language used to depopulate us, we will be depopulated. If you hear your politicians mentioning “smart growth” or that your population is growing and you must have high-density or “affordable” housing, that should send off every alarm bell within you.

A true free market will work itself out; it does not require fascism to do it. If your states are rolling out new “zoning,” “mass transit,” “TOD,” “opportunity zones,” and more planning, you should be dissecting those and highlighting what they really mean. The outcome is human zoos.

I do not know about you, but I, for one, refuse to be herded into “urban walkable cities” while the elites enjoy their big ranches and “open spaces.”

“How do good men become part of the regime? They don’t believe in resistance.”

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    Oh my! I thought I was moving to a state that believe in life, Liberty and property. I pray more of God’s people wake up and cry out to God.

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    Wondering if Utah’s new flag “beehive” has any relation to The Utah Data Center (NSA)nicknamed “Bumblehive”.

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