NEW! Government Sponsored Slavery and Depopulation

Join Alex Newman (The New American, Epoch Times, and more) with Sean Jackson (Liberty Sentinel) weekly to Unravel the FALSE Narratives of the mainstream media. This week we expose Bill Gates’ ties to the eugenics movement, discuss the plan behind the unconstitutional lockdowns, and stand up for those who have been silenced. We also debunk the Atlantic Magazine calling anyone who prepares for the coming collapse a “conspiracy theorist”. Join us LIVE uncut every Tuesday at 9:30 pm EST, and join the fastest growing Liberty Movement here or at Your support, prayers, and shares are the only to give you a voice in your own life. We are in this together, but not in the way the media wants you to believe.
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9/19/20– While we continue to follow up on the most important false narratives of the week, we need your help. Two weeks of “lockdowns” have turned into months. Millions of Americans are out of work, and many more are starving worldwide. There are planned violent protests in major cities that are crippling those who have already lost everything. Suicide, murder, and depression are skyrocketing.

Through the Transition Integrity Project, oligarchs have demanded complete control on the flow of information aside from their plans for civil war. They do not want us to have a live show, chat, or community. They do not want liberty-minded individuals to have a place to communicate weekly, or daily. We have been hit with several attacks over the last week, and we could not operate to get the podcast up on time this week. The only way to fight back is to relentlessly share and expand until all of our voices are heard.

We can no longer afford to whisper. While it is amazing to get hundreds of emails, financial support, and praise privately, we need your help to get the word out. There is no one supporting our efforts but you. There are very few people who are going to stay principled, non partisan, and liberty-minded in this battle. We aim to amplify those voices of reason in a time of chaos. Through prayer, exposure, accurate reporting, and ideas, we will succeed if we stick together; however, we need an amplifier.

If you know anyone with a radio station, email us. If you have an email chain, please stick us on it. Join the live chat every single week by clicking here and subscribing. If you want to help by sharing tips, please email Alex or Sean at [email protected]. We need everyone to win a battle for liberty while this is still rhetorical. We do not seek to inflame division. We aim to bring you the most current information that will impact your life with new perspectives weekly, and eventually, daily.

We do need your help. If you are in a position to financially support what we do, we do not take money from large corporations. You can donate at Not only does this fund the radio show, pay speaking fees, and get exciting guests, but it helps us expand with cameras, radio stations, and not have to bow to corporate masters. We have already come so far because of you. We want to push this project over the edge so that we have to hold a place in the conversation no matter what happens in the political realm.

Download and share our work at PodBean for Android and IOS by searching “UTN|The Globalist Report”. You can also find this on ITunes. We are now launching a weekly call in show that will go over important news of the day every Sunday. Help keep that alive by calling in, sending clips, and letting us know what is important to you.

God Bless. Keep faith. We will all get through this together if we stay principled. Alex Newman and Sean Jackson have dedicated the next several months to keeping our Liberty Movement growing and supporting new voices. Do not be afraid or despair. Stay informed and educated. There is no need to fear the unknown if you have a plan for what may be coming down the road. Thankfully, for decades, the social controllers overplayed their hand while speaking openly of their plans. We remain in loyal opposition to any news site that quotes “anonymous sources”, government officials who stomp on the Constitution, population control, and anything that harms the individual. We hope you join us on radio and in the real world.

God Bless.

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