UTN| The Globalist Report w/ Alex Newman- NEW EPISODE!

Alex Newman joins us for our normal live Tuesday as we end Liberty Week. We discuss the technocracy rising and how the same company making microchips to track cattle are looking into “human utilization. We talk about Millie Weaver’s arrest as ShadowGate is online. Sean talks about the impending technological control, and we show you how the walls are closing in. The time is NOW to join in, say something, and actually get your voice heard.  

We still have new episodes, and about 50 old interviews, to upload. Our page and interviews were nearly taken down this week. If you want to download any of the episodes, follow “UTN| The Globalist Report” on ITunes, TuneIn, Podbean, and keep them in a safe place.

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COMING NEXT: WHO Runs the Internet?

Most of our videos have been getting take down notices.

Most of our interviews from years are getting takedown notices, or they just are not reaching anybody. The reason given in the emails is that it is not compliant with the WHO. We were unaware that the WHO controls speech online in a sovereign America. Full story coming soon…

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