#15 Jeffery Toobin’s Degeneracy EXPOSES CNN’s “Experts” and the Fed Tries Another Round of Debt Slavery

In this episode of UTN with Sean Jackson and Alex Newman, we cover Jeffery Toobin masturbating live on an election ZOOM call and how this represents all your “authoritative news”. Liberty Sentinel also covers the upcoming Stimulus Vote, World Economic Forum Reset, and the damage that has been done to the dollar. The Fed tries to inject another few trillion dollars of stimulus to keep the economy on life support, and we try to explain Divide and Conquer. Join the fastest growing Liberty Community at Liberty Sentinel, and get your voice heard live. 



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Jeffrey Toobin embodies the “moral authority” that CNN tries to use to control its audience. Would he still have a job if he was caught on ZOOM praying the Rosary?

Congress is trying to dangle more “free money” in front of our faces. What are the consequences of accumulating so much debt that our children will have to pay back?

What exactly is a Scamdemic? While we are not taking an opinion on whether or not the virus is “as presented”, we try to show how it is being used to erode our liberties.

While the government has repeatedly tried to use a Divide and Conquer strategy against us, we ask for unity during this “event” until everyone has their freedoms back.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the human experiments that have happened in the past, and will happen in the future, so we know how to avoid them.


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