War on Parents: A Fight to the Finish

By Chris Wright, 06/29/22

For the rest of the week, I return to the War on Parents which is in full swing.  Make no mistake – the radical Left is coming for your children. 

The news this month is startling.  We begin with reports of teachers or others working around children being arrested for child sex abuse or possession of child pornography.  I submit to you it is no accident these people, who have inserted themselves into positions of trust, have personal sexual agendas as well as public sexual agendas that involve your children. 

A high school teacher in Hawaii was arrested on charges of child pornography, including a video of himself having sex with a 13-year-old boy.  He ranted on Twitter about those awful right-wingers accusing teachers of promoting pornography in schools.  Pretty warped, huh?  A Disney actor got two years in prison for attempting to have sex with a minor.  A Disney bus driver was arrested in a child predator sting in Florida.  A high school teacher in New York was charged for groping and sexting students.  That’s a lot for one month, don’t you think?  In all, 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested for child sex-related crimes so far this year.  The weird thing is some Democrats think all this is perfectly fine and resist efforts to prevent child sex abuse from happening.  

Just as dangerous as the sexual agendas below the belt are the ones above the neck.  All of a sudden, the drag queens are out of the closet and in your face, shoved there by Leftist politicians pushing the sexual revolution to destroy society so they can take total power.  Openly lesbian Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said “drag queens make everything better” and there should be one in every school.  New York City Mayor Eric Adams endorsed drag queen story hour for kids in libraries and schools.  He said they express the “core” of what New York City stands for.  That they will do, if the Left wins the War on Parents.  The Satanic Temple, which is getting into after-school programs, promotes ‘drag dance parties’ with ‘unbaptisms’ – the better to undo society with.  Such an event in Idaho was co-sponsored by the public library, the police, the ACLU, a gun control group, and an ecumenical church.  That’s what they call ‘intersectionality’ on the Left – a united front of various issue groups and Leftist-controlled or -influenced institutions joining forces to attack the prevailing order.  In Dallas, parents took their children to a gay bar to see a drag show where the children were invited on-stage to participate.  I love a good drag show, but I’m an adult.  What were these parents thinking? 

In any event, you are watching the Gay Gestapo and its friends and allies in action.  I should note there are plenty of gay people who are politically conservative and appalled by the subject being hijacked by the political Left for its own revolutionary purposes.  A drag queen who belongs to the #WalkAway movement warned parents to keep their kids away from drag shows because the early sexualization of children is not a good thing.

The Gay Gestapo is on the march in schools, as well.  The offensive it is waging is wide and deep.  A teacher in North Carolina was caught pushing the LGBT agenda on preschoolers through flash cards.  Lessons on transgender ideology are becoming more widespread and are now required in seven states.  Sex education in a school district in New York has gone X-rated with the use of such graphic terms as ‘face-f***ing’.  A middle school librarian in Virginia justified having a book promoting prostitution in the collection because, in her view, lots of 11- to 13-year-old students do sex work and the school needs to affirm their lifestyle.  Huh?  The National Science Teachers Association is training teachers how to ‘queer their classrooms’ and “affirm and represent queer indentities.”  Philadelphia schools encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on kinky stuff, sado-masochism, and “banging beyond binaries”.   Finally, there are fresh reports of more school districts hiding student gender transitions from parents and training teachers how to deceive parents who ask questions about their own children. 

The War on Parents is nationwide and fierce.  It is being waged by individual teachers and at the institutional level.  I’ve commented previously on why all this is happening.  Sexualizing children is a communist technique consciously being employed in America today to destroy society and usher in a socialist revolution to put a tiny Leftist elite in control of everything.  This may sound strange to people hearing it for the first time, but people who’ve heard my previous commentaries know I’ve got the goods.  If anyone from the intersectional Left cares to challenge me, I will demolish you with the facts, your own history, and your own words.  Bring it on.  Show parents everywhere you have good reasons for shoving your sexual agendas and your body parts down kids’ throats. 

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