Who’s to Blame for Reign of Terror by Trans “Wax My Balls” Bully?

The Rise and fall of Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv

How did we get here?

The easiest answer would be, Yaniv is clearly an unstable shock-artist using his transgender status to milk his 15 minutes of fame for money. But are there more people to blame for this behavior? Yes.

Jonathan Yaniv obviously made the decision to violently assault a Rebel reporter outside a courtroom in Surrey, British Columbia. The self-styled “transgender” was in court for a weapons charge that he faced in early January. The incidents may well end his reign of terror. But a deeper explanation is needed.

Yaniv has regularly made headlines for vicious attacks on Canadian Christians, women, children, and critics using Canada’s “Human Rights Tribunals.” He has taken underage Christian girls to civil court for not waxing his scrotum, making them pay grotesque defense fees and putting some of them out of business. He has been publicly exposed attempting to pick up underage girls. His new Clown Court/Human Rights Tribunal case is against Bill Whatcott, the Canadian Christian activist covered by The Liberty Sentinel last week, for mentioning his name ONE time.

It would be easy to solely blame Yaniv for the frivolous lawsuits, assaults on children, and erratic behavior, but what is fueling this?

Silence is acceptance, so while most people were trying to stay neutral, here is what has happened. In 2018, the World Health Organization decided to remove “transgender” from being a mental disorder under their new guidelines. The following year, it was gone. This seems like a win to those who identify as transgender, but it actually denies them ongoing research and treatment because “it is normal” if you feel like a female born in a male body, so there is no reason to investigate causes or treatments.

Two years prior, in 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education issued a joint statement, forcing educators to refer to children as their “gender identity” and not their biological sex under Title XI. This happened in Canada using Bill C-16, under the Human Rights Act, at the same time. This paved the way for a new cottage industry of lawyers to handle civil “discrimination” cases and one-sided, unconstitutional courts to enforce this new ideology.

It also opened the door to a brand new, unchecked, surgical industry that would literally castrate children as young as 12. Countless “woke” parents rushed to have their child become “transgender” because there was an incentive now, both socially and financially. If you spoke up and asked questions about child abuse during this time, you were labeled an out of touch bigot, even if you were a doctor or mental health professional. You might lose your job, friends, or even face legal harassment because of this social experiment reinforced by your government.

When this hysteria was legally incentivized, there were twice as many people identifying as transgender over the course of just 12 months in 2016. This did not end the propaganda, it lead to more. “Desmond is Amazing”, an 11 year old, was featured as a role model on Good Morning America in 2019 for his courage to strip for grown men in bars. Large tech companies also got with the programming. They were forced to call employees “expansive ornate buildings”, and they issued apologies to anyone who used the world “family” in a meeting. This year, transgenderism had a democratic town hall for the first time in American politics, even though it is still less than 1 percent of the population. 2020 will be the first year trans and drag go mainstream during the Super Bowl. It is already being praised in the mainstream media. With all of this propaganda, despite the backlash, what is actually going on here?

For those actually suffering from a disorder, the transgender activists have now made it impossible for scientists to get funding, since anyone who speaks on the topic is openly harassed, sued, or fired. Leading researchers on Transgenderism, John Hopkins University, had one of their lead doctors, Paul McHugh, come out last year that warned anyone feeling transgender against getting surgery. He compared gender reassignment surgery to a “frontal lobotomy and said it would be regrettable. A professor at Brown University, Lisa Littman, examined the social contagion of propaganda on children who identified as trans and came to the conclusion, there are “cluster outbreaks”, meaning that children mimic what they see. The University had to issue an “affirming statement” that it loved its transgender community just so she could do her job. This seems to be self evident, but if you need a study, there are plenty. Parents know that their children mimic what they see socially instinctively.

Parents also know their child will say or do whatever to gain an edge. Adults do it daily in business and life. This is known as “game theory”. In a highly competitive environment where jobs are moving to other countries and student debt is piling up faster than earnings, some people will gain any edge they can from their government, even if that means castration. There have been grown men who “identify as children”, so they can collect child pornography, and they have sought more lenient sentences from courts that fear backlash for not “affirming” the grown man as a child. “The child victims be damned,” according to this new social order.

While all of this goes on, medical professionals, executives, and citizens put their head down and hope this will be over soon. It won’t. You cannot fix a problem you have decided does not exist. Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv is making headlines for his stunts and downfall, but there are thousands more just like him. In fact, they may be worse. Jonathan Yaniv is a self-aggrandizing shock artist who regularly takes Christians to court in an attempt to ruin their lives. He has sexually attempted to pick up children. He will not drop his frivolous lawsuits against anyone who speaks his name like Christian warrior Bill Whatcott.

However, there is an industry and machine that is just waiting on the next Jessica Yaniv to keep the cycle of abuse going. There will continue to be child victims and damage done to society unless we all can admit reality. Something weird is going on here, big money is involved, and we need to stop ignoring it. All the biology, social science, and anatomy will never derail this movement because it is not an accident. It is a weapon against the population, and there are more victims every day, including small children. The sooner we can admit that, the sooner we can put an end to this abuse of power. Stay vigilant in the face of tyrants, our future depends on it.

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1 thought on “Who’s to Blame for Reign of Terror by Trans “Wax My Balls” Bully?”

  1. Great article! We need more insight like this instead of the facile black-and-white, us-versus-them approach of the mainstream media. You’re quite right that people who believe themselves to be transgendered are suffering and need help. Instead, they’re being given a one-way ticket down the highway to hell. And the worst part is, as you suggest, is that this is all part of a larger agenda to control us. As Voltaire said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” And so it is that those who believe in the LGBTQ agenda will soon be lining up to bomb Iran and launch WWIII. God help us.

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