Who is Robert Malley, Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran?

Robert Malley and Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated the terrible Iranian Deal that violated the Constitution because it was a treaty and did not have the 2/3 approval in the Senate. Instead, it had the approval of the United Nations.

On June 29, 2023, Special Envoy to Iran Robert Malley was placed on unpaid leave by the Department of State and his security clearance was revoked. The FBI began a criminal investigation into possible mishandling of classified material and other crimes.

A report from CNN from June 30, 2023, stated that Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was furious at the State Department’s failure of informing Congress that Malley was being investigated by the FBI. Instead, the Department of State said that Malley was unable to testify because he was on personal leave due to the illness of a close family member. This was a lie and a cover up.

On July 7, 2023, Yahoo News reported that the Bureau of Diplomatic Security passed on to the FBI the investigation into Malley, according to the senior US official briefed on the matter. The Yahoo article further indicated that the FBI’s involvement could suggest alleged criminal foul play.

On July 13, 2023, Politico wrote that several members of Congress requested an investigation into the State Department’s handling of Malley, in particular the failure or refusal of the Department to notify Congress of the decision to suspend Malley’s security clearance on time. On July 15, Malley’s page at the State Department was not to be found.

On July 29, Douglas Schoen and Saul Mangel wrote in the Orange County Register that “…a very serious issue, involving national security, and a potential betrayal of the interests of the United States is brewing, with the questions surrounding Robert Malley.”

On October 12, 2023, Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Council Action, wrote an article titled “Breaking: Iranian Spies in the White House” on his website.

Staver explained the following: “A hack of Iranian government computers revealed a bombshell. A treasure trove of emails exposed an active Iranian spy ring in Washington, D.C., infiltrating the highest levels of our military and government! It appears that the core of this spy ring is none other than Robert Malley. He was the hub of a network of six to 10 spies in the Pentagon and the White House that had been active for at least nine years!”

“Malley also had a hand in placing each of the suspected Iranian spies in many of their current roles. Some repeatedly visited the White House. These people reportedly played a key role in the White House circumventing Congress to unfreeze 6 billion dollars to Iran for the recent prisoner swap. Some experts say that the 6 billion dollars emboldened Iran to coordinate the Hamas terror attack on Israel. The 6 billion dollars to Iran, the discovery of the Iranian spy ring, and the despicable slaughter of innocent people in Israel are not isolated events. Yesterday, members of Congress called for an investigation into this Iranian spy ring.”

Staver stated that Robert Malley’s parents were socialists. As a student in universities, Malley wrote extensively on the conflict between Palestinians and Israeli Jews. He repeatedly advocated for Israel to come into an agreement with the two terrorist groups: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Malley served in the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Joe Biden.

Staver wrote that Malley colluded to put “Iran’s interest above the interest of America.” While working in the Obama administration, he had a hand in negotiating the horrible “Iran Deal,” which was a deal only for Iran, not for America!

Robert Malley went, along with his brother and sister, to the elite École Jeannine Manuel, a bilingual school in Paris with his future boss Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Malley was part of a discussion panel with Iranian activists on last year’s protests in Iran. Malley is known as “Mullah Malley” to many in the Iranian opposition for his appeasement of Iran.

On October 14, 2023, Isabel Vincent wrote an article titled “Ex-Iran Envoy was critical of Israel, has family ties to the PLO” that was published by the New York Post. The reporter said that the former Iran special envoy, who is mysteriously on leave for mishandling classified information, “grew up with Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat as his unofficial godfather and once wrote that the Israeli treatment of Arabs was shameful.”

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability is investigating Malley and all the members of his Iran negotiating team for allegedly “compromising ties to the Iranian regime.” Malley tried to normalize relations with Hamas, the Iran-backed terrorist group which has killed over 1,200 babies, children, elderly, women, and men in Israel, including 29 Americans as well as kidnapping hundreds of Israelis, Americans, and from other nations. Hamas has threatened to kill them if Israel invades Gaza.

Malley, who served as the Biden administration’s special envoy for Iran since January 2021, is now a professor at the Yale Jackson School of International Affairs at Yale University. Prior to that, he served as president and CEO of the George Soros-backed International Crisis Group, a non-profit that works to prevent wars, according to its website.

Isabel Vincent pointed out that “In his capacity as a Middle Eastern analyst, he has regularly spoken with Hamas, and tried to normalize the US’ relationship with Iran — a situation that has earned him the moniker “Mullah Malley” among his many detractors in the Iranian opposition. Malley is no stranger to controversy and has followed in the footsteps of his father — an Egyptian-born Jew and Arab nationalist journalist who dedicated his life to anti-Israel causes and the developing world.”

The Iran Nuclear Deal was a terrible mistake for our national security

President Obama spoke during a press conference in the East Room of the White House in response to the Iran nuclear deal on July 15, 2015.

David Jackson wrote an article entitled “Obama: The choice is the Iran nuclear deal or war” which was published in USA Today on July 16, 2015. Jackson explained that President Obama aggressively defended the Iran nuclear agreement against its critics on July 15, 2015, saying at the White House that it would prevent Tehran from making nuclear weapons and claiming that the alternative is military force. He has stated the following: “Either the issue of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is resolved diplomatically, through a negotiation, or it’s resolved through force, through war. Those are the options.”

Jackson pointed out that the nuclear deal with Iran has many critics in the United States and around the world. These critics have stated that Iran could cheat and violated the agreement signed on July 4, 2015, and acquire nuclear weapons.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal a historic mistake, saying that sanctions relief will provide Iran with a “jackpot” in billions of dollars it can use “to pursue its aggression and terror in the region and in the world.” Netanyahu, on a media blitz of his own, told NBC News that the deal also threatens the United States by giving “the number one terrorist regime in the world” a chance to pursue nuclear weapons through subterfuge.

Jackson indicated that under the nuclear agreement with Iran, the United States, and allies will reduce sanctions on Iran as it cuts back on activities that could be used to make nuclear weapons.  The basic test according to Senator McConnell is: “Can the agreement meet its essential test of leaving our country and our allies safer?” The Republicans, even though they had a majority in Congress, were led by RINO McConnell and approved this unconstitutional treaty!

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican from Florida, wanted an amendment to the nuclear agreement stating that Iran had to recognize the right of Israel as a nation before the agreement could be approved. Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mike Connell did not allow the amendment to come for a vote. Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, protested the action by the Republican Senate Majority Leader and said on the Senate floor that he was behaving like the previous Democratic Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid from Nevada.

Lastly, David Jackson pointed out that President Obama stated that the agreement does not depend on Iran’s changing its behavior, but instead is designed to solve one problem, which is: “Making sure they don’t have a bomb.” However, many critics of the nuclear accord said that the agreement will have the opposite effect. Senator Bob Corker, Republican from Tennessee, and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on the same program that he is approaching the agreement as “a skeptic.”

Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, concluded a negotiation over nuclear weapons.

Malley was the lead U.S. negotiator on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action as the official name of the Iranian Deal that was signed on July 14, 2015. In describing the negotiating challenges, Malley later wrote in The Atlantic, “The real choice in 2015 was between achieving a deal that constrained the size of Iran’s nuclear program for many years and ensured intrusive inspections forever, or not getting one, meaning no restrictions at all coupled with much less verification.”

Robert Malley and Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and other Iranians.

Why Israel believed that the nuclear accord with Iran was very dangerous

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that “This deal does not block Iran’s path to the bomb — it paves it.”  Chaim Shacham, Consul General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico, wrote an article titled “The tale of the scorpion and the frog” which was published in the Miami Herald on July 21, 2015.

He stated the following: “The Iranian regime is the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world, is on a march of conquest in the Middle East, officially denies the Holocaust, flagrantly violates the human rights of its own citizens, is directly involved in the murder of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians, and vows to annihilate the one and only Jewish state. When Iran tries to build nuclear weapons, it must be stopped. From Israel’s perspective, the negotiations between the world powers and Iran, meant to prevent a Tehran from gaining nuclear weapons have not achieved their vital objective. Quite the opposite, they appear to have paved the path to Iranian nuclear proliferation.”

Robert Malley was hired by the administration of Joe Biden

Mat Staver, Chairman of Liberty Council Action, explained in his article that once Joe Biden took office, Malley was back in power again as Biden’s Special Envoy to Iran. He pointed out that one of the spies that worked with Malley was Ali Vaez. Staver said that Vaez wrote directly to the Iranian foreign minister stating, “As an Iranian, based on my national and patriotic duty, … I have not hesitated to help you in any way; from proposing to Your Excellency a public campaign against the notion of [nuclear] breakout, to assisting your team in preparing reports on practical needs of Iran.”

Vaez was denied security clearance. However, he visited the White House no less than five times as the Biden administration was secretly negotiating with Iran. President Biden never told Congress about those secret negotiations until he announced his outrageous  6 billion gift to Iran on 9/11 no less!

Staver pointed out that the White House logs indicated that Vaez met with White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Brett McGurk, who serves as Biden’s coordinator for the Middle East and Africa. Both men played “critical roles” in Biden’s recent $ 6 billion giveaway, according to reports.

The Iranian spy ring was called the Iran Experts Initiative (IEI). It was run by Islamic Republican Guard Corps (IRGC) officer Mostafa Zahrani. The State Department has officially designated the IRGC a “Terror Organization.” The leaked emails show that Vaez took orders directly from Zahrani, including even editorial control over articles Vaez wrote! All of this has come to light, yet next to nothing has been done about it.

Ariane Tabatabai

Staver had previously indicated that Robert Malley helped another spy, Ariane Tabatabai. He helped Tabatabai first to take a job at the Department of State and later at the Department of Defense. Currently, Tabatabai is the Chief of Staff of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations Christopher Maier.

Staver said that Tabatabai has had access to some of our nation’s best secrets, especially on Israel. Robert Malley appears to be connected to 6 to 10 other spies in high-ranking positions in our Pentagon. In addition, he was working for Iran’s benefit under three separate Democrat presidents. He has been manipulating U.S. dealings with Iran dating back to 1994.

Khaled Mashal, the former head of Hamas, now based in Qatar called for rage and violence on a world-wide Jihad against Israel and Jews and anyone who supports them. “This is the time for jihad to be applied on the ground rather than just in theory,” he said. And he specifically names America as a target. Mashal called for donations to Hamas, but then added, “Funds are important but today we are asking for your blood and souls.”

Why would three Democratic administrations hire Robert Malley to such important positions?

Malley was born in 1963 to Barbara (née Silverstein) Malley, a New Yorker who worked for the United Nations delegation of the radical Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN). His father, Simon Malley (1923–2006), was a radical Syrian-Egyptian Jewish journalist who grew up in Egypt. He wrote about international affairs, particularly about nationalist, anti-imperial movements in Africa, and helped to put the radical FLN on the world map.

The family moved to France where Simon Malley founded the Marxist magazine Africasia (later known as Afrique Asia). He was deported by French President by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing due to his hostility towards French policies in Africa.

It is hard to understand after Barack Obama fired his campaign advisor Malley on May 9, 2008, as a result of his close contact with the terrorist organization Hamas, why he later appointed him later to such important positions in his administration. Obama and Malley went to Harvard Law School at the same time and graduated as lawyers. There are two reasons why they liked each other. First, both are globalists of the New World Order. Malley became a Fellow at the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, where he published The Call From Algeria: Third Worldism, Revolution, and the Turn to Islam. Second, both wanted to help Iran.

The Biden regime is funding Palestinian groups in violation of U.S. laws

On October 12, 2023, Luca Cacciatore wrote an article titled “Judge Grants Review of Biden Administration’s Palestinian Funding” that was published by Newsmax.com. It was very shameful how the Obama-Biden regime has always given funds to Islamic terrorists in violation of U.S. laws. 

Cacciatore said that Judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk of the United States District Court in Northern Texas granted a review into the Biden administration’s decision to give hundreds of millions to Palestinian groups – potentially violating anti-terrorism laws. Congressman Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, and the America First Legal Foundation (AFL) had filed a lawsuit demanding the Biden regime to hand over documents surrounding the risk of Economic Support Funds being used to fund terrorist operations in Gaza and the West Bank rather than for humanitarian purposes. Jackson and AFL first filed a lawsuit last year after President Joe Biden announced he would start funding the Palestinian National Authority again, a reversal from former President Donald Trump’s administrative policy. President Donald J. Trump had stopped payments in compliance with the Taylor Force Act of 2018, which prevents U.S. funds from going to Palestine if it continued to support imprisoned terrorists and their families.

Cacciatore explained that the lawsuit targets around $500 million dollars Biden approved following his ascendancy to the presidency, roughly half of the United States’ aid to Palestine. Another $700 million goes to a United Nations agency in the region that Trump also pulled out of, but Biden has restored. It is not the focus of the lawsuit. The judge decision also comes several months after the Washington Free Beacon reported that the Biden administration approved funding to Palestine despite internal assessments it could empower Hamas.

The European Union had given millions to the Palestinian Authority and to the U.N. in Gaza. Its Marxist Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrel (who loves the Cuban regime) said they will not stop funding the Palestinians at a recent meeting in Oman with Arab countries.

Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11 shows how this president has always supported Iran and al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood

On June 7, 2015, Daniel Greenfield wrote an article titled “Directive 11: Obama’s Secret Islamist plan” which was published in Frontpage Magazine. Greenfield explained that behind the Libyan Civil War; the unrest in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and across the region; the rise of the Islamic State or ISIS; and the Middle East’s civil wars is Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11. Greenfield said that Directive 11 was used to guide American policy in the Middle East without being officially submitted. The Directive 11 group was explained as “just finishing its work” when the Arab Spring began.

There were riots and civil wars in the Middle East due to the foreign policy that was implemented by Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Greenfield stated the following: “Directive 11 brought together activists and operatives at multiple agencies to come up with a tailored approach for regime change in each country. The goal was to manage the political transitions. It tossed aside American national security interests by insisting that Islamist regimes would be equally committed to fighting terrorism and cooperating with Israel. Its greatest gymnastic feat may have been argued that the best way to achieve political stability in the region was through regime change. What little we know about the resulting classified 18-page report is that it used euphemisms to call for aiding Islamist takeovers in parts of the Middle East. Four countries were targeted. Of those four, we only know for certain that Egypt and Yemen were on the list. But we do know for certain the outcome.”

It is now known that the Obama administration overthrew President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, a faithful ally for decades, to place in power the Muslim Brotherhood, which collaborated with al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Iran, before being undone by a counterrevolution. Yemen is currently controlled by Iran’s Houthi terrorists and al-Qaeda.

Greenfield explained the following: “Obama had never been interested in human rights; his record of pandering to the world’s worst genocide plotters and perpetrators from Iran to Turkey to Sudan made that clear. When he said human rights, Obama really meant Islamist power. That was why Obama refused to intervene when the Muslim Brotherhood conducted real genocide in Sudan but did interfere in Libya on behalf of the Brotherhood using a phony claim of genocide.”

“Positioning Samantha Power (later she became the American ambassador at the United Nations) in the Office of Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights at the National Security Council (NSC) was part of the process that made over the NSC from national security to servicing a progressive wish list of Islamist terrorist groups that were to be transformed into national governments. Power, along with Gayle Smith and Dennis Ross, led the Directive 11 project.”

“Secret proceedings were used to spawn regime change infrastructure. Some of these tools had official names, such as The Office of The Special Coordinator for Middle East Transitions which currently reports directly to former Ambassador Anne Patterson (in Egypt) who told Coptic Christians not to protest Morsi. After being driven out of the country by angry mobs over her support for the Muslim Brotherhood tyranny, she was promoted to Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

“The Office is still focused on outreach to emergent political, economic, and social forces in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya even though counterrevolutions have pushed out Islamists in Egypt and Tunisia, while Libya is in the middle of a bloody civil war in which an alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda controls the nation’s capital.”

Mohamed Morsi was elected president of Egypt in 2012.

Mohamed Morsi served as president of Egypt from June 30, 2012, to July 3, 2013. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi removed Morsi from office in the 2013 Egyptian coup d’état after the June 2013 Egyptian protests.

Greenfield said that Gayle Smith, one of the three leaders of Directive 11, contacted the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a Muslim Brotherhood group that supported terrorism against American soldiers in Iraq, to assist the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt Morsi to stay in power. Presidential Study Directive 11 said Greenfield ended up giving us the Islamic State through its Arab Spring. The document claimed that regional stability could only be achieved through Islamist radical regime change which brought chaos in the Middle East. The Islamic State was born in the environment of violent civil wars created by Obama’s Directive 11.

On June 3, 2015, Bill Gertz wrote an article titled “Obama Secretly Backing Muslim Brotherhood” which was published in the Washington Times. Gertz said that President Obama and members of his administration supported the Muslim Brotherhood. The policy of backing the terror organization of the Muslim Brotherhood was outlined in a secret directive called Presidential Study Directive 11.

The directive, Gertz pointed out, was produced in 2011 and explained the support of the Obama administration for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa, according to officials familiar with the classified study. Efforts to force the administration to release the directive or portions of it under the Freedom of Information Act have been unsuccessful. Gertz said that White House National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan declined to comment on the Presidential Study Directive 11. “We have nothing for you on this,” she said.

The directive executed by Obama explains why his administration chose the Muslim Brotherhood as “a key vehicle of U.S. backing for so-called political reform in the Middle East.” The Muslim Brotherhood was labeled a terrorist organization by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The UAE government also has labeled two U.S. affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and the Muslim American Society, as terrorist support groups.

Hillary Clinton Praised the Muslim Brotherhood

On October 14, 2016, Joseph Schmitz wrote an article titled Hillary Clinton Praised the Muslim Brotherhood” which was published by Newsmax. Schmitz said that Hillary Clinton’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood led President el-Sisi of Egypt to endorse Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton after meeting separately with them in September 2016 in New York. “For years, Hillary Clinton has been in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt and other predominantly Muslim countries recently declared an international terrorist organization,” explained Schmitz.

The Muslim Brotherhood logo.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s motto since its founding in 1928 has been, “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our Leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the path of Allah is our highest hope.” Schmitz wrote than in September 2010, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide declared jihad against the United States and Israel, six months before the so-called “Arab Spring.”

Schmitz pointed out that veteran national security reporter Bill Gertz broke a news story about Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood “describing newly released talking points for Hillary Clinton’s meeting in July 2012, two months before the deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, with the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi.”

According to another recently released State Department document, even after the September 11, 2012, Benghazi terrorist attack that killed U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stephens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, Hillary Clinton’s deputy secretary of state wrote a letter to the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt. The letter concluding by stating, “As I said when we met, the United States also remains committed to helping Egypt address regional issues, including Syria and Iran.”

Joseph Schmitz stated the following: “Perhaps the biggest bombshell in Bill Gertz’ new Hillary Clinton-Muslim Brotherhood exposé is this: The CIA also covertly backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, according to Egyptian news outlets. In December 2013, the news website Al Bashayer published audio recordings of a CIA delegation that met with Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Khairat al-Shatir and Brotherhood official Isam al Haddad at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on Jan. 8, 2013… The CIA asked the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to open a back channel to al-Qaida ‘to secure the safe exit of U.S. troops’ from Afghanistan.” This same Arab Spring led to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic disasters in Egypt, Libya, and Syria — while she carried out President Obama’s Presidential Study Directive 11.”

Presidential Study Directive 11 codified the Obama administration alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood into American foreign policy. Its support for radical Islamist takeovers in many Middle East nations and in Libya paved the way for civil wars culminating in the violence that gave birth to ISIS and covered the region in blood.

Presidential Study Directive 11, which was executed by President Barack Obama, remains classified to this day. President Trump should have declassified this vile document to let Americans and others in the world know that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and many others in the Obama administration engaged in high treason and dereliction of duty.

The Justice Department needed to bring indictments to the former president and all the members of his administration, who were responsible for the deaths, injuries, and tortures of tens of thousands in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the millions who had to flee their nations. Let us pray that a future Republican president would declassify this treasonous document.


The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability needs to fully investigate Malley and all the members of his Iran negotiating team for allegedly “compromising ties to the Iranian regime” and recommend indictments for treason. Shockingly, it now appears that Iranian spies have even infiltrated our highest levels of government due to the negligence, treason, and dereliction of duty of three Democratic administrations. The policies of appeasement of Iran and the terrorist Islamic groups by the Democrats must end immediately.

The Biden regime needs to admit that Iran gave the green light to this savage attack on Israel and Americans living in that nation and impose hard economic sanctions on the Iran terrorist regime. If Hezbollah attacks Israel from Lebanon and from Syria, the United States needs to give massive support to Israel.

Our national security has been seriously damaged by the Obama-Biden Marxist regime by allowing more than seven million illegal immigrants to penetrate America through our southern border. Tens of thousands were not captured.

Many Hezbollah terrorists trained to speak Spanish by the communist regime of Nicolas Maduro have invaded America pretending to be Venezuelans with fake passports. Other illegals on the terrorist lists have been arrested as well as gang members bringing lethal drugs like fentanyl. Additionally, many young Chinese have entered with possible connection to the People’s Liberation Army.

Americans need to vote for Republicans at all levels. Republicans need to win the White House, the Senate, and keep control of the House of Representatives in November 2024 or we will lose our Republic! May God help America and keep her safe from so many domestic and foreign enemies.

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