Will Americans Be Able to Save Themselves?

For the past two years I have been knocking on doors helping liberty-minded candidates get elected to state house seats and other various positions. From the start this has been an exciting and fulfilling adventure. What better job could I have asked for than to use my passions and talents to reach out to people to literally make liberty win at the door? I would start every day with a smile on my face knowing what I am a part of. In all honesty though, my experience has at times been somewhat discouraging. After knocking tens of thousands of doors and talking to literally thousands of individuals, it was disheartening to see how uneducated and out of touch with reality most Americans actually are. (Keep in mind that the vast majority of people I talked to were registered Republican voters.)

There were those that were so far removed from the reality of the world that we live in and the problems going on, that they obviously don’t care and don’t see any urgency of a need to be informed or involved.“Hi my name is Brandon and the purpose for my visit is that my friend is running for office.” Voter says in a calm voice, “I don’t care, and you woke me up from my nap!” The tone of voice he used wasn’t angry or disrespectful, he was just truthfully stating how he felt! He really didn’t care! There were those that thought that they were too good to talk to me or would look down their noses at me, thinking that whatever I had to say and whatever problems we were facing are beneath them. Voter says. “We really don’t have time for that right now.” I say, “Mam I was actually hoping to talk with your husband. Do you think you could pass this literature along to him for me?” “No, thank you.” Closes the door. There was even the occasional person wearing Trump 2020 gear, that didn’t plan to vote in the Republican primary because apparently they didn’t even realize the importance of primary voting!

Thankfully all the people I talked to didn’t have the “I’m too good for that” attitude. People in other neighborhoods were nicer, but the responses still made me worry! I was asked countless times if my candidate stands with Trump. Some people wouldn’t support a candidate for state house, a position that has nothing to do at all with the office of President of the United States, if my candidate did not share either their love, or hatred for President Trump. I even encountered the occasional person that said that they switched over to being a Democrat “because of Trump.” There was no concern about the things going on in their state and in their district. All they cared about was that my candidate shared either their blind loyalty or disdain for the President of the United States. Still others complained about the President’s stance on things like education, health care, or student loans, while at the same time seeming to not be worried at all that the federal government, nonetheless just one person, is powerful enough that they have so much control over those things. These are the reasons why they didn’t want to vote for a Republican candidate for a local state house race! My list of experiences like these could go on, and on, and on!

To their credit, the pro life individuals I interacted with were more in tune, considering their most important issue is protecting the first God-given right that we have and can be legislated at the local level. As important as protecting life is though, it appeared that it was hard for them to see further than just that one extremely important issue! It was alarming that nothing else came to mind. There was no concern over the national, state, and local debt. No awareness that because of how our unconstitutional Federal Reserve system operates, all money in circulation and in our wallets is debt that needs to be paid back! Apparently no one realized that the dollar isn’t worth nearly what it used to be! No worries about our Constitution being ignored and our national sovereignty being destroyed. No worries about the rise of cultural and sexual Marxism in our school system. No one was worried about the Orwellian surveillance of the deep state on everyone’s daily lives and interactions!

It appears that if people even realize that there is a problem in America, they think it is simply one party or the other, or one president or the next. They think that economic recessions just automatically happen and no matter what government policies are in place, all it takes is for enough time to go by and things will just get better. Are we at a point in America where we don’t even realize that we are essentially slaves to the big banking cartel and well on our way to despotism and serfdom? The lack of involvement and interest in political discussion shows that our society isn’t aware of the severity of the problems that we face in America, nonetheless that those problems even exist in the first place.

How can we fix a problem if the vast majority of Americans aren’t even aware that a problem exists in the first place? And of the people that realize that a problem does exist, does anyone even know specifically what that problem is? Of the people that can identify what the problem is, do they have not only the knowledge but also the desire to fix it? Of those that have the knowledge and desire to fix it, can they actually do what is needed to implement the solutions and get the job done?

This shows that our educational systems have failed us, and our major media outlets continue to fail us on a daily basis. The time to act is now. Everyone directly or indirectly influences about one hundred other individuals. It doesn’t take a majority to properly address the problems we face, it only takes a dedicated and tireless minority to do it. The only way we are going to be able to address the problems that we face in America is if liberty loving individuals take these problems seriously and make it a priority to reach out and influence others. If they don’t, the current trend will continue. If the current trend continues, Americans will not be able to save themselves!

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