Woke Pentagon Provokes Organized Resistance

A group of retired and active duty military personnel along with concerned citizens has been actively opposing the Woke Pentagon since November.  I will describe their activities to you, but first let’s get caught up on what the WokeMeisters running our military into the ground have been up to lately.

The Pentagon issued new guidelines cracking down on social media posts it deems ‘extremist’.  Simply ‘liking’ post or attending a meeting the Pentagon doesn’t like can get a soldier in trouble.  The guidelines don’t really define what is considered ‘extreme’ and what is not.  Groups and symbols the Pentagon brass will find unacceptable are not listed.  Critics worry the loose definition will let the Pentagon target Christians and conservatives while giving black nationalists and other leftist radicals a pass.

That’s not all.  The Pentagon ordered its contractor to stop making faith-based dog tags.  The Air Force now encourages personnel to sign documents with their preferred pronouns.  It’s also asking personnel to vote on which new “diversity, equity, and inclusion” logo they want.  A Pentagon spokesperson said climate change is as big a threat to the U.S. as communist China which has actually declared ‘people’s war’ on us.

You might ask what all this has to do with war-fighting.  Beats me.  All this sound and fury is bizarre when you consider the number of supposed extremist incidents in the military is miniscule – “fewer than 100” over the past year – despite all the effort devoted to finding them.  The Pentagon’s priorities are completely in the wrong place.  It’s no surprise the public’s trust in the military is dropping like a rock under Joe Biden’s Woke appointees.

All of this prompted the group I mentioned at the outset – now known as STARRS to organize to oppose the implementation of Marxist critical race theory (CRT) and other aspects of the Woke agenda in the military.  Members of the group have published a book, written articles, and given over 50 media interviews.  And they’ve gotten somewhere already, persuading the Air Force Academy to replace a film extolling the virtues of the trained Marxist group Black Lives Matter with something less objectionable.  STARRS is looking for more members and donors to press on with its mission of unifying service personnel around love of country.  If you’d like to get involved, go to S-T-A-R-R-S-dot-COM.

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