YouTube REMOVES “Conspiracy Theories” About Vaccines, COVID, and More

12/12/2020– YouTube has taken sweeping action in the last several weeks leaving our readers, and the world, wondering what happened to important videos they wanted to watch or share.

The simple answer is that they have been banned, and more censorship of dissent is coming quickly.

“Unraveling the Narrative” with Alex Newman and Sean Jackson have been under attack for several weeks. While Liberty Sentinel is on episode 21 of “The Great Reset” series, other videos have been flagged for “medical disinformation” and removed.

First, it started with “conspiracies” about Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and vaccines. Then, it moved to banning all questions about the election as “disinformation” and a violation of community guidelines.

According to YouTube’s new guidelines, all of these topics of discussion are now banned, and you will have your channel removed:

Vaccine Policy according to YouTube:

Some troubling quotes in their new policy revolve around reporting on the new Pfizer, Moderna, and mRNA vaccines. While we have been hammed with, “trust the science” for 280 days, we are now unable to report on anything to do with vaccines that do not portray them in a positive light. In fact, the military is now taking an interest in the way you think about vaccines. Military psy-ops have been deployed all over the world to “combat anti-vaxx propaganda”.

This is scary because mRNA vaccines has never been given to the general public before. Of course, there is going to be speculation around the safety and efficacy of these medications. There is always concerns when the military is involved, in any capacity, to aid pharmaceutical companies. While mRNA vaccines have been tried for other infections such as influenza, rabies, and Zika in trials, they have not been publicly available, or mandated by law at gunpoint.

Recently, Assembly Bill A11179 was introduce in New York which would forcibly make vaccines a requirement in the state if they did not reach a certain threshold.

What is that threshold before the state of New York intervenes by force?

According to the bill and the sponsor, The New York State Department of Health would later decide. The bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal out of fear that the “anti-vaxx” movement would prevent people from taking a vaccine that has not even been distributed yet.

Despite all of the “threatening” rhetoric from politicians, there is a very important question here. Can a government or corporation, by force, inject you with a new technology for “the public good”, or do they have to persuade you? Every day, someone is being vilified for speaking in opposition to this medical treatment, even on Constitutional grounds.

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