The Angry Prepper, Jason Charles – Get Prepared, NOT Scared and Escape From NYC!

Jason Charles, The Angry Prepper, joins us to help our audience prepare for the future of the Great Reset. As New York is threatening to shut down again, we want our readers and listeners to be ready for what is coming. The Angry Prepper was an EMT during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and works for the FDNY. In his spare time, he helps people get ready for anything that comes their way. While we all notice that America is going through one of the largest wealth transfers in our history, we want your voice to be heard. Join the fastest growing Liberty Movement in America, and join UTN daily now. Bookmark for honest, liberty commentary. Join our livestreams to get your voice heard! We want you to be prepared, not scared. An informed population is a safe population, and we need your help to get the word out. Become a Patreon at or send feedback to [email protected]. Alex Newman of the New American is on TONIGHT, and we have big news for the Liberty Movement in America, and we hope you will join us and get active.
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12/15/2020– We need your help. If you are a recent subscriber to Unraveling the Narrative with Alex Newman and Sean Jackson, you might have noticed that a number of videos have been taken down.

Do not panic. YouTube/Google have changed their policies, and we were temporarily banned under those policies. While we try to bring you the most current, accurate reporting daily, we cannot do it alone.

All of the videos, and interviews, that were removed are now being hosted on our official BitChute channel. You can click the video below to share our interview series and our information on The Great Reset after we record it.

TONIGHT, we will continue our series on The Great Reset with Alex Newman at 9:30 EST for Liberty Sentinel readers.
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