FLASHBACK| Hollywood Tried to “Influence” Electoral College in 2016

12/15/2020According to Joe Biden, it is a “time for healing”. We have been asked to put aside any partisan doubts about the election, or else. If we did not say “President-Elect Joe Biden” by November 6th, 2020, someone in “authority” might call us names like “conspiracy theorist” and “election denier”. In fact, they did. Listen to Chris Cuomo of CNN below.

CNN Uploaded this clip of Chris Cuomo on November 11th.

Ignore the fact that there is no “Office of the President Elect”, and it is unusual for someone to seize power while there are still people questioning the integrity of our American elections. Joe Biden gladly used his media connections to promote the idea that anyone who questioned his victory was an “election denier”.

The same media who said we may not know the election results for months, gladly started insulting half of the population, and they started letting Americans know that anyone who believes that Donald J Trump was the US President, and still might be, may face consequences in their daily lives or jobs if they speak out loud.

FLASHBACK: Here is what “healing” looked like back in 2016.


When President Donald Trump won the 2016 election, there was no pandemic. There was no rule changes. The voting was not being disputed; however, the attacks never stopped. Campaign ads continued to run for Hilary Clinton until the Electoral College cast their votes.

UniteForAmeria.org gathered as many celebrities as they could, created an ad targeting potential electors, and ran the commercials nationwide. The intention seems obvious. The goal was to subvert the will of the American voter and have our Constitutional state electors vote for “anybody but Donald Trump”, so that he would not have enough votes to defeat Hilary Clinton.

The video above went online December 14th, 2016. It continued being played on TV’s everywhere until the very last day of our Constitutional process. While you may not recognize any of the “celebrities”, the point is that democrats understand power. No one criticized them for trying to influence electors through Hollywood and subverting the constitution. The narrative they created was “Trump is Hitler, and we can NEVER let Hitler seize power”, even if America voted for it.

This is typical politics, and it has been a dirty business for a very long time. For some partisans, it is all about wielding power and hiding behind “good intentions”. Do not let people fool you and pretend that the turmoil around the 2020 election is something new or bad. Study the history of Presidential elections in America, and you will find a very different story than what is being presented on your mainstream news right now.

IF YOU CAN NAME ANYONE IN THE VIDEO, PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS. Do Hollywood celebrities, athletes, and mainstream news still have your trust after pretending they didn’t fight 2016 until the bitter end?

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