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12/14/2020 It is obvious. We are going through massive changes as a society right now. People are moving away from big cities, politicians are shutting down businesses, and people are afraid. Now, more than ever, we need voices of reason, and we are happy to present solutions instead of fear.

An informed audience is a safe audience.

When Alex Newman and Sean Jackson started Unraveling the Narrative, we just wanted to bring “The Great Reset” by Davos into mainstream conversations. However, we did not want to just report on all of the negatives of 2020. We want to provide solutions for people who may not know how to get prepared for life-changing events.

Jason Charles, known as The Angry Prepper to most, will be joining Liberty Sentinel tonight to speak about how to survive anything in an urban environment.

Jason Charles was an EMT when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11, and he works for the FDNY. After seeing the carnage of 9/11/2001, and reading about EMPs that could shutdown the power grid, he decided to do even more to help others. He became a survivalist, and he now runs “The Angry Prepper” YouTube page and is the lead organizer for the New York City Preppers Network. He wants you to be prepared for anything that may happen in this “new” world.

Join Liberty Sentinel at 9 PM EST for our exclusive interview with Jason Charles, The Angry Prepper, and help support people that want to provide solutions and logic right now.
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