3 Years Later: Unveiling the Shadow of January 6th

Discover the untold repercussions of January 6th and the battle behind budget negotiations that could reshape our political landscape. The Sentinel Report, hosted by me, Alex Newman, isn’t just another news recap; it’s a clarion call for the vigilant and prepared. We’re peeling back layers of complexity in current affairs, from the orchestrated immigration crisis to the subtle battles within local Florida politics. Get ready to engage with a narrative that goes beyond the headlines, highlighting the importance of a faith-based perspective and personal preparedness.

This episode features an in-depth discussion with licensed J6 investigator Dave Somrall, who brings a fresh perspective on the expanding fallout from the Capitol events. We touch on the escalation of prosecutions and the bold claims of an inside job that continue to stir robust debate. Furthermore, we tackle the contentious issue of media bias and government overreach, drawing parallels with historic civil rights movements. Our conversation is more than an analysis; it’s a rallying cry for unity and truth, offering actionable steps to support J6 prisoners and maintain the integrity of our republic.

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