NEW EPISODE 10- We live in a year where book-burning is happening by the day. Now, they are destroying the Constitution piece by piece. In this episode, we explore how your God-given rights have been eroded over the last year. We explore September 11th, 2001 and how much we do not know about the “Patriot Act”. We also explore the idea that Edward Snowden normalized the NSA spying program, and that was his purpose. Join the fastest growing, most banned, liberty movement out. Get your voice heard, and help us through tips, ideas, and calls weekly with Alex Newman, or daily with Sean Jackson. Follow “UTN| The Globalist Report” links on www.libertysentinel.org with other great reporting. Help us Unravel the Narrative by downloading the episodes, and share them with family, friends, or anyone who believes in America. 


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9-23-2020Constitution Day was September 17th; but what does it mean? What is the Constitution? What is Governments role in the Constitution? These are legitimate questions to ask, and we hope you join us weekly to ask them. Civics has not been a focus in America for decades. In fact, it has been removed completely in many cases. Common core, revolutionary tactics, and revisionist history has been taught to generations of children that now run Government as adults. This is no accident. We call this ideological subversion or cultural Marxism.

In this episode, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson explore the erosion of our Constitutional Rights. We go back to September 11th, 2001 when our right to privacy was removed in our face, and we try to unravel Edward Snowden as a “whistleblower”. Not only is NSA spying well-known right now, it is accepted as a part of life for the general public.

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