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9/22/20- There is a war going on right now. Every day that passes, more Constitutional guarantees are being removed from Americans under the guise of “safety”. The government has been suspending the Constitution to limit your right to assemble, non-violently speak, protect yourself, and be safe in your documents and possessions.

Most Americans do not even know how much they have lost in the last twenty years. Since the Patriot Act, and “war on terror”, it has been a slow process. Until now. While we all knew that the government was using surveillance on American citizens, the most common refrain was, “I’m not doing anything wrong, so I’m not worried about it”. Nevermind the fact that the “Patriot Act” was used to arrest more American citizens for drug crimes than it was against terrorists abroad.

Edward Snowden just made an appearance on Joe Rogan to celebrate his victory in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. He may have popularized the government mass-surveillance program of the NSA, but he was not the first to claim it was happening. We could already see the evidence by the time he went public. He simply confirmed its existence. It also has not stopped since he came forward as a “whistleblower”. In fact, his revelations seem to have normalized the domestic spying program when it was brought to light.

With the acceptance of NSA spying programs in America, the constant attacks on free speech, the erosion of our second amendment rights, and a new political landscape that endorses violence, most Americans do not even know how much they have lost. This year alone, Tulsi Gabbart (D-Hawaii) released a video promising to “inform the public of what really happened on September 11th, 2001” if she became President. This would imply that we do not even know why we gave up our right to privacy in the first place, and the government can indefinitely suspend your Constitutional rights without giving you the honest reason for it.

Tulsi Gabbard Promises to Release 9/11 Documents if President

It is an unfortunate truth that every American needs to recognize. We have lost the right to be secure in our homes, possessions, and documents since the “War on Terror”, and we have not gotten that right back in 19 years. This would seem to serve as proof that once we give up our God-given Constitutional rights for protection, we do not get them back.

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God Bless.
Join us in DEMANDING an end to the erosion of the Constitution.

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