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#STOPTHESTEAL has driven the internet censors insane. Millions of Americans believe that there is deep fraud in our voting system. While we mainly cover LIBERTY issues, it is important to try to fix things where we can. Joe Biden is STILL not president-elect until the vote is certified. This is what the Constitution calls for. The media was lying when they claimed there was no need for this. While this could be a divisive topic, TV Host Marty Heiser helps Liberty Sentinel break down how this could be a way of showing force against the Great Reset. Join the fastest growing Liberty Movement online. Check us out at or watch everything live at

11/15/2020– While #STOPTHESTEAL was trending after the Presidential elections, many people were pushing HARD to stop any effort to point out voting irregularities. “It doesn’t matter” and “it won’t change the election” were the major rational arguments people made. However, we believe it does matter.

Post-election night in America, Joe Biden set up the “office of the President-Elect” before the vote had ever been certified. The media, including Fox News and the Drudge Report, gleefully crowned Joe Biden as the winner. They ignored their base of 71 million people, and counting. They also ignored the Constitution of the United States and the rules about certification and the electoral college. Obviously, it was not over. Obviously, there are voter irregularities and, in some cases, outright fraud. We have known this for decades.

Joe Biden’s own Chief of Staff, if he is ever president-elect, stated that there are voting tricks himself in a tweet in 2014.


Despite the massive turnout in the 2020 election, many people are becoming tired of the “voting tricks” that have been used in American elections for years. Some people have had to hear how our DEMOCRACY WAS HACKED by those RUSSIANS for 4 years to delegitimize anything that President Donald Trump has done. There was a sick intelligence report that turned out to be bluster. There was an unhinged dream that Vladimir Putin was controlling the US President like a puppet, and he should not be taken seriously. Members of Congress echoed these claims without hard proof to the American people. NOW, we are being forced to swallow the narrative that “voting fraud and irregularities are impossible in America” since President Donald Trump is behind in the race.

No one is buying it. We all know there are schemes that go on in elections to favor one political party. We know that you cannot run as an independent because your movement will be coopted. We have seen ballot stuffing in our lifetimes. We understand how easy it is to tamper with the integrity of voting machines. We know that, while not illegal, there are massive “community organizing” schemes among people who would not typically vote to influence local and national races.

We are not dumb. While we preach to the rest of the world about “fair and free elections”, it was time for America to do some “house cleaning” of its own. The Democrats have told us that foreign powers meddled to get Donald J. Trump elected for over 4 years non-stop. If this is the case, we need to pursue every single avenue that we can to regain trust in our voting system.


In the backdrop of #STOPTHESTEAL is the Great Reset that is being proposed on a terrifying scale. We have been told by Klaus Schwab, head of the World Bank, now is the time for a great transformation of all societies across the world. He likened it to WWII, and he admitted that the anger is going to grow stronger soon. Their own commercial says they need to “reset” the world economic system. MAGA supporters understand this much more than the people who want “enemies lists”, lockdowns, UBI, and slavery to a communist state.

Commercial from the World Economic Forum

#STOPTHESTEAL is a brilliant, peaceful show of force. It lets the world know that the days of liberty-minded individuals accepting infringements on their God-given rights is over. They may not be organized, but they can mobilize a force of millions without much notice against any threat on their liberties. This is what America was built on. It is why America has not been invaded by a foreign power. Americans can mobilize when the stakes get high, and they will rally behind anything that preserves their Constitution and rejects Globalism. While the Globalists would like to seize this health crisis for their own central government, Americans are showing signs of resistance. It is peaceful, loud, and undeniable even if the media does not want to cover it. This is not just a rebuke of the voting system. It is a show of force to the international banks who want total control over America.

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