11/15/2020– While we proceed into the government-described “Darkest Winter”, or “COVID HELL”, some of us have our eye on the surveillance-state that is coming. AP ran an unironic headline this year claiming that “surveillance is in”. We notified you when “contact tracing” apps started appearing on IPhones.

Well, today marks a new milestone for the new COVID surveillance apparatus. Verified notifications on both IPhone and Android are now popping up in mass warning users that they may have come into contact with an ill person. This is no surprise. As we speak, over one million people, and counting, are signing up for John Hopkins FREE “Contact Tracing” class so that they know how to extract health information from their neighbors and report it to their local governments.

This is the message from Apple.

While we have been warning you this was coming for a while, it seems like today is a new escalation. Unsolicited messages have been popping letting smartphone users know that “Exposure Notifications” are “Available. “Your public health authority’s guidelines determine if an exposure is significant enough to notify you and provide next steps”.

Without the happy talk, this can be translated into the sentiments of Dr. Anthony Fauci; “Do what you’re told” by your smartphone, or else. With fear at an all time high, it is only right to assume some people will panic when they see this message. It will surely boost the number of tests for COVID-19 and embolden “contact tracers” to inform on their family and neighbors.

With tension and fear at an all time-high, it is easy to see how this can be used as a weapon or to heighten existing fears. While the Nazi’s or Soviets never experienced COVID, they both had extensive programs for turning-in their neighbors to the government. We all have to decide if this is the country that we want to live in. Can Americans be trusted to seek help when they are not feeling well, or do we need the federal government to use force to make people obey.

It seems like a choice between liberty and absolute chaos. You decide.

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