Trump Justice Coming Like a Thunderbolt

When the Obergefell v Hodges “gay marriage” ruling came down in 2015, Obama said “justice arrives like a thunderbolt.” But, of course, nothing that defies the law of God is just, and Obama is a liar. Indeed, it can be said of Obama and all his election-stealing partners and their minions that they epitomize what Jesus said in John 8:44: “They] belong to [their] father, the devil, and [they] want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”  

Lying is the language that Big Media and Big Tech has been speaking almost exclusively since Trump became president: deliberate falsehoods, misrepresentations, distractions, diversions, suppression of dissent, amplification of false witnesses, accusations that truth-tellers are guilty of exactly the crimes they themselves are committing, and multi-faceted, multi-dimensional coordination of this campaign within a vast network of co-conspirators. We are literally witnessing corruption of Biblical proportions.

Nothing the Devil does is creative. He can only spin counterfeit alternatives to what God has created, and try to preempt God’s plan by putting his counterfeit out first, like Obama did.  

BUT there is true “justice that arrives like a thunderbolt” on its way in the American culture war. And it’s about to strike!

Just this morning, former CIA intelligence analyst and strong Trump supporter Larry C Johnson has published a highly persuasive article suggesting that Bill Barr is about to bring the hammer down on the crooks behind the election fraud.  Conservatives have grown increasingly frustrated with Barr over the past months for what they perceive as a reluctance to take action on the obvious “alleged” criminal conduct of the anti-Trump conspirators. I agree, it would have been helpful politically for indictments to have come down on numerous individuals involved in the now-exposed conspiracy to defraud the FISA court and to sabotage the Trump administration. BUT, that may be the exact reason why they haven’t happened … yet.  

If the Justice Department is to tackle the biggest politically-motivated criminal conspiracy in American history, it cannot itself be tainted with the perception of political bias in the administration of justice. Of course, nothing will prevent the left from insisting that the prosecution of their fellow travelers is political, but whatever fair-minded people are left in this country will almost certainly consider Bill Barr’s refusal to bring charges before the election as a pretty solid defense to that charge.

There’s also the reality of the “prosecutor worldview” which the public doesn’t easily grasp. Veteran prosecutors who handle big criminal conspiracy cases – like Rudy Giuliani did in Mafia-controlled New York City in the 1980s – live in a world where there’s usually just one chance to cast their net, and so they want to ensure they catch as many co-conspirators as possible when they finally pull the trigger. As soon as they act, the whole network scatters like roaches into cracks and holes where they start destroying evidence as fast as possible.  

Prosecutors also want the net to include the top crooks, who are usually masters at ensuring there is minimal evidence of their involvement. Getting the goods on them takes time.  

In the matter of the Great Election Theft of 2020, the conspiracy is much, much bigger than what the Durham investigation uncovered, and it’s ultimate object – the theft of the presidency by voter fraud – needed to play out to fruition, which was technically today, November 12th, the last day (in North Carolina) of late vote counting of all the Democrat vote-by-mail counting extensions. 

Today the conspiratorial effort – the crime itself — is complete as to the evidence of voter fraud in all of its myriad forms. There is certainly evidence still uncovered, but all the actors have played their parts, the crime is done, and it’s just a matter of tying the case together in one package. There will be additional crimes related to the inevitable cover-up and damage control efforts of individual conspirators, but as of now, the waiting game is over for the Justice Department.  

There’s another aspect of this I want to highlight, and that is the “shock and awe” strategy of Donald Trump when it comes to proving his case to the public. I first explained it in my article “President Trump’s October Surprise Party” relating to the Hunter Biden laptop scandals.

It works like this:

First came the prediction of a MOAB (mother of all bombs) about to fall on the enemy (i.e. the announcement that Hunters personal laptop – filled with shocking material – was in the Trump team’s possession). Then a series of single-bite, lesser impact breaking stories hit one after the other like the first drops of rain in an imminent massing thunderstorm. These were bait to start all the leftist pundits jumping to Hunter’s defense on the grounds that the evidence was weak and meritless. Then, once all their necks were in the noose, the storm clouds opened and the deluge began. All they could do was seek cover while pretending the storm was a hoax.

Then came the coup de grace in the form of photos and videos so shocking and salacious they drew every eye in America to see the evidence for themselves – exposing the leftist media and tech giants as liars literally caught in the act.

Trump has set them all up again with the election fraud scandal: first a MOAB in the form of a vague but grand voter-fraud conspiracy theory, then a dribble of lesser pieces of evidence to lure in the spin-masters, then just in the past couple of days, the storm clouds have begun to open up. The deluge has just started. Mark my words, this storm will be huge and lots of bad guys are going to be held accountable for their crimes and their lies.

So pop some corn, warm your feet by the fireplace (all ablaze with the burning ruins of the traitorous Fox News Corporation), and snuggle in for the lightning show of a lifetime. Justice – true justice – is about to arrive like a thunderbolt.

3 thoughts on “Trump Justice Coming Like a Thunderbolt”

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    Connie Marie Moralez-Piper

    I just found out about Liberty sentinel and am SOOO happy I did. I love what ya’ll are doing. God will reward ya’ll for sure for your amazing work to help us all.

  2. An informed person sincerely interested in justice and supporting the President cannot have the opinion expressed here.

    How silly, Barr did not delay action on the bigget political crimes in US history because of the upcoming election crimes. Barr delayed action because he never intended to act, because he is a corrupt, cowardly, oath violator.

    You folks will just make any excuse for Barr. The excuses are so weak that I consider the position to be dishonest.

    Larry Johnson’s background is the so-called deep state. He too worships the fake hero Barr. He has no basis to his prediction, it is wildly speculative, and contrary to the 2 year history of Barr’s crimnal coverups.

    The DOJ’s job is to enforce the law. The author of course fully misses the point. Responsible, decent, honest, courageous people act with hast to protect this nation, they do not worry about “perception” or “taint of bias”.

    This article is nonsense, why is it allowed on this site?

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    Virginia Ellisor

    Joe Biden and Hunter Biden should be in prison for giving our military secerts to Russia and China. Joe Biden, a criminal who suffers from dementia, should be behind barrs, not running for president of the United States. The powers that be, the lying media, the left wing tech and media millionaires, and the massive corrupt deep state cock roaches who infest the U S government, including possibly some in President Trump’s own cabinet, are all working together to destroy America and turn it into a communist dictatorship. I do not want to live in a communist dictatorship with no private property rights, no political or religious freedoms, no free speech, and no right to bare arms, if necessary, against a tyrannical communist government. How can the deep state monsters be so stupid as to sale out our freedoms just to hold their corrupt, unelected positions of power and their fat salaries. George Soros should have been removed from his thrown of corruption and political power long ago. Can all these monsters be exposed and prosecuted now for this massive election fraud and attempt to over throw our constitution and our duly elected President and congress? I pray that God and our religious leaders will help us God fearing, freedom loving American’s, including President Trump, save the USA.

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