Examining the COVID “2nd Wave” Numbers

The coronavirus “second wave” hysteria being ramped up in the media doesn’t pass the smell test, as my recent research about this subject matter shows.

I started tracking the daily and weekly COVID-19 cases in USA and worldwide, respectively, from mid March.

With a large amount of data which I collected over the past seven plus months, I recently came up my independent conclusion based on statistical analysis that the worst situation of covid-19 pandemic has passed in USA.

However, a third wave is underway, with spike of new cases that primarily came from the dramatic increase in covid-19 testing. Still, there is a very stable infection rate and a very low fatality rate. Details are available in the first report.

During my research, I found that CDC’s reports on the flu cases in the current flu season (2020-21) are unusually low compared to previous years.

My immediate reaction was that CDC included flu cases in its covid-19 reports.nElon Musk’s case supported my doubt.

With his case and additional data from CDC, I finished my primary research with a firm conclusion that Fauci and his anti-Trump Deep State have been fabricating false covid-19 cases by purposely including the flu cases in their daily covid-19 reports.

This research is being shared with the hopes that this kind of crime can be exposed to the public. More details are available in the second attachment below.

With solid math training at one of the best colleges in China, Tsinghua University, and more than three decades of data mining, analysis and modeling, I’m confident in my findings and conclusions in both of my researches.

As matter of fact, anyone with a little math training could see such reporting frauds. This alone reveals that Fauci and his anti-Trump comrades inflated the covid-19 cases for their political agenda, instead of their “accidental and careless mistakes”  in calculation or classification.

See the first report including the data here:

See the second report on COVID reporting fraud here:

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