Alex Newman guests on our open Liberty Talk. We break down the SPEED at which a mythological vaccine is being pushed. Pfizer announces a new “successful” trial then their CEO dumps his stock.

Dr. Fauci is back…ordering Americans that it is time to DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD as Americans.

We break down the Constitutional efforts to fix our voting system and ask how many Americans actually understand The Great Reset.

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11/15/2020– We have released two podcasts today for our readers. In our latest episode, Alex Newman, founder of Liberty Sentinel, joins Sean Jackson of Unraveling The Narrative to break down the latest UN propaganda.

Office of President-Elect is NOT a Real Government Office

After the election results were called, Joe Biden decided to set up “the office of President-elect” which is not real at all. Then, Pfizer announced a new cure for American lockdowns. They cited that they had a 90 percent effective vaccine that was safe. While we remain skeptical of this claim until proven otherwise, most people seemed hopeful that a second lockdown of the US economy could be stopped. This led to a plethora of headlines stating that this vaccine news gave Wall Street “a shot in the arm” of hope despite shaky markets. Immediately following the announcement, Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, cashed in. While the market rallied behind Pfizer, he made six times more than his salary in one transaction. While most people consider this a “pump and dump”, most of Washington just calls it “business as usual.

In this episode of Unraveling the Narrative, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson explore the possible endgame behind election fraud, mask mandates, vaccines, and other issues that impact our readers. We hope you continue to follow, share, and participate as we start booking guests for our readers again.

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