Accountability for COVID Predators? + Crazy WHO Plan & GA Fraud: Liberty Hour

After a brief news segment, in this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP, journalist Alex Newman asks Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo about DeSantis’s recent announcement that Covid injection manufacturers would be facing accountability.

Ladapo also talks about how lies and fear were used to promote bad policy, noting that the injections do have serious risks.

Then, Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin–known as the Conscience of Psychiatry–exposes an insane World Health Organization plan to take over the pseudo-scientific field of “mental health.” The implications of this are beyond dangerous, he warns.

Next up is Garland Favorito, who says the election results in Georgia cannot be trusted. Pointing to major problems that have existed for years, he says there is no way to know whether the recent Senate race was fair. He ends with some ideas on election integrity.

Last but not least, Canadian broadcaster and speaker Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson joins from British Columbia to expose the tyranny that is enveloping her nation under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.

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