Act Now: 5 Things You Can Do to Crush CBDCs

Americans must use all of the tools at their disposal to resist and stop the World Economic Forum and UN-backed plan to force central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on humanity.

CBDCs would digitize all transactions, kill cash, invade privacy, and kill individual and national sovereignty. The elitists peddling the agenda are building a prison planet, and WE are the prisoners.

International journalist Alex Newman offers five practical action items that will help you push back against and be prepared for a move to CBDCs.

1. Use cash and stay away from digital payments.

2. Create networks for goods and services outside of the system.

3. Advocate for state laws banning central bank digital currencies.

4. Call your congressman and demand that the U.S. pull out of the United Nations.

5. Visit to learn more.

Alex joined Alison Steinberg on One America News to break it down.

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