ALERT| Thanksgiving During the Darkest Winter in the Great Reset with Alex Newman

New York has military-style checkpoints to keep people out. Households are being limited to 5 people. Mandatory curfews are in effect in California. Pennsylvania wants you to wear a mask in your own home. Canadians are being thrown in jail for daring to sell food.

Throughout this madness, Alex Newman and Sean Jackson break down the insanity with a message of hope. While Liberty Sentinel continues to be the fastest growing Liberty movement, other people are starting to wake up quickly to what is happening. The Great Reset and the “darkest winter” are right around the corner, and people want to know more about them so they can prepare.

We are thankful for being the fastest growing liberty movement, but we have much more to be hopeful about. It is Thanksgiving, and we are not deterministic about the outcome of this coming Great Reset attempt. We can affect change everywhere, and we see signs of hope everywhere. Join us live weekly, or on, and feel free to share out all of our free content. Happy Thanksgiving!
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Instead of being blackpilled this Thanksgiving, there is hope. While there are people trying to force us into the Great Reset, it seems like there is some resistance. We always want to highlight the good reporting and work of others.

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