THANKSGIVING SURPRISE! It is NEVER Over Until The Votes are Certified!


11/26/2020– While our latest episode of UTN with Alex Newman is being published, it always seems like we do not have much to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. However, due to a lot of effort from alternative media, lawyers, and people who love America, there still seems to be breaking news by the second that is positive.

Here are a few things to share that might make you more hopeful that people are fighting the narrative war after weeks of draconian announcements.

The Supreme Court labels New York City’s persecution of religion unconstitutional.

Note: Judge. Roberts decided to vote against the majority held by Republicans in this vital rebuke of government overreach.

Pennsylvania Judge, Patricia McCullough, has put a stop to certifying the PA election results on Constitutional grounds citing that she would hear arguments on November 27th. While the vote has already been certified, it is unclear what happens next, but we will keep you updated.

Georgia is being sued by multiple camps over potential voter fraud in the 2020 Elections.

The Amistad Project is no joke, and they have filed their paperwork to force Georgia to look into voter fraud before this election is certified and Joe Biden can legitimately claim President-elect.

Sidney Powell has filed her independent lawsuit where she claims there is evidence of massive voter fraud and will “release the Kraken”. For the last week, the media has been saying the Sidney Powell was fired from the Trump legal team. She was never a part of the Trump legal team.

Wisconsin voters sue the state to overturn the election results in their state.

Gen. Michael Flynn was finally pardoned after years of harassment by the Corporate Media.

President-elect Donald Trump will be heading to Georgia to hold a rally that is crucial for Republicans to hold the Senate.

While bad news sells, and good news can be paralyzing, these are the most accurate up dates we have right now, and they all seem positive. If you have any highlights you would like to add this Thanksgiving, please leave a comment!

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