Amazon BANS Christian Books While Marxist Purge Continues

Dr. E Michael Jones of Fidelity Press and Silenced by Amazon

Amazon attempts to flush Culture Wars’ Founder E. Michael Jones down its “digital memory hole” today.

“I may not agree with what you say, but I will forever defend your right to say it”. This was the motto of genuine liberals for decades. Most liberals used to argue for equality, fairness, and all debate in the public square. Why wouldn’t they? The ruling class needs to understand the opinions of those they govern if they want to continue to hold power. Citizens need to understand each other’s lives better to bring about a peaceful society, and the premise of our republic is very simple; When given all of the facts, and more perspectives, the average non-partisan can make an informed decision about our country’s problems. America’s entire political system is built on these high ideals for citizens. If Americans could not dissent or handle tough ideas, they would not actually have any voice in their government. Dictators would thrive, and the thirst for power and blood would replace our current political system and culture. We may be seeing that transition right now, so it is not hard to understand why Dr. E Michael Jones has been banned from the largest digital book publisher in the world , Amazon, forcing his life’s work, arguments, and research underground with it.

Dr. E Michael Jones has been slandered as a “far right”, Catholic fundamentalist whose words have the power to radicalize young men. Those accusations are false, but accusations are not new for this prolific academic. He started by writing theological critiques and reporting on the corruption after the Second Vatican Counsel . Eventually, he was removed from Catholic St. Mary’s College for his pro-life position at a time when the Catholic Church tried to “widen its tent” by abandoning its sexual values. Anyone who did not conform to the sexual “liberation” at his Catholic College would be terminated in the 1980’s. Let that sink in.

“Extremist” is, of course, a new accusation that has only been placed on Dr. EMJ recently by hate groups who profiteer off of Marxism like the ADL. He is the founder of Culture Wars magazine, which is a popular Catholic journal that focuses on morality in society. He is a strong advocate of human rights, the family unit, and a restoration of morals within the Catholic Church. He is viciously pro-life, anti-pornography, and above all else, anti-violence. This is why he performed debates, interviews, and talks worldwide for decades. He only uses his words to push back on modern Marxism and the perversion of Christianity. He speaks plainly, and he wants to convince you of one simple prospect. You are saved. Your color, creed, and economic status do not matter. He believes this message is important during the materialistic, economic collapse we are facing right now. He believes when morality and spirituality fail, society becomes perverted and nihilistic, then it rots our institutions from inside. He has witnessed this happen enough times to understand the cycles of history and try to break through words and reporting.

Dr. Jones has written numerous Christian books that deal with corruption of the Catholic Church, local governments, and subversion of religion. His most controversial works attempt to draw a distinction between Christians and non-believers in Christ. The most controversial statements that he makes involve the fact that “Jews are not Christians”, and he tries to convey that Judaism is a religion that does not share all of the common values that Christianity has. He would go further to say that Zionism is a state-sponsored religion and a threat to traditional Christianity, and he has the footnotes to back it up. Whether you believe this to be correct or wrong, this is as hyperbolic as it gets, so why ban him now?

The answer is easy. He is smart, charismatic, independent, and he has answers to questions people are asking. No one else attempts to answer them, and powerful people say certain questions are not allowed in our “new normal”. We are in the midst of the American Cultural Revolution if you have not noticed, and it is accelerating. It is a similar blueprint to the Chinese Cultural Revolution that persecuted all spiritual faiths from Christianity and Islam to Falun Gong. Not only can you not judge Dr. EMJ’s arguments for yourself, or check out his extensive sources, oligarchs seek to actively interfere with his message and your belief system. It is easy to dismiss this by pretending he crossed some “academic line”, but in the last 24 hours, Shaun King of Black Lives Matter promoted burning down/vandalizing Churches because of their “depiction of Jesus.”

We are experiencing a group humiliation while watching our shared history and experience be erased through statues, art, and book burning. All history must be destroyed until this is day 0. A “woke” mob is demanding one scalp per day, and whether Amazon is complicit or not, large tech platforms are capitulating. This emboldens the Marxist mob to finish destroying the Churches and Faith they have been attacking for decades. It is Dr. E Michael Jones banned today, but only today. He was smart enough to see this coming, and has and a vast email list to attend to. Tomorrow, it will be another Christian voice that does not have the funding or infrastructure due to COVID-19 lockdowns, and they will disappear from the conversation for good.

This will go on indefinitely, and it will not stop until people can come together behind the most basic principle of our society; freedom of speech. This includes speech you find appalling or disgusting. It includes speech you may not understand or does not affect you. You do not need permission from the government or an any angry mob to have it. It is God-given, and not government-given, which is the precise reason why it is under attack.

God Bless. Stay Vigilant. Logos Rising is Dr. E Michael Jones’ new book, and you can find it at Below will be a link to our first interview prior to Liberty Sentinel.

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Dr. E Michael Jones Interview Post Racial Tensions 2019

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