How to Avoid Mask Mandates

Tired of being ordered by petty tyrants to wear a face mask?

Well, if you have a medical condition where you might need all the oxygen you can get, or where too much carbon dioxide might be harmful to your health, you don’t have to wear a mask, according to former prosecutor and constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall.

Best of all, nobody can ask you to prove it, she says.

Check out the flyers she put together for businesses and individuals who are sick of being ordered to damage their own health with masks. Print out some for yourself and your friends!

Mandatory Mask Rights Flyer For Individuals and Businesses

by KrisAnne Hall, JD

There is a growing trend of State and local governments violating the Rights of the people by mandating masks with criminal penalities.  To help you manuever through these confusing and often overreaching laws, I have created two informational tools.  These tools are designed so you can go into a business unmolested and run your businesses without violating federal laws or becoming a private police to enforce these draconian laws for the government.

Please feel free to reprint, share, and post them whereever and whenever you find appropriate.  I have encoded no copyright and I do not expect any credit or compensation.  I made these in the spirit of America’s foundation- so we can work together to ensure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves AND our Posterity.

If you are looking for more information, see The KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal podcast: Episode 1124 Mask Mandates and Free Speech


Individual Rights Flyer –

Print out several copies and keep them with you as you engage in commerce.


ada poster

Poster for Business

Post on Entrance Doors & Windows


business covid ada general

Poster for Hillsborough County, FL Business

Post on Entrance Doors & Windows


Business covid ada hillsborough

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