America in Peril: New Film Exposes Socialist Threat

America is in grave danger, and it’s only hanging on by a thread. Socialist and communist revolutionaries are on the verge of taking charge. But there is hope.

That is the message of the new documentary “America In Peril.” The new film, created by Buzzsaw Media, exposes the Communist goals compiled in 1961.

This list, entered into the congressional record, detailed the specific goals necessary to destroy Christianity in America, destroy the republic, and implement a godless marxist, communist system of government.

The film features exclusive interviews with Candace Owens, Trevor Loudon, Alex Newman, Frank De Varona, Susan Trombino, and many others–including victims of communist tyranny and slavery.

Published in 1961 in “The Naked Communist” by former FBI Agent W. Cleon Skousen, the goals are hardly known today. And yet most of the communist goals have been achieved.

Today, America is on the brink of becoming a communist country. where liberty is crushed and the people live in fear and misery. But it does not have to end that way.

Watch this shocking analysis of what is going on in the United States today and what America faces in the crucial upcoming election. Conduct your own analysis, pray, and vote.

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