America Last & “COVID Relief”: $10M for “Gender Programs” in Pakistan & Other Absurdities

America, you are being scammed yet again by CRIMINALS in Congress as they steal what little you and your children have left to send to their cronies in other countries.

Between the “COVID Relief” bill and the year-end $2.3 trillion spending package, this is a systematic looting by out-of-touch elites.

The $600 bribe to you (taken from you and your children via money printing by the Fed and borrowing from China at your children’s expense) is just the cheese in the mousetrap.

Consider, among other absurdities, the $10 million for “gender programs” and $15 million for “democracy programs” in Pakistan.

How about the creation of a “Smithsonian Women’s History Museum” and a “National Museum of the American Latino”?

The bill also creates a “Climate Security Advisory Council” so the Deep State can continue waging war on the gas you exhale–and you!

Don’t forget $8 million to help Communist China-owned fraudster Joe Biden become president despite LOSING the election in a landslide.

There will also be taxpayer money wasted to “address gender inequality amongst statues.”

The heist masquerading as legislation also allocates more than $3 BILLION to the “Afghanistan Security Forces Fund” to prop up the regime there.

Plus another $40 million for the Kennedy Center, which already got $25 million in “relief” funds earlier this year and then promptly stopped paying its musicians.

This is just scratching the surface of the abominations in these monstrosities. Literally NONE of this–including the meager bribe for you–is authorized in the U.S. Constitution.

As popular commentator Michelle Malkin put it, this legislation puts America last by sending money from bankrupt Americans to foreign countries and special interests.

If stealing money by printing really worked, Zimbabwe, the land where everybody was a trillionaire, would be doing fantastically!


People don’t need a bribe paid from their own savings and children–they need jobs!

The real answer to this crisis is to IMMEDIATELY end the insane lockdowns, prosecute those who criminally defrauded Americans into this idiocy, and restore a free-market and a sound currency that can’t be inflated away (stolen) by the banking cartel.

But now that they know they can just steal the elections, the criminals in Congress don’t mind flagrantly stealing your children’s future to bail out every one of their cronies here and abroad.

How much more of this abuse will you take?

2 thoughts on “America Last & “COVID Relief”: $10M for “Gender Programs” in Pakistan & Other Absurdities”

  1. Even with all of the outrageous and infuriating pork exposed…this ridiculous bill will STILL be forced on Americans. The Democrats are evil an the Republicans are capitulators. Who stands for Americans? And they’ll all be re-elected. It’s staggering.

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