Vatican: Injecting Aborted Fetal Cells Acceptable

12/21/2020It has been a demoralizing year for Catholics. At a time when people are looking to anyone for logic during this tribulation, The Vatican continues to undermine its basic Catholic principles. Today, the Vatican hit an all-time low by promoting the industry of selling aborted fetal tissue to their Catholic followers who look to the Church for guidance on these issues.

In the contradiction of the day, the Vatican says;

“It is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses” for research and development when “ethically irreproachable” cannot be given to the public.

While abortion, and the right to life, is still held to be a main principle of Catholicism around the world, The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith has endorsed the research, and manufacturing, of medicines with aborted fetal cells. They also preach that it is acceptable to inject it into their Catholic following without sin. Their new stance, which was approved for public release by the Pope himself seems to signal that is permissible to create industries around aborted fetal cells if “public health” demands it.

In the very same advisement to Catholics, there was a contradiction claiming to still condemn abortion:

This “does not and should not in any way imply that there is a moral endorsement of the use of cell lines proceeding from aborted fetuses.”

Vatican Press Release

While this stance clearly contracts Catholic teaching, it is to be expected after a year of “social justice” releases from the Vatican that seem to be pushing The Great Reset. If anyone was expecting Catholic leadership to take a stand against using aborted fetal lines in vaccines, they would be wrong. Self-preservation of power seems to be the theme of 2020, and the Vatican is no different.

While this will not be the deathblow to the Vatican for Catholics around the world, it is just another example of how afraid anyone is to speak up against practices that we held as taboo, Catholic or not. While many people could argue that this is not an endorsement of fetal cells for consumption, it is merely an attempt to “control the pandemic and create equality”, this is clearly going to be used to subvert Catholic teachings on abortions down the line.

We are not talking about the Catholic dilemma of a rape or incest victims struggling with the horrific emotional toll of keeping a forced pregnancy. This move is an endorsement of the wholesale abortion market that allows abortion clinics to sell aborted fetal parts to manufacturers for profit incentives. In this new proclamation by the Vatican, they have basically stated that the “ends justify the means” when it comes to abortion and “equality”, however it is defined today.

For example, if it is ever in the “interest of equality” to use aborted fetal parts to curb hunger, stop climate change, or create “cruelty free” animal treatment, abortion may be acceptable to the future Vatican. This is far different than just making it accessible to get an abortion as a last resort while providing guidance, family planning, and adoption resources. It is the endorsement of the aftermarket sale of aborted fetal tissue for “the good of science” which will encourage new markets to emerge for these products without major opposition.

If the Vatican, with all of its wealth and power, can be bullied into compromising on their teachings on abortion, what hope do the rest of us have in trying to preach that every life holds a unique value?

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