American Airlines: Money for Hate, Not Customers

American Airlines has plenty of money to fund extreme groups promoting homosexuality and gender confusion to children, but it apparently does not have the funds to keep its planes running properly or to give customers refunds after really dropping the ball.

The NAACP almost called for a boycott a few years ago, although for other reasons. Apparently there was “a pattern of disturbing incidents reported by African American passengers, specific to American Airlines,” according to an advisory by the group.

After learning what I’ve learned, I for one think it would be a good idea to avoid the company if possible as well. Considering the groups they give money to, it compounds the problems.

This month, American Airlines canceled my flight to North Carolina, where I was supposed to give an important speech to a large crowd of prestigious attendees at 7 PM. Instead, they sent me to an airport two hours away to catch another plane.

I should have had plenty of time — my original schedule had me landing about six hours before the event, so it should not have been a big deal. At multiple steps, I was assured that I would make it to my speech with plenty of time.

Once at the other airport, though, I found out the NEW connecting flight had been delayed. That meant I would be arriving at least an hour late to my own speech. Knowing that countless hours and a whole lot of money were invested in this event, I decided that late was better than never.

Next, AFTER having announced the delay, American Airlines claimed a “mix up” had resulted in not having a pilot to fly the plane. No worries, the person at the counter told me — I should still arrive “only” an hour late to my own speech.

By the time they found a new pilot, it was even later. Finally, we took off. And I was able to get to the event by about 8:40. The event was scheduled to end at 9. So I gave an extremely condensed version of my remarks, and left embarrassed, tired, and dejected. Many of the attendees left before I even arrived, perhaps assuming I was not coming anyway.

Naively, I assumed that, as a faithful customer for 28 years who has flown literally hundreds of thousands of miles on American, it would be no problem to get a refund, and perhaps even some additional compensation for them ruining an important event, imposing significant costs on me, and wasting two days of my life. Boy was I wrong!

American responded by offering an insulting $100 “voucher” to fly on their airline again within the next year. Certain that there must have been some misunderstanding, I politely wrote back and asked them to review that absurd decision.

Instead, more insults. “I’m sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the complimentary voucher we provided,” wrote Neema Woods with Customer Relations. “The voucher was intended to make up for the inadequate service you experienced. Our goodwill represents an amount we believe to be fair and reasonable considering the circumstance you described.”

“Goodwill”? “Fair and reasonable”? It was a $525 ticket! Plus I lost two whole days of work, costed the hosts a lot of money, lost money, and embarrassed everyone involved (except apparently the shameless AA).

It would be like going to a restaurant, eating part of a meal, and then realizing there was a dead rodent in the bottom of the chicken bucket–and then have the restaurant force you to pay and offer you a $5 coupon.

By itself, that was all bad, but perhaps we could have let it slide….

But adding insult to injury, shortly after all this by American, I received an email from a friend urging me and others to boycott American Airlines.

What I found next was shocking: Turns Out AA has plenty of money. But instead of using the money to maintain planes and keep them flying on time, AA was weaponizing it to advance LGBT extremism, Supreme Court power grabs, Common Core, sanctuary cities, and blatant attacks on basic religious liberties guaranteed under the First Amendment.

The company intervened in Supreme Court cases promoting the overturning of the 50 state’s marriage laws, and even asked the high court to force bakers to bake homosexual “wedding” cakes in defiance of their religious views.

American is also one of the major financiers–a “platinum partner,” in fact–of the anti-Christian hate group known as the Human Rights Campaign. This hateful organization’s top priority for this year is the “Equality Act,” which would unleash federal persecution against Christians, Muslims, and Jews, who refuse to support homosexual “marriage” or gender ideology.

HRC also works hard to sexualize and indoctrinate children. Check out this disgusting video HRC put out just last week for SCHOOL TEACHERS:

This disgusting abuse of children is brought to you by American Airlines and other Corporate Giants such as Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Target, and UPS!

American also funds hardcore anti-Christian and LGBT groups including Out and Equal, LA LGBT Center, the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Basically, this company that can’t afford to keep its planes running properly has plenty of money to shower on radical homosexual and transgender organizations, policies, and legal work.

American Airlines has become another corporate bully. Their priorities are now clear for all to see: They have loads of cash from their overpriced tickets to shower on hateful groups that persecute people of faith and pervert children, but not enough money to do what they are actually supposed to do.

If you can, consider avoiding American Airlines and all of the other corporate giants that fund persecution against people of faith. If you own stock, you may want to ask the board why they fund hate groups while failing their own customers.

AA and the growing array of Big Business Bullies ought to be exposed and opposed.

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