NJ Christians Resist LGBT Indoctrination in Government Schools

Faced with a new statute mandating LGBT indoctrination of all children in public schools, Christians from across New Jersey and beyond came together in Flemington under the banner: “Protect Your Children.”

At the event, concerned parents, lawmakers, educators, school board members, political candidates, pro-family leaders, students, and others vowed to continue resisting the increasingly brazen immorality invading government education.

Countless prayers were offered by various speakers and attendees seeking God’s assistance in the enormous task ahead.

The organizer, pro-family leader Victoria Jakelsky with “Team Protect Your Children” (PYC), called on New Jersey to become a “firewall” that would stop the march of evil and protect children all across the nation.

State Senator Michael Doherty, one of the primary speakers, warned that an “evil cabal runs America” today. He said these forces are seeking money and are working to “keep control” over the American people.

“There is also an element of globalism going on,” he warned, blasting corruption and immorality among the political class.

The reason this has occurred is that Americans have turned away from God, Senator Doherty explained.

“The U.S. is unique,” he continued. “It was built on Christian principles and the importance of the family.”

The evil cabal running America and New Jersey today, however, hates Christians, and hates Christian mothers and fathers who seek to raise their children properly.

Also speaking at the event was Mayor Alfonso Cirulli of Ocean County, a veteran public school educator and principal.

Mayor Cirulli, who warned of the danger facing children and families in public schools today, became a nationally known defender of Christian principles after sparking a firestorm for standing against LGBT indoctrination of children.

In an interview with The Liberty Sentinel, Mayor Cirulli urged parents to pull their children out of public schools.

One common theme throughout the conference was the biblical account of Gideon. According to the Bible, God used Gideon and a group of just 300 men to crush an enormous army.

While attendees expressed concern over the enormity of the problem, Gideon was cited as an example of how God can use a small, faithful remnant to accomplish His purposes.

Another frequent theme was chapter 6 in Ephesians, where Saint Paul explains that there is a spiritual war going on. Paul also explains the defensive and offensive tools that Christians must use.

There were more than a few tragic stories told throughout the event.

For instance, one mother, Crystal Lopez, described how her son had been talked into believing he was actually a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

Because “conversion therapy” is against the law in New Jersey, therapists were legally prohibited from helping him to feel comfortable in his own body.

Instead, Rutgers University prescribed hormone “treatments” so the son could begin a so-called “transition” to a life of impersonating a female.

Numerous other activists and leaders spoke out, too.

Journalist and educator Alex Newman with The Liberty Sentinel, who has been travelling around America and beyond warning about these threats, urged parents to pull their children from public schools immediately.

Among other points, Newman, who served as the final speaker for the event, noted that in California, a very similar statute to New Jersey’s was used to justify teaching pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” to captive children.

One of the prominent national leaders speaking out against New Jersey’s new statute, modeled on California’s, was Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham.

Speaking on Fox, he urged New Jersey parents to remove their children from government schools to protect them from the LGBT indoctrination.

After the conference, a significant number of attendees told TLS they decided that, while the fight over public education must go on, parents must rescue their own children first–then worry about the big picture.

New Jersey Christians may be on the front line of the battle, but they are not alone.

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