Americans FLEE Big Cities-HOW Should YOU Prepare?

Live Interview With Joel Skousen Monday Night HERE

8/9/2020- The power is out because the electrical grid went down. There is no cellphone service because the fiber has been ripped from the ground. This disrupts the food supply as trucks stop running on schedule to grocery stores. People panic-buy, and they leave your family with nothing. The water is no longer clean because the filtration systems stop working, so your waterline gets cut off. This is not fiction or a fear tactic. This is actually reality if you live in the North East US right now. Tropical storm Isaias‘ aftermath left millions without power, 12 dead, and there is still no power in New England for some people after a week. There is no expected date of return.

This is only one scenario that shows how fragile our modern-day city system is. Breitbart, and other political outlets, have been urging readers relentlessly to abandon city life for years due to increased political violence and mismanagement. New York, Chicago, and Minneapolis have seen a violent protest movement to “defund the police” in the last several months. Portland has been under siege by Antifa for months because of Marxist dog-whistles and revolutionary, anti-police sentiment. This has pushed both violent crime and new gun ownership to a fever-pitch. This will undoubtedly lead to a violent clash in the future.

New York is already reporting a 21% increase in homicides and 46 percent increase in shootings just in the last six months. Keep in mind, this is one of the toughest places in America to actually own a gun legally if you are a lawful citizen. Because of NY politicians caving to an angry mob, dismantling their Plainclothes division, encouraging riots through their apathy, and announcing they would not enforce the law, we can only conclude this trend will continue.

We have not even mentioned tyrannically cities and states limiting your ability to move, work, and associate freely with your loved-ones due to CCP Virus “safety measures”. Numerous states have new edicts that prevent you from crossing state lines without being tracked. More will follow. A two week lockdown to “flatten the curve” has turned into an eight month nightmare for many people. It has led to the destruction of small businesses, jobs, homes, mental health, life, and loss liberty. Now, by force, you must comply with whoever is in power today. If you have been deemed “non-essential” for travel, you may have lost decades of work through no fault of your own. We will keep you updated here on that because more is surely going to follow.

After looking at the health, political, and geographic turmoil listed above, it seems smart to have a contingency plan; but where do you start? We are proud to host a seminar with Joel Skousen of World Affairs Brief who wrote the book, numerous times, on how to keep you and your family safe during this uncertain period. Joel has been writing, and updating, his guide on survival tactics for decades. The most recent edition is “Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places Edition 4”.

The threats we face are very real, and putting solutions to them is the best way to put you, and your family, at ease. We highly encourage you do buy the book here if you want to know EVERYTHING about surviving and thriving in almost every situation. Joel Skousen has compiled 300 pages of pure data into this latest edition. You will be able to find exact data on topics that include:

*Surviving a grid-down scenario, and what you need.

*Where you will meet the best neighbors.

*What places have the best, and worst, ratings on freedom.

*Who has the lowest, and highest, tax rate.

*All possible military and natural threats.

*And there is much more we hope you check out.

If you are a first-time survivalist, and the recent political or health concerns have you confused at where to start, this book is a field manual of where to start. It is easy to read, understand, and it will be one of the first books you put in your new bug out bag. If you have been prepared for a while, it will enhance that. It is your guide to freedom, and you can cross-check all references for yourself while we still have the time.

We urge you to check out the interview with Joel on Monday 9/10 at 9PM as we re-launch Liberty Sentinel as a cooperative project that aims to bring people together. We will also have new ways to listen to the radio show after it has already posted if you do not like YouTube.

Join us, be a part of the show, and email any tips/contact to [email protected]. Help us launch this amazing project by sharing it in your email chains, or join ours just by sending “contact”.

As always, stay vigilant of tyrants, be prepared, and God Bless. Support what you love or it goes away.

*If you cannot participate financially, just spreading it in your community may be all you need to defeat tyranny. We hope to see you there.

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