“Rescuing Our Children” Summit Equips Parents to Save America

CHATTANOOGA — Evil is seeking to steal America’s children through the entertainment industry, human trafficking, the public school system, and more, warned leaders and prominent speakers from across America at the historic Rescuing Our Children conference this weekend.

The flyer for this historic event.

But American parents who are Christian have not only a right to protect their offspring from this evil, but a duty to do so, as explained clearly in Scripture. This includes ensuring that children are given a God-centered education so they can be brought up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

The event brought together top voices from all over the United States who are working to protect America’s youth from the evils that have enveloped the nation. All of them gave strategies and advice to parents and families about how they can contribute to this battle.

Sponsored by an array of organizations and companies, the historic conference took place at a beautiful church in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place by authorities, the vast majority of the audience watched from home on the TACEN network or other live-stream options.

Day 1: (Videos below)

Curtis Bowers, producer of the hit documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2, opened the conference with a call to parents to take charge of the upbringing of their children, in line with God’s design for the family. He warned that without following the Bible’s instructions, families would suffer greatly.

Tina Marie Griffin aka Counter Culture Mom warned about Hollywood.

Speaking on the dangers of Hollywood and satanic “entertainment,” former Hollywood star Tina Marie Griffin (aka Counter-Culture Mom) warned parents to protect their children from media. After showing clips illustrating the threat, Griffin also recommended wholesome alternatives.

Braeden Sorbo, an 18-year-old social-media sensation with over a million followers online, spoke about the importance of protecting children while also allowing them to explore the Internet. He said social-media services offered a great platform to spread the Gospel to people everywhere.

Day 2: (Videos below)

The second day of the conference began with Lt. Col. E. Ray Moore (Ret.), founder of Exodus Mandate, Chairman of Public School Exit, and a founding father of the growing push to get Christian parents out of government schools.

In his address, Moore spoke to pastors, specifically, and urged them to take seriously their duty as shepherds of God’s people. That means warning the flock about the dangers of anti-God indoctrination posing as “education” in public schools.

Following Moore was Kelly Williams-Bolar, a heroic mother who sought to get her children out of a gang-infested government school and was persecuted by government as a result. She shared her incredible testimony, shocking many in the audience.

Next up was For Kids and Country founder Rebecca Friedrichs, the superstate teacher who sued the National Education Association to ensure that she would not have to fund their evil agenda. After 28 years in the classroom, Friedrichs had enough, exposing it all in her book Standing Up to Goliath.

The next two speakers, Representative Tony Overdorf of Florida and former Trump campaign official Kelly Ruiz, exposed the horrors of human trafficking — especially when it comes to the trafficking of children. Despite being largely hidden from public view, this monstrous evil is destroying millions of lives.

Florida Citizens Alliance chief Keith Flaugh, who helped sponsor the summit, spoke about many of the encouraging developments taking place in Florida — especially regarding education. Flaugh also urged everyone to get involved in the fight to protect America’s children and ensure that they receive a real education.

Despite not being able to attend in person due to an accident, Moms for America founder Kim Fletcher spoke on the importance of motherhood in protecting future generations and the nation. Moms all over the nation must play a crucial role in raising the next generation of patriots if liberty is going to survive, she warned.

Actress and nationally syndicated radio host Sam Sorbo delivered a hard-hitting presentation on homeschooling and the critical difference between education and schooling. Filled with useful advice to parents, Sorbo assured everyone that they are more than capable of educating their children better than anti-God government schools.

The magazine exposing government schools across America.

Finally, Liberty Sentinel chief Alex Newman delivered the latest version of his “Rescuing Our Children” talk exposing the indoctrination, sexualization, globalization, and dumbing down of America’s youth in public schools. As always, he concluded with a call for parents to get their children out of government “education” as quickly as possible.

According to the MC, Domine Clemons, the Special Report by Newman and others on that subject in The New American magazine was the inspiration for the entire conference. Every attendee received a physical copy of the expanded Second Edition of the magazine, with some attendees purchasing copies in bulk to distribute in their spheres of influence.

The final panel included all speakers, and was filled with wisdom and insight on a broad array of related topics. The audience (live and online) were able to ask a number of questions, too, making the conference a two-way dialogue between the experts and the growing movement of Americans seeking to Rescuing America’s children.

Watch the videos of the conference below.

Day 1:

Day 2:

All of the individual speeches can be watched on demand in the video library at RescuingOurChildren.net or at The Active Christian Entertainment Network (TACEN) on Roku.

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