Antifa Terrorists Block Film Exposing Public Schools

Antifa thugs in Chicago terrorized various venue owners to prevent a public screening of the hit film “Truth & Lies in American Education” by the Illinois chapter of U.S. Parents Involved in Education, explain chapter chief Terry Newsome and USPIE Founder Sherri Few in this episode of The Sentinel Report with host Alex Newman.

But the fight is not over, as Newsome and Few, leading a growing army of parents, promise to show the film anyway, and continue fighting back against school boards, cancel culture, and the Twitter mob.

In news, Alex goes through:

-WHO and Biden going for HUGE power grab to seize control over global health and pandemic response. Watch former politburo member of communist terror group now head of WHO talk about it:

-Biden goes to Ukraine for photo op and air raid sirens go off.

-Biden fake air raid sirens outed by none other than CNN!

-Trump slams “demented warmongers” and Deep State as he warns WWIII is closer than ever before.

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