Arizona Election Audit May Expose Massive Criminality

In this episode of Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson’s Canadian show, journalist Alex Newman goes through the latest updates on the election audit taking place in Arizona and warns that it is potentially an explosive situation.

Among other highlights, Newman points out that Maricopa County officials were caught deleting critical evidence after being subpoenaed by lawmakers but before handing over everything to investigators.

The two also discuss the U.S. government funding of “gain of function” research in Communist China that experts believe weaponized the coronavirus.

Newman emphasizes accountability, accountability, accountability, arguing that everyone and anyone involved in vote fraud or the COVID disaster must be held responsible.

Before signing off, Newman gives a very brief overview of what God teaches in the Bible about obedience to the government. Hint: It’s not blind and total submission.

Finally, Pastor Giulio Gabeli joins Laura-Lynn to talk about his efforts to get the government in Canada to open churches again.

2 thoughts on “Arizona Election Audit May Expose Massive Criminality”

  1. Psalms 23 is all I have to say Biblically. I will NEVER wear a mask or accept a 280+ ingredient vaccine even if it means I am thrown into a FEMA camp or something. I will not bend to the will of Caesar, but shall follow my Lord as long as I shall breathe (which BTW I cannot hardly do with a mask!) nor will I accept an injection that as a free man I do not have to. Bend me, break me, or otherwise and I shall not care for the consequences of NOT following some dictator is worse than NOT following Our Father Who Art in Heaven !!! I am 63 and I have seen a lot. As far as I know when I read Matthew, we are the generation that will not pass without His coming and I don’t want to be anything different such as wearing a mask or running around with some potion flowing through my veins when that happens. There is no unpardonable sin except the same ones the Sadducees committed which is to become so indoctrinated by religion that you become callous and the Holy Spirit is relegated to only something you know about and not experiences.

    1. 100% with you on that! May God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour continue blessing you abundantly!

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