As Nearby States Protect Baby Lives, Abortion Explodes in Illinois & Florida

With more and more states in the region and beyond moving to protect the lives of unborn babies or at least restrict the mass killing, abortionists in Illinois are busier than ever, according to the abortion industry in the state and news reports about the gruesome phenomenon.

The Associated Press, a far-left pro-abortion propaganda service masquerading as an objective news agency, reported last week that hundreds of women were being lured to Southern Illinois each week to kill their pre-born children. Many more are expected.

The pregnant women are coming from almost a dozen states where authorities started reining in the unchecked slaughter after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last yearIn fact, even before the Dobbs decision, the flow of victims into Illinois was growing as states like Texas cracked down.

Abortionists in Illinois can hardly keep up, they told reporters.

“With every piece of litigation, with every new constitutional amendment, with every new abortion restriction in a state that has some access, we are on this teeter-totter of, ‘what can we do here to make more space for the people who are going to be fleeing their home state?’” abortion “doctor” Colleen McNicholas with Fairview Heights’ Planned Parenthood was quoted as saying by the AP.

According to news reports, the waitlist at the Southern Illinois abortion operation has gone from two days to three weeks in recent months, even as staffers now do 10-hour shifts and work Saturdays. Now the leadership is talking about keeping the doors open on Sunday, too.

More than 10,000 pre-born babies are forecast to be killed there just this year. Meanwhile, the abortionists have turned an RV into a mobile baby-killing center that travels around the inner perimeter of the state perpetrating abortions.

Other local abortionists are seeing similar surges as multiple new “abortuaries” open their doors across Southern Illinois. Two opened in Carbondale late last year, the AP reported.

“Any additional decision [to restrict abortion by nearby states] has the potential to really change demand again,” abortionist McNicholas continued, as if killing babies were just like any other good or service to be provided in the marketplace. “It’s like crisis management every day of the year.”

Florida, despite GOP super-majorities in both houses of the legislature, has also become a Mecca for women from other states in the region seeking abortions. As in Illinois, the number of unborn babies killed in the Sunshine State has surged dramatically as other Southern states moved against the carnage.

However, legislation being considered by Florida lawmakers and a proposed constitutional amendment may shut that option down, too. That would increase the numbers even further in Illinois, which has some of the most radical and permissive abortion laws in the entire world.

In recent years, Planned Parenthood has been forced to acknowledge the grotesque racism and white supremacy of its brutal founder, Margaret Sanger. Among other evils, Sanger was a leading advocate of eugenics, deliberately targeting minorities and others she deemed unfit. That stench of that legacy looms large.

One key purpose of the AP article touting the surge in abortions in Illinois was obviously to mock those seeking to protect the unborn in other states. A childish taunt, the AP “reporter” and the abortion industry were letting readers know the slaughter will continue regardless of what other states do.

However, it cannot continue forever. As America’s founding documents make clear, God endowed all people with the right to life, and government exists primarily to protect that and other rights. As the Bible makes clear, too, the purpose of government is to punish evil, and God clearly defines murder as such.

Some of the nation’s most prominent legal minds have pointed out that governments — even in states like Illinois — have a constitutional obligation to protect the right to life of all people, including pre-born people. There can be no “state right” to allow abortion or any other murders, much less to subsidize it with public money.

In the meantime, though, state and local authorities in Illinois and beyond can and should start exploring options to rein in the savagery taking place under color of law. Nobody would tolerate it if Illinois legalized the killing of post-birth children and lured people to the state to carry out the grisly task. This cannot be tolerated either.

With more than 60 million babies massacred over the last 50 years, Illinois and the nation must deal urgently with these ongoing atrocities. Someday, civilized people will almost certainly look back at this much as Americans today look back on the slave trade or National Socialist (Nazi) concentration camps.

The time to stop this evil is now.

This article was originally published by the Illinois Family Institute: As Nearby States Protect Baby Lives, Abortion Explodes in Illinois

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